February 5, 2013

Team Orion Vortex Neon 550 motor

The new Vortex Neon 550 is the latest 4-pole sensorless brushless motor from Team Orion. Using the experience gained from their 540 sized motors, Orion developed the new 550 version with the needs of off-road racers in mind. Robustness was achieved by building the motor around a massive aluminium case using quality screws. The 550 size motor is best suited for 1/10 off-road applications and is available in a 2400KV and 3800KV version with 3mm or 5mm axle. In the combo they combine this motor with the brand new and waterproof Vortex R10 SC WP ESC which gives you outstanding performance and control.

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June 21, 2012

Novak Vented Ballistic 550 brushless motor

To combat the high temps and demands of the modern 4×4 Short Course race day, Novak is introducing the Vented Ballistic 550 brushless 4.5T motor. This is the same motor that has been powering drivers to the top of short course podiums across the racing world, but with the added value and performance of Novak‚Äôs vented end bells. The vented end bells will also be available as an accessory kit

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]

January 20, 2012

LRP Vector X12L SC 550 5.0T motor

The LRP X12L Short Course 550-size motor is based on the well-known X12 brushless motor series by LRP. The longer “L” version is specially designed for the use in the somewhat heavier 1/10 scale 4WD Short Course trucks and sports adjustable timing, a sintered magnet 13mm rotor and speedy 5.0T winding that adds to the already existing 4.5T and 5.5T variants.

Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

October 6, 2011

Team Orion Vortex VST SC 550 Pro motors

Team Orion have released their new Vortex VST SC 550 Pro motors. Using the same technology as in their 1/10 VST sensor motors, this 550 version has been optimised for Short Course Truck applications. A rebuildable 2 piece motor can design it has optimised sensor, rotor & stator positioning for improved efficiency and lower heat build-up. Available in 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 versions.

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September 27, 2011

Reedy Sonic 550 BL motors

Designed specifically for the Short Course 4WD class and intended strictly for competition, the Reedy Sonic 550 features a lightweight case design with extra-large strategically placed vent holes to reduce operating temperatures. Lower temperatures result in less fade over the course of a race, longer run times, and increased motor life. Sensored operation results in a smooth and controllable power band with no cogging. A high-torque rotor is supported by dual ball bearings for maximum power output and reliability, while adjustable timing allows for fine tuning for particular applications and tracks. Service is easy and economical thanks to a completely rebuildable design. A choice of four ROAR-approved models means that there is a Sonic 550 motor to suit all tracks and conditions. Available in 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5 versions.

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May 25, 2011

LRP Vector X-12L SC 550 5.0T motor

Having announced their new 550 size X-12L motors last January, LRP have announced that the motor will now be available in 5.0T, joining the already available 5.5T and 4.5T versions. 4WD Short Course drivers can now take advantage of the World Championship-winning XTEC X-12 technology. With the all new Vector X-12L Short Course 550 motors, developed for 4WD Short Course racing, even more performance is available at your disposal.

Source: Associated [rc10.com]

April 27, 2011

Novak Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque 4.5T motor

Novak is introducing a high-torque version of its popular Ballistic 550 motor. The Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque brushless 4.5T motor includes Novak’s larger diameter 14mm tuning rotor for a higher temperature threshold, higher torque and lower Kv. This combination is perfect for 4×4 Short Course trucks and offers drivers a different feel and response from their motor. This system will be available in May.

Source: Novak [teamnovak.com]