June 8, 2021

Revolution Design B6.3/6.2 -5mm LCG wing mount set

Racers have always looked to lower their car’s centre of gravity, adjust the aero package to each track and play safe when it comes to durability. Lowering the rear wing has been a popular option on many buggies, but in some cases required cutting down the kit parts and risking failure after inevitable crashes and tumbles in today’s competitive environment. RDRP’s LCG wing mount set enables racers to lower the rear wing of Team Associated’s B6 series of buggies by 5mm while ensuring their peace of mind. Machined from high quality polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic, the wing mounts offer better performance, durability and looks than grainy 3D printed parts. The set includes a lightweight carbon fibre brace that links the individual mounts to increase the lifetime of your exposed rear wing and tests have confirmed the huge potential of the LCG wing mount set.

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June 8, 2021

Infinity IF14-2 ultra low friction lower arm shaft set

From Creation Model for the Infinity IF14-2 is this ultra low friction lower arm shaft set. The high precision and high strength stainless steel lower arm shafts are plated with a special lubricant to reduce resistance and provide ultra smooth suspension movement. Available as a complete set or as pairs for the different locations on the car.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

June 8, 2021

King of Clubs Series Rd2 – Report

The second round of this year’s King of Clubs series once again brought juniors, club and factory racers together, this time at the Eastbourne Electric Car Club. The season opener of King of Clubs was run in heavy rain but that did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the drivers who are really getting behind this regional series based in the south of the UK. This time their support was rewarded with glorious sunshine. One of the incentives of KOC is to encourage young races to compete and the Tamiya Junior E class has some budding stars of the future on show, the other main difference to other championships is King of Clubs is an inter club series and now on home soil Eastbourne club were looking increase their lead after taking round one at Aldershot.

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June 8, 2021

JConcepts 1968 Pontiac Firebird Pro shell

JConcepts begins to stretch its legs in the Drag Racing scene with the introduction of the new Pontiac Firebird. The new 1968 styled body dubbed, ‘The Machine’ has been an immediate hit on and off the race track and prototyped and driven by JConcepts drivers across the United States. The Firebird has a long silhouette allowing an even displacement of downforce over the front and rear end helping the body gain grip where needed. When a driver makes initial throttle response, the over-hang in the rear and built-in rear side-dams help the vehicle gain forward traction and launch stability. Getting up to speed with ‘The Machine’ is possible with the low-slung roof-line which handles the at-speed handling. The large lay-down front windshield cuts through the wind like a fighter jet while the recessed side-windows provide just enough visibility for a Pro Mod.

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June 7, 2021

Reds Racing 521 Sport off-road engine

Reds Racing have released the all-new 521 Sport off-road engine. This new engine belongs to Reds S Line together with 721 Scuderia, Superveloce and Corsa, a new range of engines produced with different materials, from different suppliers and with new technologies. All assembled in-house and 100% made in Italy. The new engine features great reliability, tuning stability and fuel mileage and combined with specific technical changes in the porting and new materials, this 5 port engine features good power and fuel efficiency. Supplied with the same aluminium carburettor as 721 engines to guarantee reliability and tuning stability and features a new and unique high stiffness crankcase design. The engine is produced with pressure die casting, a very high quality process, while previous generation R line crankcases were produced with gravity casting.

Source: Reds Racing [redsracing.it]

June 7, 2021

Schumacher Cougar LD2 2wd buggy

New from Schumacher, the Cougar LD2 is the ultimate buggy for 2WD off road racing. It is fast, light, and now features an even lower centre of gravity for improved cornering speed. It is a very versatile platform, with outstanding performance on a wide range of grip levels, from carpet to astro to dirt. The LD2 has been designed to be easy to drive and user friendly for the most enjoyable racing experience. It is backed by Schumacher’s world class international racing team who will put the LD2 at the top of the podium all over the world. Available in two configurations, standard and stock spec.

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June 7, 2021

Assault RC Revolver gluing jig

From Assault RC, the Revolver gluing jig spins on a ball bearing turn table to eliminate the stress of the pulling the tire bead back evenly. By simply putting the top piece on the and twisting it a 1/4 turn you evenly open the bead up in a matter of seconds with equal amounts of pressure all the way around therefore when releasing the top after applying the glue you eliminate most of if not all of the risk of the tire lifting and warping giving uneven side walls. After twisting the top off you pull the tire out, put a band or tape around the bead for pressure and let it sit.

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June 4, 2021

Xray release XT8’22E 1/8th truggy

Xray have released full details on their new XT8E’22 1/8th electric truggy platform. Sharing most of its updates with the recently announced XT8’22, it features a new chassis plate with wider rear section for increased stability as well as mounting provisions for a graphite brace for additional flex adjustment and chassis weight mounting locations for easier balancing. New front and rear arms sport a stronger, reinforced design that minimises flex in high temperatures for better handling and steering. Stronger and longer conical servo saver spring has an improved adjustment range while an all-new servo saver with chassis locked posts for more secure installation. A new lower front shock tower has improved geometry for increased corner speed and stability while shorter shock absorbers work together with the new tower geometry for improved handling. A new E concept allows for two different layout alternatives the first with rear motor position with a single battery position on the left, or front motor position using saddle pack batteries in the rear. The kit includes two graphite servo holders, one for each motor/battery configuration and a 2-piece battery holder for saddle pack layout improves balance and lowers vehicle CG. The standard battery holder is moulded from new harder material for reduced flex, while there is a compact electronics mount for speedo and receiver when using the saddle pack battery configuration.

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