November 8, 2006

More off-road buggy videos

Rodrigo Luis

Ok so today we are bringing you 3 videos, 2 of which feature 4wd electric buggies and were taken at the 2006 Belgian GP on a wicked artificial surface track. The third one is of Rodrigo Luis driving at the Torres Vedras (screenshot above) just last weekend with a 1/8th scale buggy. In this one you can see a wall of death corner half way through the lap that looks super cool.

You can view the 2 videos from the Belgian GP here and here.
You can view the Torres Vedras video here

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November 8, 2006

Anton Tchegolev wins the Summer Moscow off road cup

Anton Tchegolev

Yeh i know what your thinking, the Summer off road cup, we thought it was late news too but apparently the Russian series ran between May and November, plus thats it’s name so we’ll have to live with it. According to the report on Buggy-Sport it was Anton Tchegolev that won both the buggy and truggy classes driving his RB powered Mugen MBX5.

You can check out the full championship table and more pictures here.

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November 8, 2006

Praha jacket from RB Products

RB Products Praha Jacket

World and European Champion engine manufacturer RB Products have just released this stylish new winter jacket. The Jacket is called the ‘Praha’, named after the location where RB Products won their first European off road title with Daniel Reckward.

Very fashionable with its charcoal grey/orange fire colours, this high-quality jacket with a soft polar fleece lining will protect you from bad weather. Made of innovative and technical material, its fabric is hard-wearing.

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November 8, 2006

Olly Jefferies wins Rd1 CML Carpet Masters

Olly Jefferies

Hot Bodies racer Olly Jefferies has taken FTD and the win at round 1 of the CML Carpet Masters held last weekend. Olly recently switched to Hot Bodies and had considerable success so far, taking FTD at every event raced along with winning round 1 of the Carpet Thrashnals and now this win. It is all seen as preparation for the GP Carpet World Cup, held in Geneva at the end of November, which Olly is planning on attending.

Since getting my Cyclone I have been concentrating on carpet racing in preparation for the forthcoming GP Carpet World Cup in Geneva at the end of the month, the car feels really good on carpet and easy to tune, I am also feeling more comfortable with every meeting with the new car and really looking forward to the Geneva meeting.

You can read the full report here.

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November 8, 2006

The new Sirio Kanai Evo 3 STI up close

Sirio Kanai Evo 3 STI

Another scoop for Philip over at Neo-Buggy, this time he’s gotten his muddy paws on some up close and personal shots of the new Sirio Kanai Evo 3 STI. Like we showed you yesterday, this is the latest in a line of special Kanai motors from the Italian engine maker and apparently this engine has already won in the hands of Mr. Kanai at the recent Kyosho Masters in Japan.

Head on over to Neo-Buggy for some more pics.

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November 7, 2006

PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup

Mini-Z World Cup have a photo report from the PN Mini-Z World Cup that was held at the RC Madness track in Connecticut in the last weekend of October. There are some pretty wicked looking Mini-Z’s there and some that don’t even resemble one at all, like this all carbon version with Group C body above.

Check out the full image set here.

Source: Pro-Z [] Image by PN Racing

November 7, 2006

Simo Ahoniemi wins the Team Orion Cup

2006 Team Orion Cup podium

Last weekend saw the Team Orion Cup run in the town of Zillisheim in France. This annual international race was won by Finnish racer Simo Ahoniemi driving his Corally RDX prototype. Second place, and also driving Corally RDX prototype was Marc Fischer from Germany with the final place on the podium going to another German racer racer Toni Rheinard racing the Kyosho Stallion.

You can view the final results sheet here.

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November 6, 2006

MLC Collari motor by Novarossi

MLC Collari Motor

We’ve all seen the pictures of the new 35 Plus .21 Lamberto Collari engine on the Novarossi site but here is a much nicer pic from Lamberto’s site tself. It is a nice looking motor from Novarossi and it comes in a limited edition pack that contains an exhaust pipe, 3 manifolds and 3 plugs, but wait for the price – RRP EUR750 (US$950)!!! This is a purchase you need to definitely clear with the wife first and perhaps even talk with your bank manager about it too and despite all that if you want one you’d probably want to put your name down now for one before they’re all gone.

Source: MLCollari [] via RC-Junkies []