December 15, 2010

CRC Blitz aluminium bellcrank steering arm

CRC have introduced this new steering arm for the Blitz, which adds a ton of strength, more precise steering control and is pretty sweet looking to boot. The aluminium construction adds a ton of strength and rigidity without adding too much weight. Many Blitz drivers have complained that even after they invest in a quality steering servo, they still didn’t have the feel that they were looking for. This is mostly because of the flex and deflection of the stock plastic pieces. This piece eliminates this weak link in the chain.

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May 15, 2010

CRC Losi XXX-T Short Course conversion

CRC are offering a conversion for the Losi XXX-T to turn them into a SC Truck. The set converts most all XXX-T truck kits from Team Losi, including the Desert Truck & XXX-T CR utilizing carbon fiber chassis extensions that allow you to use your stock rear bottom plate. Using the stock rear bottom plate makes converting any XXX-T a breeze because there will be no complications with the rear arm mounts, transmissions, etc not matching up. RTR’s, MF 1’s, MF 2’s, Desert Trucks, and the newest XXX-T CR’s can all be converted using this setup, however the CR will require you to replace the quick change hubs and axles over to standard type axles.

View more images of the converted chassis here

April 24, 2010

CRC Blitz slipper clutch

New from CRC is this slipper setup for the Blitz, which saves weight, adds acceleration and is way easier to use and setup. The straight forward design is much simpler to assemble due to getting rid of all the extra, unnecessary parts for quicker and easier spur gear changes. The trimmed down design also saves about 8 grams over the stock pieces, reducing rotating weight and helping to increase initial acceleration.

Click here to see the slipper clutch mounted