January 28, 2012

Pro-Line Slash 4×4 ProTrac kit sneak peek

Pro-Line have released a sneak peek of their new Slash 4×4 ProTrac kit. Near completion the kit will consist of new suspension arms and turnbuckles to widen the geometry of the truck for smoother handling. The arms have multiple mounting locations for suspension tuning and the wheels, which will most likely be included, will be the popular ProTrac negative offset matching other popular SC trucks such as SC10 and Losi. The team is really excited as the Prototype truck has performed very well in testing at a variety of tracks. We will have more information when the kit is released.

View more images of the kit here

January 21, 2012

Video – 2012 Pro-Line SC open house


This past weekend Pro-Line opened its legendary test track in Banning, CA to the local Short Course crowd for some fun, food and the opportunity to meet the a few of the top RC drivers in the World such as World Champion Cody King, Adam Drake, along with Ty Tessmann, Rhonda Drake, Scott Hughes and Pro-Line’s own Tim Clark and Gerardo Gonzalez. Pro-Line would like to take the opportunity and thank all who came to their Open House and helped to make it a huge success. Keep your eyes peeled to PL’s website and Facebook pages because you never know when the opportunity to run on their test track will come around again. See the above video to get an idea of the event’s fantastic atmosphere.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

January 19, 2012

PL Hole Shot 2.0 & Blockade tires pre-mounted on Renegade Black wheels

Pro-Line have announced that their Hole Shot 2.0 SC and Blockade SC are now available pre mounted on Renegade Black wheels. The Pro-Line Renegade wheel for SC trucks features a tough 10 spoke design replicating the latest in high performance full size forged racing wheels used by the pros. Detailed beadloc and lug nut hardware only adds to the realism. Combine the Renegade with the Hole-Shot 2.0 SC, which features more pins and a wider contact patch for insane amounts of traction. Combine the Renegade with the Blockade Tires for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and unique side tread that keeps you planted around the corners.

View the Blockade pre-mounts here

December 23, 2011

Pro-Line Short Course Open House

On January 14th Pro-Line will be hosting a Short Course Open House BBQ to kick off the racing season. We will be accepting 100 Sportsman drivers starting January 2nd to come out for a FUN day of timed practice at Pro-Line’s home track. Entries are $15.00 and include FREE XL Open House T-shirt, FREE Bag of Swag, FREE Lunch and a fun day of being one of the first to run your RC Car on Pro-Line turf. So, if you are a sportsman driver and you want to come have some fun out at Pro-Line, then visit Pro-Line’s website for details on how to enter.

November 16, 2011

Pro-Line V3 SC closed cell foam inserts

Pro-Line introduce the V3 SC closed cell foam insert for Short Course tyres. The insert is designed specifically for high traction or high speed track conditions and features a wider and flatter profile giving maximum support to the sidewall and will put more rubber to the ground. Made to fit the wider 2.0 tyre designs and ideal for indoor clay or outdoor blue-groove tracks.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

October 21, 2011

Pro-Line ProTrac Bead-Loc wheels

This is a pair ProTrac Suspension Kit Renegade 2.2”/3.0” black/chrome Bead-Loc wheels. Pro-Line has listened to their fans and is releasing the best-selling bead-loc wheel design in the extremely popular ProTrac offset. This offset has become the new standard in short course racing and now fits several popular SC kits. The wheel features Pro-Line’s new Renegade style wheel face, a tough 10-spoke wheel replicating the latest in high performance full-size pro racing technology.  Pro-Line’s Bead-loc technology allows you the ability to take tires on and off at will, making it the most user friendly and economical wheel choice available.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]

September 15, 2011

Pro-Line Badlands SC & Blockade SC tires

Following the sneak peek some weeks ago, Pro-Line have confirmed the release of their new Badlands SC 2.2”/3.0” Tires for Short Course Trucks. It tire offers motocross style tread with huge, long-lasting lugs giving it the looks and performance that have won over bashers all across the globe. The Badlands tread design is made for the die-hard motocrosser in you. Its oversized grass and dirt shredding lugs offer you the ultimate in performance under all-terrain type conditions. The lugs are designed to ensure longevity while spitting up the surface below. Made from soft yet durable M2 compound, the tire is poised for battle and ready to take your Short Course Truck to the next level of bashing heaven. Also new for your SC truck is the Blockade SC, the revolutionary tread design features large lugs for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and unique side tread that keeps you planted around the corners. The Blockade excels in a wide variety of conditions, from hard packed to blue-groove and loose to loamy, the Blockade SC tires will outpace and outlast the competition.

View the Blockade SC tire here

September 3, 2011

Sneak Peek – Pro-Line Badlands SC


Pro-Line have released this sneak peek video of their as yet unconfirmed tires giving the camera a rooster spray. Judging by the massive pins we believe they are the new badlands SC tires, but we will know for sure when Pro-Line release confirmation in the next few weeks.

Source: Pro-Line [prolineracing.com]