May 3, 2010

Team Orion Experience 2 Pro Brushless system

Team Orion have developed an all new Brushless System with only one goal, to deliver more power, more speed and more punch to Short Course trucks. Keeping in mind to give the driver great feel and drivability the Experience 2 Pro Brushless system was born. Featuring automatic setup and plug & play technology, the system has been tested in the all the available Short Course trucks available on the market to provide the best compatibility. To fit the very popular Traxxas Slash, the large size heatsink features two mounting holes and so can be installed in the car with two screws, just like the standard Slash ESC and it also comes standard with the TRX high power connector.

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April 13, 2010

Novak Ballistic 550 brushless motors

Novak’s Ballistic 550 Brushless motors claim to be the first 550-sized motors to break into short course competition and easily outperform traditional 540-sized motors. The Ballistic 550s are so powerful because of their extra long stator and rotor magnet. In fact, the stator and rotor magnet are twice the length of 540-sized motors, giving them twice the torque. Additionally, these larger-sized motors run cooler and more efficiently than their 540 counterparts. These high-powered machines are the motors of choice at small, indoor race tracks and easily install into the OFNA Hyper 10 SC, Jammin SCRT 10, Traxxas Slash 4X4 and many other 1/10-scale short course trucks.

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February 20, 2010

Tekin Redline Hi Torque rotors

Tekin Redline Hi Torque rotors

In a bid to offer more torque from your brushless motor in your Crawler or 4×4 Short Course truck, Tekin has released their new 14mm, 13mm, 12.5mm Hi Torque rotors for adding that extra grunt. Compatible with Tekins Redline sensored motor line up, these rotors maximize power applied to the ground. The HT rotors are available in 12.5mm, 13mm and 14mm to meet all your needs. Tekin also provides a Rotor mod series to fine tune any of your 10th scale motor tweaking needs. Available in 12.3mm ROAR legal, 12.5mm ROAR legal, 13mm and 14mm sizes.

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February 11, 2010

Speed Passion Cirtix Short Course master system

Speed Passion has released their Cirtix short course master system that mirrors all the best parts of Short Course racing, inexpensive, durable, easy and fun. The 3600kv custom Short Course brushless motor is a perfect balance of improved speed from the stock power system, but not so over the top that handling is compromised by excessive power. The setup and options of the Cirtix short course master ESC is as easy as it gets with one button setup and pocket programming card.

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December 6, 2009

LRP Short Course Modified motor

LRP Short Course Modified motor

LRP have released their new Short Course modified motor, specifically designed for short course racing. This sensored plug and play brushless motor, features a military spec sintered rotor, heavy duty low friction ball bearings and is ROAR legal. When used in combination with the existing Ai Brushless Pro reverse ESC, it offers great performance as well as smooth power delivery.

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