April 11, 2011

Maifield & Tessmann win Silver State titles


The 2011 Silver State Nitro challenge couldn’t have ended on a better note. The sun came out and gave us what seemed like the 4th season in 4 days, summer. The wind was tame but I think everyone would check on the horizon for another freak storm to show up. The track has some overnight repairs, but didn’t look to be quite as smooth as Saturday. None-the-less, it wouldn’t take long to rut up and slow even the best drivers in the world down.

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April 10, 2011

Tessmann & Tebo TQ 2011 Silverstate


Saturday kicked off with the 3rd and final round of qualifying. The track was well groomed by the crew after Friday’s rounds of racing. All of its gaping wounds were patched up and a healthy dose of water was laid down on the dirt. Cody King and Ty Tessmann were looking to get TQ’s for round 3 of expert truggy and wrap up the overall TQ, but it was Jared Tebo with an excellent run leading from the first lap to the finish. Although his efforts were grand, Tessmann won the overall TQ with his best two finishes being a 1st and 2nd. Many of the truggy drivers were switching between smaller pin tires and larger pins. The smaller pins seemed faster and a bit more forgiving in the ruts, but the larger pinned tires had more traction, especially when driving in the fluff outside the lines. I asked Ty about his tire choices throughout the race and he was going between the Proline Holeshots and Calibers. He thought the Calibers were a bit “edgy” but had more traction so those would most likely be his choice for the main.

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April 8, 2011

Silver State Nitro Challenge practice update


If you ever wondered what nitro off-road racing next to a tornado would be like, then you should have been at Boulder City RC during practice for the 2011 Silver State Nitro Challenge. The forecast was 50mph gusts of wind but I am positive it was howling at that rate the entire day. Goggles were a necessity, hats often turned into tumble weeds rolling through the desert, in fact, there were a few of those rolling across the track during practice.

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