March 12, 2007

HB High quality matched Springs

HB High quality matched Springs

Hot Bodies have released these matched high quality springs for use with their World Championship winning on road electric Cyclone chassis range. We wrote about these springs last Christmas when they were originally released under the Atsushi Hara Products brand, but now they are available from Hot Bodies / HPI direct.

Featuring ground-flat ends, cool black coating and a simple paint marking to identify the strength of the spring, these are the ultimate Cyclone tuning spring. The springs are each 25mm long and will fit a variety of shock absorbers from various manufacturers.

Source: HB Europe []

March 12, 2007

Truespeed Blaze 19T hand wound motor

Truespeed Blaze 19T

Truespeed, sponsors of Paul LeMieux and other quick drivers, have released their latest 19 turn brushed motor. The Blaze is a hand wound Modified motor for oval racing and while I’m sure its quick i don’t know anything else about it other than that.

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March 9, 2007

SM BOSS .12 TC motor

SM Boss .12 TC motor

Now that the World Champion GRP made Ninja .12 motor has finally been released to its expectant public, the other brand of motors made by GRP and Mario Rossi can come out too. The Schepis Model, BOSS branded, GRP motor has been released, and well what can you say about it other than its a World Champion motor with a different, blue, cooling head. The set that it comes in looks pretty sweet, which comes with exhaust system, sew on badge, decals and other promo things including a CD, although I’m not sure whats on it.

You can check out lots more images here.

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March 7, 2007

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo2 .21 and .12

Solaroli Tuning Picco Evo2

Solaroli Tuning, if you haven’t heard of them, is a company run by top Italian racer Stefano Solaroli who, amongst other things, tunes motors like only Italians know how. While he tunes all different makes of motor, his current pair of offerings are from Picco and are based on the new Evo2 .21 and .12 engines which in turn is similar to the current range of Mega ZX engines. Stefano has done all the usual work like porting the liner and working, optimising and polishing the crankshaft to get the absolute most from the engine. Expect them to be fast but suprisingly they arent too expensive despite all the hand work done to them.

Check out the image of the .12 engine here… content

March 6, 2007

New CRF Exhaust pipe – Spyshot

CRF .12 pipe - Spyshot

We obtained this spyshot of the latest, as yet to be released, CRF exhaust pipe which has been developed for use with Team Orion Wasp CRF .12 engine and it is one of the first fruits of the partnership between Adrien Bertin and his new employer Team Orion. This exhaust is supposed to give, whats already a very quick engine even more punch, especially in the bottom end, and we were also told that this pipe was used by Adrien in combination with the Wasp CRF .12 at the Melzo track in Italy to hit a top speed of 107 kmh, while his previous fastest speed, with Sirio, was only 103kmh, which is quite a big difference. We hope to bring you more information when this exhaust is released in the near future.

March 1, 2007

HB Front Solid Axle Set V.3

HB Front Solid Axle Set V.3

Hot Bodies have released this front solid axle set for use with their Cyclone 190mm toruing car. This axle comes as standard with the Cyclone World Champion Edition and now it is available to be used in all other versions of the car. The Version 3 of this axle set uses steel outdrives which increases durability and therefore increases the time between rebuilds.

Using the valuable ‘spool’ effect, you will get maximum front traction on all types of tracks. From tight, twisty tracks with high traction to wide, low traction surfaces, you get the advantage of outbraking the competition and turning tight into the corner!

Source: Hot Bodies []

March 1, 2007

LRP Sphere Competition TC Spec digital

LRP Sphere Competition TC Spec digital

LRP have released their latest speed controller, the Sphere Competition TC Spec digital, which has been designed to cope with the extreme stresses of modern day electric touring car racing. Designed for use with brushed and brushless motors, this is the same speedo that Ronald Völker used to win the DHI Cup back in January and as well as sporting a low profile heat sink with integrated cooling fan, the controller can be used equally well with 4 to 6 cells and sports launch control as well as improved braking capabilities over previous versions.

Source: LRP []

February 26, 2007

Vantage Touring car stand

Vantage Touring car stand

We havent covered any Vantage stuff before now because, besides their carbon tuned pipes, they mostly make parts for Monster Trucks and other large scale off roaders. So when i saw this beautiful piece of work, the touring car stand, i didn’t need an excuse to write about it. This stand has been moulded from carbon fibre and is therefore stiff, flat, strong and light as well as being totally bling. It features some foam pads to stop your car sliding off the shiny carbon fibre and well does everything else you want a car stand to do. Available soon.

Source: Vantage []