September 11, 2020

Tamiya TG10-Mk.2 FZ Raikiri GT 2020

Tamiya have introduced their latest version of the Raikiri GT, using the updated for 2020 TG10-Mk.2 FZ chassis. An evolution of the previous chassis, the new car sports a full carbon fibre top deck as well as 3mm thick aluminium chassis plate. Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension is standard with updated CVA oil dampers with an optimised shaft length. The included Tamiya FS-12FZ engine is equipped with a lightweight flywheel and a thin TM-8 muffler as standard and utilises a 2-speed gearbox. The body of course is the real star of this release, based on the styling of the NSX GT, the Raikiri GT remains unchanged from its predecessor.

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September 11, 2020

Serpent Natrix 750 Evo 1/10 GP

Serpent have introduced the Natrix 750 Evo, the follow up to the company’s successful line of 1/10th 200mm nitro cars. Starting with the back bone of the car, the chassis has been improved regarding its flex characteristics and now takes on the isolated weight bridge from the 989 and incorporates a way to use a small adjustable weight in the front for high grip conditions. The rear suspension is all new and features the possibility of a toe change during suspension travel which due to its unique design there is zero binding under all circumstances. In the neutral position the toe-change is absolute zero however the higher the link is mounted on the upright, the more toe-gain is achieved under compression resulting in more rear traction under acceleration. The 2-speed gearbox is also completely new and is based on the 989 gearbox and bullet-proofed. The shocks are taken from the 989 and provide trouble-free, low friction action for increased traction. As an option you can now mount a heave damper setup on the front and the rear, in this way it is possible to change heave adjustments more or less independent of roll adjustments. As an example it is possible to have a very light roll damping combined with a very high heave damping, something which is not possible with a classic suspension. The third damper can be used to only alter the damping characteristics without a third spring, but also to add a spring to alter spring rates for heave.

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April 1, 2016

Making the Xray RX8’16 – Part 1


I have a lot of respect and passion for the 1/8 on-road class. My passion comes from my early days when I got involved in RC, as this was the class I started with and grew up with. My respect comes from the fact that this class is considered the “ultimate F1 class” and as such many manufacturers put a high priority and investment into the class that pushes performance and limits all the time. It is kind of strange that despite this class being considered to be pinnacle of all RC car classes, the number of race entries is still low. This is understandable considering the big investment for a 1/8 on-road season and the complexity of the cars, but the very high speeds make the races very exciting and also challenging!

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March 30, 2016

Exclusive details on Xray’s RX8 2016 coming soon

Exclusive details on Xray’s RX8 2016 coming soon

With the all new Xray RX8 2016 being teased back in January, the car is now close to being released. Once again Red RC has the full exclusive for the new car’s release which will include a behind the scenes look at the car’s design and production, followed by an interview with the car’s designer Martin Hudy and culminating in the full release details of this new 1/8th onroad challenger. The exclusive coverage will begin on Friday with the behind the scenes look at the car’s design and production, so stay tuned.

November 22, 2015

The Rally Legends Lancia Delta Esso Grifone bodies

The Rally Legends Lancia Delta Esso Grifone bodies

Italtrading have introduced two new 1/10th rally bodyshells out of their The Rally Legends line of scale rally cars and bodies. Available soon are the Lancia Delta S4 and Evo2 in the Esso Grifone design. The bodies come made from clear polycarbonate and they include comprehensive decal sheets as well as moulded details such as lightbars, windscreen wipers and more. The bodies fit Italtrading’s own line of The Rally Legend cars as well as many other 1/10th scale touring car chassis.

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March 16, 2015

Exclusive details on Xray’s NT1 coming soon

Exclusive story & interview on Xray's NT1 coming soon

Xray have released a first teaser image for their all-new NT1 200mm nitro on-road kit. Later this week, in the build up to the car’s release, we will have an in-depth interview with Xray’s on-road designer Martin Hudy and an exclusive ‘making of story’ on the latest release in the World Championship winning NT1 platform.

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March 14, 2015

Mugen announces MGT7 coming soon

Mugen announced MGT7 coming soon

Mugen have announced that they will release an all new nitro & electric on road GT racing car called the MGT7. While designed to compete at the highest level of GT racing, competing at next week’s Winter National (Fort Myers) as well as the On Road fuel National in Kissimmee FL later in the year, the platform is suitable for all levels and a wide range of usage scenarios from on the track to bashing outside your house. More information and images coming soon.

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