September 27, 2012

STRC SC10/B4/T4 & Slash 2wd options

ST Racing Concepts have released a number of new optional parts starting with some new CNC machined aluminium steering knuckle for the Associated SC10/B4/T4 along with aluminium hex adapters. The knuckles are a direct bolt on for SC10RS vehicles and works for those that want to convert to inboard style front steering knuckles. The hex adapters for the SC10/T4 are designed to work with the inboard steering knuckle setup. Available in blue, gun metal, red and silver. CNC machined aluminium rear chassis “L” Brackets for the Slash 2wd LCG conversion kit replace the 4 spacers that connect the lower chassis to the rear deck of the conversion kit making the truck more rigid in this connection area and also less likely to loose during dis-assembly and maintenance.

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July 14, 2012

STRC Slash 2wd green option parts

Whether you are a fan of the iconic green Monster Truck or a loyal consumer of a particular brand of energy drink, STRC’s new CNC Machined Green Anodized aluminium option parts will allow you to customize your R/C vehicle to match the green theme. All components are machined of high quality aluminium with great precision and craftsmanship, anodized in brilliant green anodizing for awesome looks. The new green parts include pro racing battery strap, front body posts, LCG conversion kit, rear motor guard, rear shock tower, heavy duty front shock tower, 1deg. toe-in rear hub carriers, 17mm hex conversion kit, threaded front & rear shock bodies / collars / low caps and front suspension arms w/hinge-pins & delrin inserts.

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January 20, 2012

STRC Traxxas 2WD green anodised aluminium parts

ST Racing Concepts introduce the green anodised aluminium parts series for the Traxxas 2WD Short Course truck. These parts will certainly be a hit for those wanting to hop-up their favourite energy drink theme short course truck or add some durability and great looks to their machine. Available are steering knuckles, front caster blocks, rear hub carriers, steering bellcranks, front bulkhead, shock caps, front and rear skid plate as well as lock-pin hex adapters. Most of the parts fit the Traxxas Monster Jam replicas also.

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August 8, 2011

ST Racing Concepts SC10 4×4 option parts

ST Racing Concepts release a whole bunch of aluminium option parts for the Team Associated SC10 4×4 Short Course truck. Available are CNC-machined HD front and rear Suspension A-Arm mounts, front caster blocks, rear hub carriers with 0 and 0.5 deg. toe-in, wheel hex adapters and belt tensioner. The Rear A-arm mounts are available in 3-2 and 3-3, and use smooth CNC-machined Delrin hinge-pin inserts to keep suspension moving freely. Also available are CNC-machined threaded aluminium front and rear racing shock bodies for very precise ride height/spring pre-load adjustments just like the stock unit, but available in option colours of Gun Metal, Red, Silver which when matched with other STRC option parts can give your truck a whole new, stand-out look. The aluminium shock collars features O-ring installed which will securely hold your spring pre-load adjustment in place on the threaded shock bodies. Last but not least are a aluminium multi-piece steering bell crank set that increase the durability and take out any flex in the kit plastic bell crank system providing a more precise steering feel.  The heat sink finned motor plate replace the stock stamped aluminium piece and features slotted heat sink finned machining to help dissipate heat better from the hard working motor. Like all other parts, beside the belt tensioner, steering and motor plate are available in blue, red, gun metal and silver.

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June 16, 2011

STRC HPI Blitz rear hub carriers

ST Racing Concepts release the CNC-machined 0.5 deg. toe-in rear hub carriers with oversized outer bearings for HPI Racing’s Blitz RTR and ESE kits. CNC Machined from high-quality aluminium, these rear hub carriers features set-screw over hinge-pin design, non-anodised bearing location to ensure the tightest tolerance and fit for the bearings, and an oversize 5x11mm outer bearings for more durability. The 0.5 deg. toe-in adds a bit more stability and rear traction to your Blitz. Available in anodised Gun Metal, Orange, Silver and limited edition web only Red.

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June 13, 2011

STRC Slash 4×4 options

ST Racing Concepts have produced this high quality graphite motor mount plate and electronics plate to help reduce the weight on your Slash 4×4, while adding that trick factory look to your truck. Their new precision CNC machined rear hub carriers add an extra 0.5 deg. toe-in over the stock plastic hub carriers for a little extra rear traction and stability. These hubs also features their new manufacturing process that drills the bearing holes after anodizing, which allow the tightest tolerance possible around the bearing area. Available in blue, gun metal, red and silver anodizing.

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May 13, 2011

STRC SC10 option parts

ST Racing Concepts have released some new option parts for the popular Associated SC10 that feature precision CNC machined high-quality aluminium material for the best fit and tightest-tolerance. The steering bell cranks has been a common weak spot on the SC10, T4 and B4 and their new aluminium multi-piece steering bellcrank set greatly increases the durability and take out any flex in the kit plastic bell crank system providing a more precise steering feel. New aluminium heat sink finned motor plate helps dissipate heat from the motor and also adds great looks to your Associated off-road vehicles. STRC have also released upper shock mount bushings, servo mounts, front hinge pin brace as well as the gun metal only battery brace. All other parts are available in anodized blue, gun metal, red and silver.

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May 10, 2011

STRC Losi Ten-SCTE option parts

Greatly reduce the flex and prevent bending of the stock towers on your Losi Ten-SCTE 4×4 with these new CNC Machined aluminium HD Front and Rear Shock Towers from STRC. They not only add great looks to your Losi 4×4, but it will eliminate the flex in your shock tower, keeping your truck’s suspension operating true to its design and greatly increase the durability. Available in anodized Blue, Red, Gun Metal and Silver.

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