February 15, 2007

Hirosaka prototype Kyosho Stallion TF-5

Hirosaka prototype Kyosho Stallion TF-5

We’ve written briefly about Masaaki Hirosaka, father of multiple World Champion Masami and top RC mechanic, before and the fact that he makes some pretty cool well thought out products. Well here is his take on the Kyosho Stallion TF-5 which takes a different approach to that used by Josh Cyrul who’s car we saw at the Snowbirds. As you can see from the pictures, the batteries have been set further back than normal and where the top deck connects with the front bulk head is pretty unique too, although i cant tell you exactly why. Also note that the rear body mount is bolted directly to the bulkhead which means the downforce generated by the body shell is pushed straight down onto the chassis, its mounting position also protecting it from crashes.

Masaaki has also created patent pending one touch total length adjustment shock absorbers. I cant tell how they work either but i have included pictures of them below.

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February 15, 2007

Pro-Line Hole Shot for 1/8th buggy

Pro Line Hole Shot

Pro-Line have released some new 1/8th scale buggy tyres based on the Hole Shot MTR that debuted at last years US truck Nationals and took home the win. Available in Pro-Line’s competitive M2 and M3 compounds the new tyre sports oversized inner ribs for anti-tire ballooning under acceleration and features a small pin design for use on hard-packed tracks.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

February 15, 2007

Adam Drake Interviewed

Adam Drake Interviewed

Our partners down under, RubeDude, have a real nice interview with Mr. gas off road ‘The Drake’. In the interview Adam answers all sorts of questions from how he begun racing, to what his routine is in the build up to his race, to his favourite type of track and class of racing.

I always try and watch the races leading up to my race. It gets me pumped up and it’s a great chance to see if the track has change or if another drive has found a better line around the track. I always like to walk the track in the morning and before a main event. It’s kind of my time to get away and get into race mode.

You can read the full interview here.

Source: Rube Dude [rubeduderc.com] Image: Greg Rojna [gregrojna.com]

February 15, 2007

Robitronic Scalpel full option

Robitronic Scalpel full option

The Robitronic Scalpel has to be one of my favourite cars to have been released in the last year, not only does it look great but it goes like a rocket too. Now the good people over at Robitronic have released details on all the options you can get for the car to make it handle, perform and look even better. And it seems that apart from the actual carbon chassis, you can replace almost everything on the car with a new, and most of the time red anodized, optional part. Robitronic have also released information on the optionals available for the Avid and Protos.

You can find the options pages here (Scalpel), here (Avid) and here (Protos).

Source: Robitronic [robitronic-usa.com]

February 15, 2007

Novak SS Pro-Series racing brushless motors

Novak SS Pro-Series

Novak USA have released these new SS Pro Series racing brushless motors which are based on Novak’s Velociti-Series Racing brushless motors but have received a number of performance enhancing upgrades. These upgrades include the use of a ROAR-approved, Nickel-plated Sintered Neodymium rotor that improves throttle feel, improves braking ability and better overall performance as well as the use of an aluminium ribbed end bell that not only reduces weight but also acts as a heatsink for the motor. These new motors are available now and in a number of different winds, suitable for different racing classes and conditions.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

February 15, 2007

KO Propo Esprit III Universe

KO Propo Exprit III Vantage

Now i know this radio isn’t of interest to most of our readers as they feel sticks are for people who fly airplanes, but for us older and more non US based racers, sticks are still often the way to go. In fact this very radio won 2 World titles last year in the hands of David Spashett in 1/12th scale and of course Andy Moore in 1/10th touring, this is also the radio of choice for multiple World Champion Masami Hirosaka. So whats new with it? Well as you can see from the picture, they have done something very non KO like and rounded some corners on the casing and in addition to that the internal workings are also very different.

The new Custom Menu feature allows for the use of the functions that you are going to use. No more searching for functions that you want to use! Add, delete, prioritize the functions. The navigation of the menu is relatively easy with the use of the jog dial. The exquisiteness of the arrangement of the jog dial and the command key utilize the highest ease of use.

Source: KO Propo [kopropo.com] via Kimihiko Yano [kimihiko-yano.net]

February 15, 2007

Serpent release Central Lola body shell

Central Lola body shell

Serpent have announced that they have started selling the new 1/8th scale Central Lola body shell. This new body originated in Japan and is now tearing up the tracks across the World with some top racers currently using it in this weeks Winternats such as Mike Swauger, Paolo Morganti and Michael Salven. We previously mentioned this body when it was first introduced into the US by Serpent USA some months ago.

Providing a huge boost in performance over previous shells, this new EFRA approved body not only provides more steering but also is more stable than other current shells on the market. This improvement in handling converts to faster and more consistent lap times.

Serpent have also released Titanium Nitride coated shock shafts that allows a much smoother action of the shock absorbers as well as making the shafts stronger.

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February 15, 2007

Peak Racing Dynasty 19-turn motor

Peak Racing Dynasty

Peak Racing have released this high end competition 19-turn motor called the Dynasty, which features a redesigned armature that optimizes the balance between low-end torque and high speed RPM for excellent performance on all surfaces. The new Mega Flow can, featuring strategically placed vents for maximum airflow and optimized magnetic field strength, lowers operating temperatures resulting in greater power output and fade-free performance from the starting horn to the checkered flag.

Source: Peak Racing [peakmotors.com]