February 8, 2007

New engines from Novarossi World

Novarossi motors 2007

Novarossi World have introduced these 3 new high end competition motors, suitable for use in multiple disciplines. First off is the Plus 353 Race, a new .12 engine for the 200mm touring car class, that boasts an impressive 1.68 hp with maximum revs of 42,000rpm, this EFRA legal 3 port engine features ceramic bearings and has an 11.90mm crankshaft. The next engine up is the Plus 359 Race, a 3.5cc .21 engine for circuit racing that features an incredible 9 ports, ceramic bearings throughout, and boasts 2.90 hp and a maximum rpm of 38,700. The final new motor is another 3.5cc beast, the Plus 367 Buggy, for off road use that has the most horse power of all the 3 engines, with Novarossi claiming that this 7 port engine can get 2.97 hp and can punch out 35,000rpm. Both the .21 engines feature 14.5mm crankshafts.

Source: Eco Model [ecomodel.it]

February 6, 2007

GRP/Ninja Fast Link System update

GRP/Ninja Fast Link System

We showed this fast link system from GRP back in December and then you saw it again at Nurnberg, well now we have gotten the official word, this time from Ninja, with regards what types and versions of this springless system will be available. According to the word on the MID site, the new FL system will be made available for 2.1cc and 3.5cc circuit motors as well as for 3.5cc and 4.6cc motors for off road. The circuit pipes will be available with a choice of 3 different length manifolds whilst the off road pipe systems will have a choice of 2 lengths of manifold.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

February 6, 2007

New Ninja .12 and .28 motors

Ninja Motors

MID Mugen in Germany have announced the release of these 2 updated motors from Ninja, the .12 touring car motor (MR12 T01A) and the .28 truggy motor (MR28 M01A), in time for the 2007 race season. The new motors are similar to the .21 buggy and circuit motors that were released near the end of last year in that these new motors also now have been upgraded and sport the ‘A’ suffix at the end of their product number which mostly equates to better tolerances amongst the parts that will improve performance and reliability.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

February 5, 2007

Hot Bodies present some Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies

Hot Bodies have announced that along with their new kits that they launched at the toy fair that they will also be getting back into the bodyshell business. They will release a new updated Moorespeed Mazda 6 bodyshell for 1/10th scale 190mm racing that features several aerodynamic tweaks for more high-speed steering and a longer profile for improved straight-line stability. Also coming out is a new competition body for 1/8th off road that features an aerodynamically-tuned cockpit, sweet speed lines and a sharply angled rear panel. And finally a body for 1/12th circuit racing, a new class that HB will enter, that takes design concepts from a full size LMP car and sports front canard winglets to its super low-slung design and a massive rear wing.

Check out the other new shells here… content

February 5, 2007

Pro-Line Pre-Screened Bodies

Pro-Line Pre-Screened Bodies

Pro-Line have displayed their new pre-screened bodies at the Toy fair in Germany which feature a nice silver chrome design, amongst others, and they’re designed so that you paint your own base colour to complete the body. The windows aren’t masked however which is unfortunate and not race legal in many countries and also means you need to apply window decals on the outside. That aside, they look good and the better news is that they will be available throughout the entire range of Pro-Line bodies.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]

February 1, 2007

Team Xray at the toy fair

Team Xray at the toy fair

Again more pictures from our roving reporter, this time from the large and rather extravagent Xray booth were there was lots of eye candy to look at. Of course Xray were the big news company at the show with the release of their NT1, XT8 and XB8-EC and so its only fitting that they have a huge gallery will all sorts of goodies on display for you to feast your eyes over including more close ups of the NT1 without motor and its new flex chassis.

Check out the gallery here.

Source: RC Junkies [rc-junkies.com]

January 30, 2007

Team Orion CRF Wasp .21 circuit coming soon

CRF Wasp .21

After Team Orion released the images of their new .21 CRF Wasp off road motor last week it was only a matter of time before they made a circuit version available too. Today we have found information that confirms that the eagerly awaited .21 circuit and also the .28 Truggy motor will be made available soon.

21 On-Road
The Wasp Rev .21 On-Road is the ideal power plant for your 1:8 scale on-Road vehicle. never before has engine technology provided so much power while still retaining maximum fuel efficiency. The power to blast by the competiions on the long straights and out of the turns is now here Wasp REV, it delivers!
28 Truggy
The Wasp Rev .28 Truggy, Oh yeah it’s time has come and the power of CRF REV is here! Truggies are quickly becoming a class to be reckoned with at tracks and neighborhoods all over the world. Whether your trying to pass the field over the triple or out roost your buddies the Wasp REV is your key to unlocking all the potential in your vehicle.

Expect more information to be made available this week at the toy fair in Germany including the announcement of a .15 and .18 version of the CRF Wasp motor too.

January 29, 2007

Sidorf to release XR engine range

Sidorf XR engines

Spanish 1/8th scale buggy manufacturer Sidorf is to release a new engine range this year called the XR range. The first motor to be released will be the GP7T, which is a 7 port designed for serious pace off road. More information to follow.

Source: Neo-Buggy [neo-buggy.net]