February 1, 2007

GRP Engine news – Mario Rossi tuned motors

Mario Rossi Ninja

Word of engine maestro Mario Rossi coming out with his own hand tuned range of GRP made motors came out about a week or so back and here we have the fruits of that partnership. The engine above is the new Falcon motor which has been given the Mario Rossi personal go fast treatment and topped off with this great looking magnesium coloured cooling head. He has also put his hand to the Ninja motors and an image of that can be seen below.

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February 1, 2007

Xray NT1 first real picture

Xray NT1

I’m sorry for the 3 Xray posts in a row but they have some highly anticipated cars coming out and none more so than the all new Xray NT1 as seen above (click image for larger pic). This car has been majorly hyped and made its small time debut a few weeks back when it won a regional race on its first outing in Florida with the cars international debut comes in 2 weeks at the Florida Winternats. What about the car itself, well from what we can see it bears close similarities to the Mugen MTX and Kyosho RRR in looks at least, whilst the car itself looks pretty safe in design with no major, Team Magic style, innovation. We hope to get more details and pics later.

UPDATE: Official release pictures now online, click more… content

February 1, 2007

Xray release the XB8-EC buggy

Xray XB8EC buggy

Once again our site partners Neo Buggy have the exclusive with the first images of the new Xray XB8-EC 1/8th scale buggy. The car is an evolution on the original XB8 that won last years European Championships and features lots of new parts and upgrades including updated front suspension for more down travel and improved steering throw as well as all new large bore shocks and better weight distribution.

To win a club race or a European Championship you need a car you can trust and rely on in any racing condition. With high praise and numerous awards across the world, the XB8 has proved its winning heritage…the spirit of racing…the pedigree of a true champion.

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February 1, 2007

Xray release the XT8 truggy

Xray XT8 truggy

Our partners Neo Buggy have the exclusive first pictures of the new and highly anticipated Xray XT8 truggy. Based on the XB8 buggy the new parts have been  designed and developed specifically with the truggy in mind with new truggy-specific high-performance suspension geometry and a specifically designed ultra-efficient drive train parts with optimal truggy ratio

The XT8 is a unique purpose-built racing truggy designed around a no-compromise platform. From the specially designed truggy suspension, the optimum drivetrain concept with special truggy gear ratio, to the ultra-low CG and optimized weight balance, all is specifically designed and developed for truggy racing around the world.

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January 31, 2007

Team Associated TC5 – First Pictures

Team Associated TC5

Along with the excitement of the Team Associated RC8 being released, the new TC5 190mm touring car will also be released and we have the images of the production car right here. This car has been raced a lot in the hands of Craig Drescher and Juho Levanen and with quite some success, so its good to see the car finally near completion.

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January 31, 2007

Robitronic to release Avid foam tire version

Robitronic Avid foam tire version

Following the trend of a lot of other manufacturers, Robitronic will release a foam edition of their new Avid 190mm electric touring car. For use in the USA mostly, the car will most likely feature a stiffer chassis, and perhaps upper deck, and of course have retain the space for 6 cells. We dont know the full details yet and so will let you know when we find out more.

Source: RC World [rcworld.ch]

January 31, 2007

Team Associated launch RC8 – First Pictures

Team Associated RC8

The long awaited new 1/8th scale buggy from Team Associated, the RC8 is finally here. Here is the very first picture (click image to view larger version) to be released showing the new car from the Thunder Tiger owned company. As we can see from the car, it features carbon fibre shock towers and c-hub front suspension but without seeing under the hood, its hard to tell more apart from what we already know.

UPDATE: View under the shell images and press release here… content

January 31, 2007

Piktor show off the Rush 2

Piktor Rush 2

We have shown you lots of pictures and information about the Rush 2 from Piktor over the last couple of months but now we actually get the see the car in person for the first time. Everything prior to this has been studio shots or 3D graphics which all made the car look pretty slick so here above is the harsh reality. The car still looks innovative but not as shiny and polished but perhaps that is down to the fact that somebody forgot to put any effort into painting a display bodyshell, but we will reserve judgement beacuse the show only starts tomorrow and they hadnt yet finished their display.

You can view some more pics of this car here and here.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]