May 25, 2010

Etronix Pulse line of R/C radio systems

The Etronix line of products has further expanded with the addition of the Pulse line of r/c radio systems. These 2.4ghz systems are available in standard 2-channel or digital multi-function 3-channel making them the ideal choice for for car and boat enthusiasts. And with some attractive pricing to boot they are sure to be popular with modellers running on a budget. Available in pistol or stick radio versions.

View more details on the radios here

February 10, 2010

Etronix 9.0kg Heavy duty servo

Etronix 9.0kg Heavy duty servo

Etronix have introduced their new standard size all metal geared 9kg rated servo, the perfect choice for cost conscious RTR owners looking to upgrade their stock units. Ideally suited to crawlers and 1/8th buggies and trucks it rugged and strong drivetrain it will help eliminate those annoying servo failures.

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