September 3, 2011

RPM SC10 4×4 A-arms

RPM have produced An A-arm design for the Associated SC10 4×4 that can handle the roughest and toughest abuse and still come back for more. Since strength and durability were primary design considerations, they focused on common breakage areas for strength upgrades. Hinge pin and cross holes such as shock mounts and anti-sway bar holes have been beefed up for some much-needed muscle. The structure of the A-arms is also dramatically different than the stock design, which not only helps with the strength and sturdiness of the overall design, it also helps contribute to a stronger, less flexible design than the stock A-arms. All this strength and at a weight that is virtually identical to stock Associated A-arms.

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March 23, 2011

RPM SC8 front & rear A-arms

RPM front and rear A-arms for the Associated SC8 & RC8B are tough as nails and designed to take some serious punishment. Every aspect of the design on these arms is there to either improve strength or durability. Additionally, they’ve cleared the A-arms in areas known to rub on the stock A-arms, allowing extra droop for more suspension travel over rough terrain or big jumps. Both sets of arms feature molded-in shock mounts which means no more lost screws or extra weight from those screws on the arms. To help reduce slop in the suspension, they discarded the stock shock mount pin and setscrew in favor of a new 5-40 screw, which eliminates .004” of slop in the pivot and improves suspension accuracy. Leading and trailing 30-degree edges on the a-arms help the vehicle transition up and over objects too tall for the suspension to clear and, as a side benefit, those angles improve suspension aerodynamics.

View the rear wishbones here