September 30, 2010

RPM Slash 2wd adjustable body mounts

RPM have released adjustable body posts for the Traxxas Slash 2wd, designed for durability and strength while still allowing you to change the body height on the truck. The unique body post mounting system allows the option of using the stock body height on the chassis. The body can also be lowered as much as 3/16” or raised as much as 3/8” simply by moving the posts up or down on the mounts. This simple, yet clever design is strong enough to handle the toughest of conditions while still allowing enough flex to absorb impacts that could otherwise damage other more fragile internal components of the chassis. Everything about the body mounts and posts are beefier than stock, from the thicker than stock screw mounts to the twin screws holding the body posts on to the mounts. They also use an I-beam shape throughout each mount, which provides the strength these parts need for those less than perfect landings.

View the rear body post here

June 23, 2010

RPM Adjustable Height Slash 4×4 body mounts

RPM’s new adjustable height body mounts for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 are designed to give you optional body height positions where stock left you none. This version of the Slash 4×4 body mount starts off lower than stock by 1/8” (or approx. 3.2mm) and they supply a pair of molded spacers to allow you the option of a stock height body position using the thin spacer under the body mount. If monster suspension travel is needed or you just like the higher stance and larger wheel well openings a taller body mount provides, you can increase the height by 1/8” using the thicker of the two spacers. In extreme cases, both spacers may be used for a full 1/4”* (6.35mm) of extra body height. Engineered with new, larger ribs into the mounts to provide extra rigidity and support for the body while keeping weight to a minimum.

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