January 27, 2010

Xray T3 – History Repeating

Xray T3 - History Repeating

It’s a good tradition at Slovakian manufacturer Xray to present a new touring car towards the end of the year and 2009 made no exception to this rule. We reviewed the T2 ‘009 back in March and, as you might expect, for some time now the 2010 car is up for grabs. The T2 ‘010 is … err, stop, there is no ‘010 as Xray decided to introduce the next evolution of their race and award winning T-cars platform: the T3! As you would expect with Xray the new car is more of an evolution than a revolution although some wished to see a totally new layout with the now common heavier-than-brushed-set-ups brushless motors and speed controls and lightweight LiPo battery packs. Instead of a totally new car Xray introduced an only slightly adapted T2 that copes with the new equipment and does not deny its roots. In fact on first glance one could easily overlook the many changes that went into the new Xray T3!

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November 25, 2009

Xray XT8 2009 Spec – 8 for 09

Xray XT8 2009 Spec - 8 for 09

Xray released their 2009 Spec edition of their successful XT8 truggy some time ago but although it hit the market a few months back it is still one of the quickest and best equipped truggies out there. We take a look at the innovations that went into the 2009 Spec and tell you, why Xray’s XT8 is a hot ticket for racers and bashers alike.

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November 2, 2009

Quantum Mechanics – TOP Racing Photon

Quantum Mechanics - TOP Racing Photon

TOP Racing’s Photon touring car concept was introduced some time ago with the help of some very nice CAD images. Now the 1/10 scale electric touring car is finally available to everybody and we are happy to get our hands on the tasty looking Foam Carpet edition. The car is designed by US on-road wizard Josh Cyrul and features some very nice details such as easy-access front and rear differentials, a specially designed LiPo battery retaining system and other gimmicks that make the Photon stand out from the rest of the current crop of electric touring cars.

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September 21, 2009

Vorsprung durch Technik – Durango DEX410

Vorsprung durch Technik - Durango DEX410

Team Durango’s DEX410 is possibly the most anticipated electric 4WD buggy of all times! We think this is not a exaggeration as the handmade prototypes (designed and build by German racer Gerd Strenge) are around for many years now but only made it into the hands of some selected team drivers like Jörn Neumann, Billy Easton, Atsushi Hara, Craig Drescher or Mark Pavidis to name just a few. Now ‘The Durango’ is available for everyone thanks to Gerd Strenge and his designer Michael Vollmer who made the impossible possible and took the challenge to create ‘a Durango’ for the mass market. We got our hands on one of the very first kits of this exciting new buggy.

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August 12, 2009

Dutch Phi-nomenon – Corally RDX Phi 09

Dutch Phi-nomenon - Corally RDX Phi 09

Seen for the first time at the annual DHI-Cup in Denmark the 2009 Corally RDX Phi is finally here. Based on the successful RDX Phi platform the ‘09’ tourer offers the same versatile layout the previous car did but is specially designed to accommodate the ‘bulky’ LiPo hardcase batteries that are becoming more common these days in various racing classes. Most noticeable are the newly designed and higher bulkheads, new suspension mounts and last but not least a wider chassis plate. What else has the new Corally RDX Phi 09 to offer? We will find out in our review.

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July 28, 2009

Mission Possible – Schumacher Mi4

Mission Possible - Schumacher Mi4

UK based company Schumacher’s range of ‘narrow’ electric touring cars has come a long way, since starting in 1996 with the SST, which turned out to be a very successful TC platform. What followed was the exquisite Axis mid-motor cars that proved difficult to set-up but as fast – if not faster – than the SST range of cars. The current Schumacher TC platform is called Mission and has evolved from the Mi2(EC), Mi3 and Mi3.5 that went back to a more conventional design and suspension geometry compared to the Axis chassis. The latest incarnation is the Mi4 that offers the same race-proven suspension like the Mi3.5, introduced in 2008, but with a more LiPo-friendly chassis and bulkhead layout making it ‘future ready’, with more and more race meetings allowing the use of 7.4V LiPo batteries. We found out what the new UK tourer has to offer.

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July 2, 2009

Champion Genes – Hot Bodies D8T

Champion Genes - Hot Bodies D8T

1/8 scale nitro off-road truggies are still a growing class, although the release of new kits has declined a bit during the last 12 month, nearly all of the important manufacturers have released at least one truck the last couple of years. Hot Bodies’ new D8T is the latest 1/8 scale nitro truggy on the block and heavily borrows from the HB D8 buggy that Atsushi Hara drove to victory at the 2008 nitro buggy World Championships in North Carolina/USA. Most of the changes or updates take place chassis side, in combination with longer wishbones plus some other refinements, to make sure the D8T not only matches but aims to exceed the performance of the current breed of nitro competition truggies.

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