November 25, 2013

Capricorn LAB C801 aluminium servo saver

Capricorn LAB C801 aluminium servo saver

New from Capricorn comes this aluminium servo saver assembly that allows for increased Ackermann geometry changes. The toe link plate and the steering bellcrank are of a split design allowing to change the actual length of the bellcrank by moving the link mounting plate forth and back up to 4mm in order to adjust the Ackermann effect and thus overall steering feeling. The new assembly that contains the servo saver lever, steering bellcrank and link plate is CNC-machined from high-quality aluminium, it comes black anodised and is especially helpful when running spec tyres or on low-grip tracks.

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February 20, 2013

Exotek SC10 4×4 shock caps & collars

Exotek Racing introduce new option parts for the Team Associated SC10 4×4 truck in the form of blue anodised aluminium shock caps and shock collars. Starting with the caps, these are made from CNC-machined alloy and sport a heavy duty design to cope with the rigours of short course racing. Available blue anodised and sporting a polished finish the four piece set includes rubber O-rings for worry free bleeder screw sealing. Also new is a four piece set of shock collars. The notched design makes for easy adjustment reference while the large serrated section makes adjusting the spring preload a breeze. They come anodised blue and include rubber O-rings to retain the shock setting.

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February 12, 2013

Tekno RC SCT410 option parts

Tekno RC introduce new option parts for the SCT410 short course truck. Available are different spring sets, an aluminium centre driveshaft, lightened motor mount, as well as lightened diff couplers and differential outdrives. Starting with the springs, they are made from corrosion resistant steel, come in black colour and are colour coded for easy identification. Available are three different 65mm front and three 80mm rear springs. Next up is an aluminium centre driveshaft made from 7075 material and coming gun metal anodised. With only half the weight of the stock shaft the part makes for less rotating mass and therefore quicker spool-up and acceleration. Also new are lightened diff couplers that weight 5g less compared to the stock part. They are made from hardened steel and designed to withstand the rigours of modified short course brushless motors. Other new drivetrain parts are the lightened differential outdrives. They save 12g, are made from hardened steel for ultimate durability and are sold as pair. Last but not least comes the new lightened motor mount insert. Made from lightweight aluminium and coming gunmetal anodised the insert will save another 5g and will fill out the gunmetal look of the truck.

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January 19, 2013

Pro-Line Slash performance accessories

Pro-Line Racing introduce a load of new option parts for the Traxxas Slash 2WD truck and PL’s own performance transmission upgrade. Available soon is a front hub kit, hard anodised pivot balls and rod ends as well as a hinge pin brace, anti-squat plates, spur gears and motor screws. Starting with the hub kit the parts beef-up the front suspension, offer additional camber link holes for better adjustability and are held in place using threaded rods and lock nuts for added security. The hard anodised aluminium pivot balls and special rod ends are designed to provide a butter-smooth suspension movement and reduce the weight over the stock parts for better suspension performance. The hard anodised hinge pin brace makes for a cooler looking ride and adds strength to the front end of the truck. The parts comes anodised grey and with laser-etched logo. Also new is the anti-squat block set for the use with the Performance Transmission. The set includes 2 degrees, 4 degrees and 5 degrees parts to add to the 3 degrees item that comes with the transmission kit. Last but not least come special 78T and 82T spur gears to make for a perfect gear ration setup and heavy duty motor washers and screws for a rock solid mounted motor.

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November 22, 2012

Pro-Line Slash 2wd bumper, axles & wheel nuts

Pro-Line have released a number of new items for the Slash 2wd. First up is the all-new race-inspired front bumper, brace and bulkhead, the former featuring Pro-Line’s unique ‘Flex Mount’ brace that absorbs all impacts rather than transferring them into your Truck and potentially damaging vital components. The two vertically mounted screws that fasten the Bumper to the Brace act as pivot points for the Brace to rotate around allowing the Pro-2 Bumpers to bend but not break. Next up is the Pro-2 ProTrac Axle kit with ProTrac Suspension Kit. The all steel construction of the shafts, outdrive, axles and pins provide maximum durability and can handle all the power your motor can muster. Pro-Line includes super Lightweight Outdrives in the Pro-2 Axle kit to improve acceleration by lowering rotating mass and also includes Axle Snap Rings that eliminate drive pins from ever falling out. Finally Pro-Line have new blue anodized aluminium nuts which have deep serrations that dig into the wheel and provide a secure hold against the rigors of Racing and Bashing.

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November 12, 2012

Team Durango DESC410 moulded shock towers

Team Durango are pleased to announce the release of the moulded shock tower set for the DESC410 range of vehicles. The set contains both front and rear shock towers for the 4WD truck moulded in a high quality engineering composite material. They offer a 35 percent weight saving over the aluminium shock towers on the DESC410R model and offer different mounting positions for the shocks and inner camber links when compared to the aluminium towers. The front tower is optimised for the longer 29mm stroke shock and features shock mounting positions that are much closer together, allowing finer tuning of the front suspension.

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October 12, 2012

Avid SC10 12mm hex conversion kit

The Avid SC10 12mm hex conversion kit is designed for the Team Associated SC10 FT and RTR in order to use 12mm hex wheels. The set comes preassembled and includes genuine Team Associated steering blocks and front axles, Avid 12mm clamping hex adapters, Revolution bearing and solid axle pins. The conversion kit also includes solid axle pins, 12mm clamping hexes for the rear axles, and it is is capped off with a set of 4 black anodized aluminum wheel nuts.

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