September 10, 2021

Yokomo YD-2Z teams slide rack set

New from Yokomo is this teams slide rack set that fits the YD-2Z. Since the aluminium slide rack rail has been lightened by changing its shape and milling, it is effective in reducing front traction weight and improving steering response and performance. It can be attached to the conventional YD-2 series, but a bulkhead and upper deck compatible with slide racks is required.

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September 10, 2021

NathoBuilds new range of grease & lube

NathoBuilds have announced its new range of Grease and Lube.. The range includes black grease, copper grease, diff lube and o-ring grease and all work in different areas of your car. The black grease offers great performance for your drivetrain and can be used on CVA’s, metal gears, diff outdrives, metal to metal contact. Long lasting, it can withstand high temperatures giving you a buttery smooth drivetrain. The copper grease keeps metal gears in top condition, preventing wear while making sure you have a buttery smooth drive line. It can be used on bevel gears and metal to metal contact. The diff lube as its name suggests give you a buttery smooth and long lasting ball diff for maximum performance. Finally is the o-ring grease which is great for use on your shocks and diffs giving smooth shock action without swelling your o-rings or x-rings. All greases are supplied in 20 gram aluminium tin.

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September 10, 2021

Rêve D Nissan 180SX Wisteria body decal set

Rêve D have released this set of D1 grand prix decals for the DB-180SXW. This is an officially authorised product by D1, who organise the D1 Grand Prix in Japan. Applying the decal sheets to the Réve D Nissan 180SX Wisteria clear body shell, the customer can instantly get a realistic model of the D1 vehicle used by the very popular Hideyuki Fujino.

View the decal sheets here

September 10, 2021

Power HD TR-5 mini servo

Power HD launches brand new all-metal mini high voltage servo called the TR-5. The waterproof TR-5 mini servo is perfectly compatible with Traxxas 1/16 series cars and other small-scale model cars and boats which require waterproof functions. With a 18cm wire coming out from the base of the servo, the output spline is a standard 25T which is compatible with the original Traxxas servo horn. Compatible with 4.8V-8.4V, at 7.4V input the servo pulls up to 8kg-cm of torque at a speed of 0.07s.

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September 9, 2021

Wallie Builds X6 charger stand & tool rack

Wallie Builds Factory Racing Products has released his X6 charger stand and tool rack. It cleans up the pit area by taking up a small foot print on your pit mat. Charger, power supply and main tools are readily available and organised for quick and easy use. It features a keyed in mount for the X6 charger and rack for the RL power supply which utilises the weight of the power supply to keep it from moving. The tool rack has space for MIP tools, 3 large handle, 3 small handle, 1 turnbuckle wrench, 3 speed tips and a 2nd turnbuckle wrench or the JC Xacto knife.

View the fully loaded tool rack here

September 9, 2021

Yokomo YD-2AC brushless special

Yokomo announce a further upgrade of the pre-assembled RWD drift car YD-2AC, which is ideal for beginners. They will now deliver a special package equipped with the digital brushless steering servo SP-02DV2, which is highly evaluated by advanced users. The SP-02DV2 is a drift-only model equipped with a ‘hunting suppression function’ that reduces malfunctions of the gyro, which often becomes an obstacle during drift driving. And the brushless system is combined with the BL-SP4 speed controller with various programming functions and the latest ZERO-S 13.5T drift motor. Since the chassis is a super standard model YD-2E of RWD drift, you can enjoy sufficient performance with the same specifications and customise with various optional parts.

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September 9, 2021

Redcat Volcano EPX Pro 1:10 scale RTR Monster Truck

With this newest update, Redcat has given the Volcano EPX Pro a complete cosmetic makeover which includes a new body and wheels. Redcat has given the Volcano EPX Pro an aggressive looking monster truck body, available in blue or copper, that includes hard plastic roof rails and spoiler. These hard plastic components add rigidity and stand off points to help protect the body during rollovers, tumbles and crashes. The new 10-spoke wheels are durable and the white Redcat logos add to their aggressive styling. The Volcano EPX Pro is ready to run and includes a 3300KV RC540 brushless electric motor, waterproof 60A electronic speed controller (ESC), powerful 6Kg waterproof steering servo, and Redcat’s proven 2.4GHz radio system. The updated Volcano EPX Pro requires a 7.4V (2S) LiPo battery pack and a LiPo safe battery charger.

View more images of the EPX Pro here

September 9, 2021

T-Works MTC1 &T4’21 ECS driveshafts

T-Works have released new ECS driveshafts for the Mugen MTC1 and the Xray T4’21. Made from high-quality spring steel for maximum durability, the dual coupling shafts reduce the chattering of the front suspension in corners and are a direct replacement for the stock parts. The Mugen versions sport a 40.5mm shaft length while the Xray versions are 41mm and come supplied with bearings.

View the Xray versions here