November 27, 2020

Merlin McFly Cobra LWB light weight chassis

Coming straight from the milling machine at Merlin McFly’s factory with the design of German racer Jan Möhring is this modified Serpent Cobra GTE LWB chassis. Improving flex characteristics while reducing the weight by about 57grams, the chassis is the perfect addition for the ambitious hobby up to professional racer. More information on this product or machining services on your own chassis, contact Merlin in the link below.

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November 27, 2020

OS Speed TT02 & MT02 exhaust system

OS Engines will release a complete exhaust system that combines the TT02 (EFRA 2690) silencer and the MT02 manifold. This set is optimised for the engine characteristics of the recently released MAX-12TG Ver.4 engine. Compared to the current MT01 manifold, the new manifold combined with the pipe improves low and medium end power. The set comes with pipe, manifold, exhaust seals and mounting springs.

View the complete set here

November 27, 2020

Roche Rapide P10 WGTR pan car

Roche have released their all new Rapide P10 WGTR pan car. Featuring a 2.5mm graphite main chassis and lower pod plate, it sports a new dual upper deck design. The 7075 aluminium motor mount / rear bulkhead sports plastic axle height adjusters for fine adjustments in 0.25mm increment while a newly designed 7 step centre shock position allows for quick adjustment. Up front, a floating servo plate accepts micro and low profile servo, there is a new graphite lower arm and arm pivot, aluminium steering turnbuckle and side link mounts.  Finally there is a newly designed pod link angle adjuster, wide graphite chassis brace, new short side damper tubes and a new black colour anodised ball differential set.

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November 25, 2020

Schumacher Mi7 anti-lozenge top deck conversion

Schumacher have released their new anti-lozenge top deck conversion for the Mi7. Developed by their drivers over many months, this top deck gives a great tuning option for carpet with the alloy chassis, as well as tarmac with the carbon chassis. Overall it is a softer option with a more symmetrical feel than the kit standard top deck. The anti lozenge post stiffens the car front to back affecting forward traction and stability under braking. The top deck comes with an optional front U brace to stiffen the front of the car if required.

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November 25, 2020

Xpress M-Chassis short shock towers

As the M-Chassis class starts to get more competitive, Xpress have released new short shock towers that fit their range of Execute mini cars. A bolt on upgrade for the XM1, XM1S and FM1S, the front and rear carbon shock towers are made to work in conjunction with their V2 long travel short shock set.

View the shock towers here

November 25, 2020

RC Maker T4’21 Slimflex chassis & top decks

For those Xray drivers that want to continue to use their RC Maker options on their T4’21, the Australian company has produced an updated Slimflex chassis and top deck. With the T4’21 seeing only some slight adjustments to the design, the chassis and top decks feature only minor adjustments from the T4’20. The 2.2mm thick chassis profile remains unchanged, however they have now been able to add additional holes to the rear of the chassis to enable the use of their ‘weight shift’ adjustable chassis weights. The topdeck has also undergone minor adjustments after feedback from their team drivers and have now added an additional brace in front of the spur gear to increase the rigidity in high traction and hot conditions to provide more corner speed. If running on low to medium grip, you may want to look at removing the brace for increase flex in the front. The top deck is available in both 1.6mm and 2.0mm versions.

View the full option chassis here

November 24, 2020

Speedzone drag racing motors

Speedzone have released a full line of drag racing motors. Available in 1.5T, 2.0T, 2.5T, 3.0T, 3.5T, 4.5T, 10.5T and 13.5T, there are tuned editions and rotor options also available. The motor features a lightweight CNC-machined Billet T6 aluminium can, high RPM precision bearings, high-temp high-purity copper stator wire and a low-resistance stator.

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