February 24, 2021

T-Works MTC2 wheel hub axle set

T-Works have produced this wheel hub axle set for the Mugen MTC2. Mounted over the kit standard wheel axle, the bearings used in the wheel hub have a larger internal diameter to accept the hub axles. The system improves traction and rotational efficiency by transferring the loads from the wheel directly to the bearings. The set includes a pair of hub axles, as well as 6x10x3mm bearings, spacers, shims and pins.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

February 23, 2021

Factory Team charger & radio bags

Team Associated have released a new charger and radio bag under the Factory Team brand. The charger bag includes enough room for most chargers with ample space for charge leads and power cords. Useful pockets and enclosures hold a variety of items including tools and small parts and a moveable divider allows for a variety of internal configurations. This bag is also suitable for small-scale vehicles and other RC gear. The radio bag is roomy enough for your radio and radio accessories such as batteries and chargers. It includes a moveable divider to customise the bag for a tight fit for a variety of radios and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap is also included. The cases are zippered, have a sturdy carrying handle, made from black sturdy fabric, with a red Factory Team logo on the opening flaps.

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February 23, 2021

MXLR SideBite R-1 rubber tire additive & body decals

MXLR have introduced their new SideBite R-1 rubber tire additive. The tires are the only connection between your car and the racetrack with condition and preparation of the surface the difference between victory or defeat. With this additive your tire game will always be on point. Odourless and non-toxic to comply with worldwide racing associations rules, it is ideal for all track conditions and surfaces. Comes in a handy plastic bottle with integrated sponge applicator and sealing cap and is developed, produced and filled in Germany. Also from MXLR are two decal sets , the first of which is the Ace headlight sticker set for 1/10 bodyshells that comes with three different grills as well as head- and tail-light pairs on the sheet. Finally the MXLR decal sheet is more than just the typical brand logo sheet, they have included their popular ‘Send it!’ logo sticker as well as the cool locking ‘murica’ style license plates. Every sticker sheet is pre-cut and covered by high quality shiny laminate to protect the print from UV-light and chemical cleaners.

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February 23, 2021

Destiny RX-10SR 2.0 single bell-crank steering set

Team Destiny offer this new optional single bell-crank steering set for the RX-10SR 2.0. This new clamp design single aluminium bell-crank is integrated with the floating steering servo bracket for a very clean install. The bell-crank itself features two large 5x9x3mm bearings for strength and durability while the setup offers 4 different Ackermann settings thanks to the two included inserts.

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February 23, 2021

SMJ ultra bearing lubricant

From Speedmaster Japan is their all new ultra bearing lubricant. This ultra low viscosity bearing oil uses SMJ’s unique formula which helps reduce the rotational resistance of the bearing. Supplied in a handy bottle with metal tip for precise application.

Source: SMJ [smj-rc.com]

February 23, 2021

Yokomo BD10 low friction drive belts

From Yokomo for the BD10 comes this pair of low friction drive belts. Made of a softer material than the kit’s standard black belts, it can improve drive efficiency. Most effective for the stock category with high motor turns it helps reduce the feeling of stall while improving the top speed. The same part front and rear, the set comes with two pieces included.

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February 22, 2021

Reedy Zappers SG4 HV-LiPo 2S batteries

New for 2021, Reedy introduce their new Zappers SG4 HV-LiPo 2S batteries. Zappers SG4 batteries incorporate state-of-the-art LiPo chemistry with advancements in construction that result in incremental improvements in power output and internal resistance with huge gains in durability. Featuring a 3.8V/cell nominal voltage, meaning that the battery can be safely charged to 4.35V/cell. It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power, so there is no easier way to increase power and top speed than a higher charge voltage. Even when the typical 8.40V (4.2V/cell) charging limit is enforced, Zappers SG4 shine thanks to their inherently flat discharge curve, which results in higher voltage deeper into the race. Available in several configurations, including all-new 2S Slim Stick and 4S Shorty models, for a variety of on-road and off-road applications. A high quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while embedded socket connectors keep power-robbing resistance to a minimum. Male ESC connectors are included.

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February 22, 2021

Deadfly MTC2 brass & carbon options

From Deadfly come a number of new parts for the Mugen MTC2, starting with this 17g weight plate designed to fit perfectly behind the servo. Providing the perfect platform for you to mount your receiver while increasing the weight on the motor side of the chassis, it helps keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. Next up is a simple front bulkhead brace which has been machined from 2mm carbon fibre and comes supplied with the relevant hardware.

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