May 21, 2024

Project RC Fast Wheel Adapter

Coming from Project RC based off the idea of Leandro Parisi, FVSS introduces the new Fast Wheel Adapter for 1:8 onroad tyres.  This adapter fits all tyre truer currently on the market and save a lot of time switch between tyres as well as giving better balancing during the truing.  The adapter comes with an included insert for front tyres.

View adapter mounted here

May 20, 2024

Infinity IF11-2 Front Wing Mount

Infinity has released a new front wing mounting for its IF11-2 1:10 Formula chassis.  With the new mount when removing and attaching the front wing, it is no longer necessary to remove the upper monocoque, allowing for smooth wing replacement.  Additionally, since it also serves as a front body post mount, the position of the body post does not change depending on the type of wing, making it convenient.  Additionally Creation Model has add two new Side springs options for fine tuning of the IF11-2 set-up.  A new soft spring is one step softer than that included in the kit while the hard is one step harder.

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May 20, 2024

VP-Pro Blade-Tech Line 1:8 GT tyre

VP-Pro has released a new 1:8 GT tyre called the Blade-Tech Line.  Designed to provide maximum traction and lateral grip, it comes with a special insert with high temperature resistant material.  With special double fixing bonding between tyre and rim, it is suitable for dirty tracks and asphalt.  Available with a spoke wheel in three colours options, white, black or yellow, the tyre is offered in 4 compounds – Super Soft/Soft/Medium/Hard.  Each pack comes as 2pcs preglued.

Source: VP Pro []

May 20, 2024

T-Works Tire Additive Visible Bottles

T-Works has added 50ml Tire Additive Bottles to its range of accessories that are ideal for rubber tire traction compound applications.  The dauber tip allows even and consistent application and has been tested for durability having a strong abrasion resistance that is not prone to lint.  The dauber tip is resistant to swelling and corrosion from tire additive components.  Sold as a pack of two bottles, they come with a six-colour sticker set than can be attached to the top or bottle body to identify various types of tire additive.

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May 20, 2024

Butterfield doubles at ROAR Onroad Nitro Nationals

Serpent’s Bryce Butterfield completed a title double at the 2024 ROAR Onroad Nitro Nationals regaining his 1:10 title he lost last year and adding the 1:8 title to his CV.  With rain reducing track time at the Tri-State Radio Controlled Auto Racers hosted event in Ohio, in qualifying for 1:10 200mm Butterfield would top 2 of the 3 rounds to secure the TQ from the Infinity of DJ Apolaro and the Serpent of defending champion Jose Almonte P3.  In 1:8 again it was Butterfield with the TQ from the Mugen Seiki of Ralph Burch and Apolaro.  In the 1:10 final, with Apolaro going out early Butterfield would take a convincing win from David Dunn.  Also a 45-minute encounter, in 1:8 Apolaro would lead the first half of the race with Birch an early retirement.  Posting the fastest lap of the race however Butterfield would hit the front in the second half to do the double taking the title with a 2-lap advantage over Apolaro with Joachim Bruneau completing the podium.

Image: Bryce Butterfield [Facebook]

May 20, 2024

Infinity IF18-3 SP Quick Change Levers

Infinity has released new lightweight quick change levers for its World Championship winning IF18-3 1:8 Onroad chassis.  By removing material from the levers, the SP Quick Change Lever weight has been reduced by 0.3grams for the front and 0.5grams for the rear level.   Removing this unnecessary material has also improved rotational balance.  Reduced clearance in the thrust direction helps maintain wheel stability during running.

View front SP lever here

May 17, 2024

Arena RC Racing MS1.0 Multiflex Front Upper Deck

Arena RC Racing has released a new multiflex front upper deck option for the new MS1.0 1:10 electric Touring Car from Yokomo.  The 2.omm upper deck offers increased flex for desired set-up and can be easily cut to more flex.  They also offer 2.0mm front and rear decks which in terms of hardness and the use of high-quality carbon fibre material make the frame more rigid and increase the durability.

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May 16, 2024

Xray X4F Horizontal Body Post Mounting Gauge

Xray has created a Horizontal Body Post Mounting Gauge for their X4F 1:10 FWD Electric Touring Car.  It is design to help to mark the horizontal rear body mounts position on the body shell for a perfect fit on the car.  Featuring two special scales you can check and adjust the proper position of the body.  The first scale is used to adjust the rear part of the body and the second scale is used to check the body height around the car.  Fits all popular body shells.

View instructions on use here