November 17, 2006

Dez Chand takes Baginton MAM Nitro Rd 1

Baginton Midland Astro Masters Nitro Rd1

Mirage Racing are reporting on their site about the first round of the Baginton MAM Nitro series in which Dez Chand TQ’d and won ahead of Martyn Coley and Matt Brook in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Dez Chand, RRCi Editor, was giving the SS its first track test for the upcoming magazine review. The Hellfire SS was absolutely kit standard out of the box with the HPI K4.6 Engine and Dirt Bonz tyres. This package proved flawless on the Astroturf surface and provided amazing consistency by allowing Dez to be the fastest in the wet/damp/dry conditions.

You can read the full report here.

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November 17, 2006

TWF8 Engine break-in software

Run in Bench -

Our partner site has a piece about the new ‘revolutionary’ engine break-in software developed by Paco Raap over at The contraption in the picture above is simply the run in bench mounted to the starter box with the propeller driven through a full corner of a buggy.

With this software you can test clutches and show the graphs and data of transsitions, starting point of connection and slippage. All data will be saved as Excel file and can be view and worked over in a later stage or directly. It uses same PHIDGET device as the BISS and an extra DATAQ 158 USB datalogger with some extra electronics. It measures rpm engine, rpm clutch and engine temperature.

You can read more about it as well as download a demo of the software here.

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November 17, 2006

RC Pro Series clothing available

RC Pro Series Clothing

More RC Pro Series news, this time announcing that they will have some clothing from the series coming on stream soon. The clothing, including shirts, hoodies and hats, will be produced by Grand Concepts, who produced the clothing seen at the events to date. They also made the clothing seen at the recent Pro Finals in Illinois that features the logo above and for a limited time they will be availble if you wish to have one.

Check out the Pro Series site here for more details.

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November 17, 2006

RC Pro Series showing LiPo cells some love

RC Pro Series

Carlton over at the RC Pro series dropped us a mail to give us a heads up about the new regulations for the Electric Off road classes for their Winter series. The new rulings declare that LiPo are essentially allowed for all classes but Stock, which is cool, and whilst in the Brushless Truck Class and 1/18 Open there are no limitations in MAH, in the Mod 4wd, Mod Truck and Mod Buggy there is a cap of 4300 MAH on the cells used.

After being outlawed by ROAR it’s good to see a major race series adapt a sensible non alarmist ruling and allow the opportunity for anyone who wants to run LiPo’s to be able to do so by running in modified class.

You can read the rule changes after the jump… content

November 16, 2006

2006 Japanese EP Expert Nats – Thursday


Whilst the event doesnt officially start until Friday, as with all major events, practice goes on for days beforehand. Already clear at this years event is that it looks like a 2 horse race between RC titan Masami Hirosaka and pretender to his throne Atsushi Hara (what is up with his hair?). The event takes place at a narrowed Yatabe Arena which happens to be Masami’s home track, or as someone on RC Tech mention ‘his home’, so he should be pretty difficult to beat. Also at the event are World Champion Andy Moore and 2004 World champ Marc Rheinard amongst other top names.

We will inform you of the results as we get them but until then you can look at the event images here and a video of Hara in action here.

November 16, 2006

Round 1 Mini Z cup in Bethune, France

Bethune, France

Ok this isn’t so much a racing story or a report but more of a “who the hell thought it would be a good idea to race on pink carpet” type of story. The picture is from the first round of the Northern France Mini-Z cup that was held in Bethune, were there seems to be a surplus of pink carpet. Pretty wicked track though, in scale terms it must be like the old Nurbergring when you look at the amount of corners.

Check out all the images here.

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November 16, 2006

RB Products Fuel Consumption quiz

RB Products Quiz

RB Products have a Fuel Consumption flash based quiz on their site in order to promote their cool orange fuel gun. Putting product promotion aside, the quiz is made up of 6 questions that try to teach you about fuel consumption in your engine and corrects a few misconceptions about how to get the most out of your engine. Go take the quiz and see how you do.

You can take the quiz from RB Products home page here.

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November 16, 2006

5th Annual Karl Mackie memorial Race Against Cancer

Karl Mackie memorial Race Against Cancer

On the weekend of the 4th of November, the 5th annual Karl Mackie memorial Race Against Cancer took place in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. An event that was started as a tribute to Karl Mackie, who had died of cancer, by his son Tim and 5 other friends has grown from those initial 6 racers to over 100 racers 5 years later. The Stock Touring event was won by Rick Endler and the 19T by Louis Vanderwell but the result doesn’t matter but the coming together to support a good cause that is important here and the event was kindly helped by generous sponsors, even the track location was donated for the day.

DeGroot’s, a local greenhouse/nursery, cleared out one of their greenhouse facilities to provide a venue to set up the temporary ozite track. Classes run at the event included, TC stock, TC 19T, 1/12 scale, Open Micro on-road, and Open Micro offroad, and 4-cell oval. The oval class is a tribute to Tim’s father Karl, as he and Tim ued to race oval together.

Read the full report and view the many event pictures here.

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