April 13, 2007

Edit Foam Inserts for off road Tyres

Edit Foam Inserts

Edit, the optional parts wing of HPI Racing, has released a range of die cut foam inserts suitable for off road tyres that has been co engineered by World Champion driver Neil Cragg. Available for 1/10th or 1/8th off road these inner foams have been colour-coded and graded for hardness with all foam measured on a calibrated durometer and come available in soft black foam, measured at 35 degrees, and medium purple foam at 55 degrees.

Source: Edit [rc-edit.com]

April 13, 2007

RB Concept C6BB 7T engine

RB Concept C6BB 7T

RB Products, the French engine makers, have announced the release of their new RB Concept C6BB 7T 3.5cc buggy motor. This new engine has made thousands of hours of testing at the hands of RB team drivers to prove its new turbo combustion chamber, which improves the overall power of the engine, and 7mm venturi to help improve traction, which all comes together to provide a wide power band with incredibly smooth acceleration. With these features, the fuel consumption drops and the drivability is increased, especially on low traction tracks.

Source: RB Products [rbproducts.com]

April 13, 2007

Panther tyres coming to the UK

Panther Tyres

We just received a mail from our friends at Horizon Hobby UK, formerly Helger Racing, saying that have started to import the Panther range of tyres into the UK. The name Panther may not be totally familiar to Off road racers in the UK but the products will be. Panther have been manufacturing tyres for both on and off road since 1985, originally all the tyres where produced for Kit manufactures and other aftermarket tyre suppliers under there own brands.

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April 12, 2007

GRP now premounted on Yellow wheels

GRP now premounted on Yellow wheels

Well the title of this piece says it all, GRP through distributor MID, have announced that their range of premounted off road tires, which are available with Jolly, Atomic, Cubic or Bulldog tires, will now be made available on these yellow dished wheels. Available now.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

April 12, 2007

M Mod parts for MBX5 and MTX4

M Mod Wishbone mount

We have shown you lots of parts from M Mod before, as well as All Mod, and today we have more parts to show you, this time only for Mugen. The first up, which you can see above is a rear lower wishbone pivot point for the MTX4 that has been made out of the trademark grey anodised aluminium and adds to the strength required around this area in the event of an impact. Also available from M Mod, for the MBX5 and the MBX5-T, is a part that combines the upper servo saver mount and the upper rear side front suspension pivot point in one part which adds greatly to the strength and stiffness of this entire area.

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April 10, 2007

All Mod Air filter and Wheel nuts

All Mod Air filter

All Mod, the optional parts brand from MID in Germany, have added two new items to their current product line up. First up, which you can see above, is this grey anodised aluminium air filter carrier for .21 and .28 off road engines which claims to allow 40% more air into the engine, while not compromising the filtering process. Also from All Mod are some new capped wheel nuts that are suitable for all off road axles with a 17mm thread.

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April 9, 2007

Team Azarashi lightweight wing

Team Azarashi lightweight wing

Japanese company, Team Azarashi, have announced their new lightweight rear buggy wing that will be available for sale in May. 20% lighter than the standard version this new wing will aid those racers that are looking for the smallest fraction of seconds to improve their performance. This product is sold as a set, that contains both the round-type (above) for technical courses and a straight type for high-speed courses.

Source: Team Azarashi [team-azarashi.com]

April 6, 2007

JConcepts Illuzion buggy wing & Ball cup sets

JConcepts Illuzion buggy wing - Black

A few months ago JConcepts released their effective and really cool looking Illuzion buggy wing and at that time it was only available in white and yellow. Today they announced that this wing will now be available in black, and just to recap about the product itself, it is designed for both 1/8th buggies and truggies and features durable through-rib design and recessed side dams for extra decal protection.

JConcepts also released some Ball Cup sets which are designed to fit all 1/10th scale off-road vehicles and come in black, white and yellow. Designed with performance as well as aesthetics in mind these newly designed low-profile ball cups have been designed for extra durability and added ‘wheel to tie-rod’ clearance. The set comes with 4 left and 4 right low profile ball cups, as well as 12 normal ball cups, included per package.

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