March 6, 2023

JConcepts MT wheel adaptor sets

JConcepts has released three new Monster Truck wheel adaptor sets.  For an easy and more durable fit, they have added a 17mm hex adaptor which locates directly on #3414 wheels to fit the stock axle combination on the LMT, King Sling, Bog Hog, and Maxx.  The injection molded pieces fit directly to the wheel and interlocks to provide plenty of resistance to torque.  The adaptors attach using the stock hardware in 10 places on each to provide the ultimate security.  Another 17mm hex adapter is for JConcepts’ Transporter tyres and wheels with a special assortment of components has been assembled to give maximum versatility.  The adaptors allow you to add Transporters to standard 6mm axle LMT and 17mm hex axle converted LMT’s are included in the package.  A special 6 spoke drop in spacer allows wheel nuts to clamp against fresh and even surface with large 17mm nuts. The 12-piece set, with hardware is an easy way to give some love to builds such as the LMT, King Sling, and Bog Hog to outfit these exciting vehicles with transport wheels and tires.  Finally to further increase the versatility of the original Tribute wheels, JConcepts now offers a 25mm offset adaptor for 17mm hex based vehicles with the package including 4 injection molded 17mm adaptors that will bolt straight to the wheels.

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March 4, 2023

Pro-Line 1:10 1967 Ford F-100

Pro-Line has released its latest body for blue-oval Scale Crawler fans, the classic 1967 Ford Trucks F-100. This officially licensed F-100 blends scale looks with competition-specific features to give your 12.3″ wheelbase crawler the best of both worlds on the trails or at your next comp crawl. The retro-classic truck has been carefully sculpted with realistic details that recreate the lines and squared-off style of this iconic truck. Oversized wheel openings and slightly tapered front and rear sections increase hill-scaling clearance, while the drop bed meets scale point rules.

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March 3, 2023

RSRC Kyosho MP10 gas cooler mount

Reno Savoya’s RSRC has produced this gas cooler mount for Kyosho MP10 1:8 Buggy.  With the reduction of the nitro rate used in fuels in Europe, engine efficiency is becoming something critical.  Cooling the exhaust gas going back to the fuel tank is actually a quick trick that can improve mileage and engine stability.  As it is always tough to find the right spot to fit the gas cooler on your car, so RSRC has designed a quick and easy mount for the Kyosho MP10. Made of Flex TPU for rubber-like flexibility it fits 12mm exhaust gas coolers and is sold separately.

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March 2, 2023

Mugen Seiki MBX8TR Truggy

Mugen Seiki has announced its new MBX8TR Nitro and Electric Truggy.  The MBX8TR has several new parts to increase stability, rear traction, improved jumping/landing, and to have more tuning options.  In the area of suspension,  new “C” and “D” suspension mounts now use square pills for increased tuning of toe-in and anti-squat. and geometry.  The front and rear arms use an impact resistant material for increased durability. Stiffer LW front and rear arms will be available as option parts for the MBX8TR. The rear uprights are also new for the MBX8TR. The molded uprights have CFRP plates to adjust the rear roll centre.  A new front shock tower and upper front arm mount uses new pivot inserts for increased tuneability.  The MBX8TR comes with a complete new 4 shoe clutch from Mugen Seiki.  This clutch was designed to be easy to work on and more tuneable than other 4 shoe clutches on the market and features a 34mm aluminium 4 shoe flywheel with removable steel pins.  It has a unique way of adjusting spring tension to tune the engagement to suit your engine, track conditions and personal preferences to optimise fuel consumption and performance.  The new vented 13T clutch bell, two carbon shoes, and two aluminium shoes are included in the MBX8TR kit.

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March 1, 2023

SkyRC 1:10 Buggy Set Up System

Sky RC has released this new 1:10 Buggy Set Up System. Having previously offered the system for touring car, they are now offering offroad racers the opportunity to precisely measure and set the cars camber, toe, steering lock and has caster markings. Available in anodised Blue or Black options it comes supplied in a nice carry case.

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February 28, 2023

JConcepts Losi LMT 17mm hex axle kit

New from JConcepts is this upgrade 17mm hex axle kit for the Losi LMT Monster Truck.  Through extensive track time with team racers, JConcepts has designed a new heavy-duty item for a vehicle that makes it’s living in the air and in hardcore bash sessions.  The new item allows a user to move away from the standard 6mm axle and wheel nut combination and beef up to a 12mm hex axle which adds great strength but also an easier to use design featuring a 17mm hex wheel nut.  The set comes complete with four hex axle stubs, four 17mm serrated wheel nuts with 4mm screw pins to secure the assembly.  The all-aluminium components are precision machined, black anodised and designed to be direct replacement for the Losi LMT.  For an easy-to-use wrench, JConcepts offers separately an injection molded 17mm long-snout wrench for a long reach into deep offset wheels like JConcepts #3414 developed for the Losi LMT.

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February 28, 2023

Ultimate Racing Alu Steering Ball Link Protector

Spanish company Modelix Racing, through its Ultimate Racing brand, has released this Aluminium Steering Ball Link Protector.  Machined from T6-7075 aluminium and anodised in dark grey if you are tired of having to change steering ball links frequently this is for you.  Designed to fit the ball link to prevent the rims from rubbing when turning the wheels and weakening the ball link.  In terms of mounting no glue is required.  Place the protectors as far as possible inside the ball joints and thread the tie rod.  As the tie rod is threaded, the plastic of the ball joint expands, locking the protector in place.

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February 28, 2023

Penguin Slayer CAT L1R Bodyshell

British custom modern and vintage bodyshell producer Penguin Custom Bodyshells has released its ‘Slayer’ for the Schumacher CAT L1R buggy.  Describing the ‘Slayer’ as an unfussy design, the body ensures a smooth unhindered airflow which helps the rear downforce.  With a wide stable cab at 40 degrees the body is available in both standard weight and lightweight with window masks, trim lines and made from high grade lexan window masks included. Pictures of the mounted body also show the ‘Royal’ wing also available from Penguin.

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