September 25, 2007

KM Racing release more NT1 options

KM Racing have released yet more parts for the Xray NT1 1/10th scale car with the release of 2 new products. The first product is an adjustable belt tension plate that has been made from 2.5mm thick carbon fibre and offers a neat way to adjust the cars side belt tension. Also new from KM are lightweight shaft spacers which have been made from aluminium and lightened with holes. The spacers come in pairs and are available in standard silver colour and anodised grey. Click here to see the other products… Source: KM Racing []…

September 19, 2007

Rony parts for Spada and NT1

Japanese company Rony have announced the release of some new carbon parts for both the Kyosho Spada and the Xray NT1. The Spada gets a new chassis plate which Rony have made from carbon fibre, replacing the standard aluminium version and therefore saving weight without sacrficing strength, although not sure how heat dissipation will be handled. New for the NT1 is a rather beefy looking 4mm thick carbon fibre rear shock tower, the latest in a long line of companies to try their hand at this part. Source: Rony []…

August 29, 2007

Xray new Alu Shock Absorber

Xray have released new aluminum shock absorbers that have been specially developed and designed to work with both the T2 electric and NT1 nitro platforms. The unique black hardcoated aluminum shocks are loaded with racing features including interchangeable internal parts, giving you the option of installing 1 or 2 silicone O-rings and you can also choose between fully-adjustable 4-step pistons, or you can choose fixed 1-piece precision pistons. The XRAY aluminum shock absorbers come with all the necessary parts to build one pair of shocks (2 shocks). Springs and shock oil are not included but can be purchased separately. Source:…

August 28, 2007

KM Racing NT1 option parts

KM Racing have released yet more parts for the Xray NT1 with the announcement today of 3 new items for the car. The first up is a new aluminium side stiffener which is super lightweight, yet helps add extra support to the structure of main chassis. The next new item is an aluminium brake lever which sports 3 holes to mount the cars brake lever and gives the user more adjustment and better control over the cars braking action. Finally are some aluminium front anti-roll bar levers, which are very stiff and also very strong especially in the event of…

August 14, 2007

XRAY Column – Bling-bling Mentality

The 11th installment in the Xray column from Xray owner and chief designer Juraj Hudy is now online. In this months column, Juraj talks about after market parts and goes about justifying the use of genuine performance enhancing parts from Xray as opposed to those anodised bling bling parts from other companies. After the huge initial success of the NT1 worldwide, aftermarket companies jumped right in and introduced plenty of aftermarket “bling-bling” option parts for the NT1. Looking at the parts I just can only say one thing: “You get what you pay for.” Of course anybody is free to…

August 10, 2007

Xray NT1 Yellow Clutch shoe

More new parts from Xray for the NT1, with the release of this performance enhancing CNC-machined yellow clutch shoe for the car’s XCA clutch. Due to the material used being harder than on the standard shoe it slips less and and is also more durable, and is suggested to use it only on high bite tracks. Perfect for the serious racer. Source: Xray []…

August 4, 2007

KM Racing NT1 option parts

KM Racing have released a number of new optional parts for the Xray NT1 that have been developed by 2006 IFMAR Pre-World Champion Mr. Hung Cheung Hang. Beginning with this front shock tower, which has been made from 4mm carbon fibre, this ultra strong piece features 4 shock mount options for setup fine tuning and as with the other parts is a direct replacement for the standard Xray piece. Next up is a new rear shock tower, which sports 7 shock mounting holes and has also been made stronger through the use of 4mm carbon. Yet another tuning part is…

August 3, 2007

Xray NT1 Graphite PT Bracket

The trickle of option parts for the Xray NT1 continues with the publication on their website of this graphite transponder bracket. Smart and functional design, this personal transponder mounting plate is made from premium-quality carbon fiber and it includes the necessary mounting hardware for easy attachment to NT1 radio plate. Source: Xray []…

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