November 21, 2006

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 PRO Kit

OCM Racing Kaos DT-19

We actually had a piece written about the new OCM Racing Kaos DT-19 yesterday but removed it because i didnt have enough information about it. Well now thanks to our partner sites we have a statement from OCM themselves with all the details we need.

OCM are proud to release the final production spec Pro Kit. Due to some delays in the effort to produce a high standard high quality kit, we are now ready to send kits out. We have been testing and testing under real race conditions with our team drivers to find any potential issues and resolve them before releasing sales to the general public. This ensures that you will have the highest std and quality that will rival any other kit on the market. From the pics you can see that this is a fully optioned kit ready to take on the track and competition head on. Be ready to see some kits hitting the shelves soon. Truggy is just around the corner.

So now you know, check out the images here.

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November 20, 2006

Fredy Andres wins Rd7 of Carioca Championships

Fredy Andres

Fredy Andres has won round 7 of the Carioca Championships that were held last weekend in Brazil. The penultimate round of the championships Fredy won the pro buggy class driving a GS ahead of Helio Mattos with a Thunder Tiger in 2nd with Kyosho racer Ricardo Queros in 3rd. The last round of the championship takes place next week and all three classes are still wide open after 7 races.

You can view the top 3 placings from the other classes as well as some more photos here.

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November 20, 2006

Much More release Moore & Rheinard edition dischargers

Much More Andy Moore CTX-D2

You gotta love this stuff from Much More, no matter how boring a function they perform, in this case discharging, you just want to have it. The original version of this CTX-D2 discharger and cell matcher was cool enough looking in black but this Andy Moore limited edition version with purple anodising, black background LCD and special edition logo will send your work bench into bling overdrive (if blue is more your colour you can get the Marc Rheinard version). For those of you that actually care what it does before you buy it here are its main functions:

1. 6 single cells can be discharged.
2. Much more accurate discharging rate and voltage reading.
3. A heat sink is attached to resistors for stability.
4. High RPM dual ball bearing fans for cool operation.
5. Perfect protection system against reverse polarity.
6. 5 polarity guide posts to ensure battery pack is inserted correctly.
7. Provides perfect communications with new PC interface.

Should be available by the end of the year.

Source: Much More []

November 20, 2006

US Magazine RC Driver goes on the offensive

RC Driver magazine

We were sent an e-mail today, in which contained a statement from US magazine RC Driver that essentially accuses leading US magazine Radio Control Car Action of copying the styling of their magazine and was therefore unfairly trying to confuse potential buyers into buying RCCA. The single design element in question that they claim RC Car Action has effectively stolen from them is the red block at the top of the page in which the magazines name is displayed.

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November 20, 2006

2006 Tamiya World Championships, Japan

Tamiya World Championships

Just a quick post to mention that last weekend the 2006 Tamiya World Championships were held at a large indoor exhibition hall in Shizouka, Japan. The annual event featured many different classes as well as many different nationality of racers, and Japanese website RC Car Trend were there and have results and lots of images from the race which you can view here.

Image: RC Car Trend []

November 20, 2006

Brunet wins Rd1 of French 1/12th Nationals

Pierre-François Brunet

Our partner site RC infos has a brief report on the 1st round of the French 1/12th Nationals that took place at Bonneville last weekend. Pierre-François Brunet driving an Associated RC12L4 took the win ahead of Corally racer Arnaud Constanty with Mathias Rascol again driving an Associated in third. RC Infos will have the full report  on the event soon, but in the meantime you can check out the top ten results on their site here.

Source: RC Infos []

November 19, 2006

Xray to release 1/10th 200mm & 1/12th Pan car!

Xray Rumours

Rumours abound this time of year with manufacturers nearing their final preparations of new products for the upcoming season. Mostly rumours leak out in the form of sightings at private test sessions or team drivers informing friends or simply a case of wishful thinking. In this instance the rumours regarding Xray’s imminent release of a 1/10th 200mm gas car and 1/12th pan car has come from a number of sources and therefore I believe it to be fact.

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November 19, 2006

Masami Hirosaka is Japanese EP National Champion

2006 Japanes EP Expert Nationals Podium

As was expected Masami Hirosaka who dominated throughout practice and qualifying has won the 2006 Japanese EP Nationals Expert class held at the indoor facility at the Yatabe Arena. Masami, driving a Yokomo MR4-TC won 2 from the 3 finals to secure himself yet another major title. Second place went to Atsushi Hara, driving his Hot Bodies Cyclone, who finished with 2 second positions and a third to confirm his runner up spot with Shinnosuke Adachi, driving a Kyosho, finishing with a fifth, fourth and a third position to claim the final step on the podium.

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