May 26, 2023

JConcepts 1.9″ and 1.7″ Bar Codes, Step Spike & Taper Spike

JConcepts has added three specialty tyres for 1:10 Offroad with the release of the 1.7″ & 1.9″  Bar Codes, Step Spike & Taper Spike competition tyres.  The Code of Silence has been broken at JConcepts, and the Bar Codes are out. Like the name suggests, the alternating bar design combined with the addition of the Y side bars provide uncompromised support for blue and black groove conditions.  Bar Codes are a specialty tyre that when matched to the appropriate track can provide amazing results.  Each year, JConcepts performs several passion projects which allows vintage enthusiasts to take advantage of the latest technology.  The 1.7” bead mounting diameter of original off-road wheels centre this design.  The smaller wheel allows the use of a smaller tire appearing scale appropriate for earlier generation vehicles such as the RC10.  An entire group of vintage racers rely on a small selection of tires, but now can step up their grip game with versatile tyres from JConcepts.  With available compounds such as green for outdoor and slick track conditions, to the gold compound for indoor or clay track conditions, the Bar Codes are passionately involved. The bar design of the tire produces friendly forward traction while the Y bars on the outside help tame corners on blue groove and dry condition track surfaces.

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May 25, 2023

MonacoRC Pro Level Set-up Board system

MonacoRC has released their new “Pro Level SetUp Board” system, designed to maximise your model’s setup process.  Almost everyone uses a setup board to adjust their model, but how many do it correctly?  What’s the point of having a reference surface if it’s not used properly?  Working on a flat and level surface is crucial for correct geometry setup.  While working at home, you can be reasonably sure of working on relatively straight surfaces, but often this is not the case on the track.  The “Pro Level SetUP Board” is an aluminium appendage that can be attached to your own SetUp Board. Thanks to adjustable feet, it allows you to level the same Set-up board even when it’s on highly inclined surfaces. 

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May 25, 2023

Schumacher FT8 1:10 Competition FWD Touring Car

Schumacher Racing has released details of its new FT8 front wheel drive 1:10 competition touring car.  The FT8 has been developed by British manufacturer’s world class engineering team to make a fast and great handling front wheel drive touring car.  With a low centre of gravity, light weight, and fine attention to detail, the FT8 is a pleasure to build, maintain, and to drive.  The FT8 contains all the features and adjustments you need from a high end front wheel drive to take you to the top of the podium.  The car in prototype form has achieved some excellent results including BRCA FWD National Win, 2nd’s and 3rd’s in the hands of Andy Murray, Aaron Rose and Jamie Hickin and the Essex Winter Series overall championship win thanks to Shane Chipolina.

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May 25, 2023

Shepherd finds new ‘World Champion’ owner

Some great news coming from Germany is that onroad nitro manufacturer Shepherd has found a buyer that will see the brand continue into the future.  Having recently announced it would cease operations in June, the brand that found its start from the chassis project of iconic Italian engine manufacturer Picco, is set to be taken over by a former World Champion with Shepherd announcing on social media, ‘We are thrilled to announce that a successor has been found for the iconic brands Shepherd Micro Racing and Brilliant RC. Brace yourselves for a revelation like no other!  Imagine a former IFMAR World Champion, boasting an impressive track record of over 20 years in the RC-Car industry. The anticipation is building as we speak, with the final details of this monumental arrangement being ironed out behind closed doors. In just a matter of days, the veil of secrecy will be lifted, revealing the visionary who will lead these brands into a glorious future.  Stay tuned, dear friends, for the emergence of a new chapter shrouded in mystery and allure. We cannot wait to share this thrilling news with you all very soon. Keep your eyes peeled, for greatness awaits!’   Definitely exciting developments for the nitro onroad scene and we look forward to the announcement of the new owner in this 1:8 Onroad World Championship year, this the 23rd running of the Worlds for IFMAR oldest category.  We suspect the new owner might have no issues sourcing engines!!

Source: Shepherd Micro Racing [Facebook]

May 25, 2023

Xray XB4 Alu Wide Suspension Holders

Xray has released new Aluminium Lower Suspension Holders for the Front and Rear of the rear suspension of its XB4 1:10 4WD Buggy.  Redesigned along with the HS bulkheads they provide an expanded range of set-up adjustments. The wider suspension holders increase the stability of the car.  Suitable for all track conditions. Must be used together as a set of WIDE Rear-Front (RF) and WIDE Rear-Rear (RR).  The rear suspension holders allow installation in upright or inverted orientations, resulting in additional roll centre locations for the inner hinge pins.  The downward orientation of the suspension holder is used primarily for Dirt tracks. The upward orientation is used primarily for Carpet tracks.  Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium and black coated, the suspension holders allow use of both the long or standard suspension arm configurations.

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May 25, 2023

Flavio Elais claims 5th South American 1:8 Onroad title

Team Shepherd driver Flavio Elias has claimed his 5th South American 1:8 Onroad Championship title at Club de Aeromodelos de Chile.  The leading Brazilian onroad nitro driver showcased his exceptional skills, securing an astonishing fifth title in this prestigious competition.  Elias demonstrated his dominance right from the start, winning all four qualification rounds and claiming the pole position for the final race. With high expectations surrounding him, he was poised to deliver yet another remarkable performance.  As the final race commenced, Elias wasted no time at the start and quickly pulled away from the rest of the field.  With each passing lap, he extended his lead, impressing the audience with his rapid and precise manoeuvers with his Velox V8.2.  After 45 minutes of intense racing, he crossed the finish line as the commanding leader over the Infinity of Matias Otaegui.  The other Shepherd drivers also left their mark on the competition.  Alexandro Giardino delivered a solid race, securing a excellent fourth-place finish. Displaying his talent and technical understanding of the model car, he showcased the strength of the Shepherd team.  Alvaro Jara achieved an impressive fifth-place finish, while Pablo Riveros, Reinaldo Gil and Pablo Baudino secured a respectable 8th – 10th place position, contributing to the overall success of the Shepherd team.

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May 25, 2023

Mattia Collavo joins Serpent Factory team

Following on from the significant announcement that Oliver Mack has joined the brand, Serpent has added experienced 1:8 Onroad specialist Mattia Collavo to their factory line-up.   Making the move from Mugen to Serpent, Collavo will campaign the company’s latest 990 1:8 Onroad chassis with Ielasi Tuned engines for power.  Commenting on news, the personable Italian said, ‘I am very happy to join the serpent team, i see it as the beginning of a nice and long cooperation, i will do my best at national and international race, thank Serpent and Star RC for the opportunity.’

Source: Serpent []

May 25, 2023

Senesi Motorsport 1:8 GT Rear & Side anti-tuck stiffners

Italian based Senesi Motorsport, owned by top Italian 1:8 GT racer Natanaele Sensei, has released two new products specially designed for 1:8 GT bodies.  The GT8 Rear and Side Ant-Tuck are 3D printed stiffeners joined with a thin carbon rod that allows you to stiffen the side and the rear of all 1:8 GT bodies.  In fact, when using 0.7mm bodies the car is way more nimble and agile but at the same time the body is very flimsy.  For this reason Sensei Motorsport decoded to offer these packs of stiffness so that you can still have all the benefits of a light body but with the rigidity of a thicker one.

Source: Senesi Motorport []