September 19, 2011

First Look – X-Factory SCX-60CF

While attending the final round of the Short Course Showdown Nationwide tour at Mike’s hobby shop in Dallas, Texas, X-Factory driver Clayton Easley showed us the very first run of the company’s new SCX-60. Expected to be available in weeks rather than months the new chassis features a mid motor configuration and a very narrow chassis which they believe to be large benefit, for clearance reasons and to reduce the parachuting effect on big jumps. The version we saw was sporting a saddle pack mounted at the very rear of the car and due to the cars top decks and rear brace it is very stiff. While the car Clayton was using sported an aftermarket bodyshell, the SCX-60 will come with its own design shell when it becomes available.

UPDATED: See the information below from Chazz Sinclair

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August 20, 2010

E3 Probst Motorsports #9 Pro-2 at ROAR Nats

Following their recent deal X-Factory is proud to announce that the #9 E3 Spark Plugs Lucas Oil Pro-2 short course of Probst Motorsports is now parked next to the track at Leisure Hours Raceway for the duration of the ROAR National Championship. All drivers and spectators are welcome to get up close and personal with the real thing and the Probst Special Edition SCX-60. Even more exciting, pro driver Kevin Probst will appear in person from 11am until 3pm at Leisure Hours to talk short course racing and sign autographs. Crew team member Jon Probst is an entrant at this year’s ROAR Nats, and he is there all weekend to answer questions. On the R/C side, Speedy Dad, creator of the SCX-60 chassis is also there all weekend.

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August 12, 2010

X-Factory partners with Probst Motorsports

X-Factory have announced a new partnership with Probst Motorsports of New Lenox, Illinois. X-Factory will sell replicas of the #9 E3 Spark Plugs Lucas Oil Pro-2 short course truck. The Kit will contain an SCX-60 Conversion Kit with a professionally painted Pro-Line Silverado body that exactly matches the real E3 #9 and a huge die-cut decal sheet from BC1 Graphics, graphics supplier to the real #9 truck, to complete the perfect replica. To celebrate the new partnership, Probst Motorsports will bring the #9 E3 Lucas Oil truck to the ROAR National Championship race in Joliet, Ill. for at least three days of the race. Pro driver Kevin Probst, a 35-year veteran of the short course truck circuit with over 200 wins to his credit, will attend the ROAR race for a day in person to sign autographs and meet the R/C drivers.

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July 29, 2010

X-Factory SCX-60 is now ROAR legal

X Factory have informed us that they have received an e-mail from the ROAR Technical Director which states that the SCX-60 Conversion kit is now legal for all classes of ROAR competition. This includes the stock and sportsman classes and includes the upcoming National Championship in Joliet, Ill.

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July 15, 2010

X Factory SCX-60 Conversion kits

X Factory have announced that they will soon release the SCX-60 Conversion Kits. Two Kits will convert either the AE T4 or the SC10 to a mid-motor SCX-60. The new S.C. is based on the successful X Factory X-60 mid motor truck. These Kits will be limited production items because the chassis’ will be hand made one-at-a-time by Speedy Dad in Phoenix, Arizona.  X Factory ships two X-60 chassis’ to Speedy Dad; he cuts each into two parts using a special jig. One has a long front end and the other a long rear end. Dad then mixes special graphite glue and glues the two long parts together to make an SCX-60 chassis.  Another jig is used to insure the result is straight and true. After the chassis’ are together and dry, Dad uses his CNC mill to accurately cut three pieces of carbon fiber which are glued into the floor of the chassis and two more small pieces which go on the side rail. The Kits also come with a CNC machined rear bumper mount from the X Factory mill. The T4 Conversion Kit will contain a J Concepts “Truth” short course body and the SC bumpers and nerf bars, so it will be priced more than the SC10 Conversion Kit. The SC10 Kit will contain no body because the customer can re-use his existing SC10 body and the customer already has the bumpers and nerf bars.

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May 15, 2010

X-Factory SCX-60 short course truck

X-Factory are showing off images of the new hand made SCX-60 short course truck which team driver Brian Kinwald has been busy developing. They are made one at a time by Speedy Dad in Phoenix, who is X-Factory Teamer Alex Krieg’s father. He cuts 2 X-60 chassis’ apart and glues them back together to make one longer scx – 60 short course chassis, adding CF reinforcements. The chassis’ come out just as stiff as the originals and no Speedy Dad chassis has broken so far where it was put together. X-Factory got the idea to make these because Speedy Dad had put together numerous chassies for Team testing on various projects, so this was easy for him, the technique was already perfected. Of course Alex had the first one, and he set fastest lap at the 2009 ROAR Nationals with it. They are expensive, the customer must either start with an X-60 donor truck or buy both the chassis and an X-60 Conversion Kit to convert either a T4 or an SC10. Available only from X Factory by e-mail (

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