December 2, 2021

JConcepts Regulator brass option parts

JConcepts have introduced a bunch of new brass options for their Regulator MT chassis conversion. First up is a stackable chassis weight, the machined brass unit can be easily added to the bottom of the chassis to increase weight to one of the lowest locations on the vehicle. The design allows the ability to stack additional weights if necessary to the same footprint with (not included) hardware. Weight added to the chassis area on a retro monster truck can improve suspension performance by increasing the sprung weight. This allows for better jump handling and landing and the ability to plant the tires into the racing surface via front to rear weight transfer.

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December 1, 2021

BRCA British GP 2021 – Report

The BRCA 1/12th section British Grand Prix was held recently in Eastbourne. The event was a celebration of return to racing following the disruption caused by the COVID pandemic. The Grand Prix was a different format to typical national meetings and had two classes, LMP12 and GT12 racing at the same event over two days. Saturday would see controlled practise and four rounds of qualifying before a further two rounds of qualifying and three finals for all drivers on the Sunday. An entry of 44 LMP12 drivers and 25 GT12 drivers gave a great atmosphere and competitive racing throughout the field. The Eastbourne club laid out a large track using the carpet which had been previously run at the 2020 World Championships. A large technical track provided a challenge for the drivers and the extra space allowed for great racing.

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December 1, 2021

Donathen RC charge leads with QS8 connector

Donathen RC now have a line of charge leads featuring the QS8 connector. The QS8 connector is the choice for many drag race champions and features Anti-Spark technology, and can handle extremely high amp draw and voltage requirements. The connector can handle 110 amp continuous and 300 amp peak, features 8mm gold plated connector for extremely low resistance and has a stealthy black colour with red lettering.

Source: Donathen RC []

December 1, 2021

T-Works X4 & MTC2 tungsten balance weight

Coming from T-Works and made for the Xray X4 and for the Mugen MTC2 is a 11g and 10g tungsten balance weight respectively. The use of the heavy material allows for a low profile design while still adding a good amount of weight compared to brass weights with the adhesive backside ensuring easy mounting of the weight in the under-motor pocket of the chassis. The weight comes laser-engraved for easy identification and is usable with both aluminium and carbon fibre chassis.

Source: T-Works []

November 30, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 brass 6mm pivot balls

From OfficinaRC for the Xray X4, these brass 6mm pivot balls are made in Italy with the best machinery and by expert craftsmen with many years of experience. The brass used, thanks to its characteristics, guarantees maximum sliding by minimising the friction of the pivot ball in the arm. The weight is very similar to that of the original versions.

Source: OfficinaRC []

November 30, 2021

Alexander Landén dominates Rd3 & overall Swedish Cup

Last weekend it was time for the final round of the Swedish National Cup in tenth scale buggy. This year three rounds were run to crown the Champion and the third and final round was organised by Karlskrona MRK and was held at the great DR Racing arena in the small town of Kallinge. In 2wd qualifying it was straight away obvious that Alexander Landén (AE/Hobbywing) had the pace, in the first round he was the only one posting a 17 lap run. Behind Alexander his team-mate Nils Gustafsson (AE/Reedy) was battling it out with Hampus Berg (HB/Performa). In the end Alexander managed to TQ all four rounds of qualifying and Hampus edged out Nils to reach the runner up spot for the triple mains.

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November 29, 2021

JConcepts tire inner sidewall support adaptors

The team at JConcepts have developed a new option for tire sidewall support. During high traction or loaded conditions, tire sidewall deflection causes oversteer and inconsistency with driving performance. By adding the inner sidewall support adaptor and gluing it into place, the sidewall effectively becomes much harder and allows a driver to enter smoother arcs and radius turns on the race track. Already used in competition, the sidewall support pieces have shown to work on glued, sealed, or naturally grippy surfaces where traction rolling or oversteer is an issue. In addition, when conditions are rough, bumpy or dusty, the additional support drives smoother and with more consistency. Available for 1/10th buggy (above) and 1/8th buggy tires, they come in a pack of 4 pieces.

View the 1/8th version here