February 1, 2023

Tamiya TT-02 Type-SRX

It is a chassis that has been the starting point for many a newcomer to the world of RC racing and today Tamiya unveiled the latest edition designation of its TT-02 1:10 Touring Car, the Type SRX.  This variant of the 4WD plastic chassis is an upgraded version of the TT-02 Type-S Series with enhanced durability and performance for racing.  This chassis kit uses Items 22049 and 22047 with updated parts.  Also, parts included in this chassis kit were chosen for users who want to learn setup before levelling up to mid-level Tamiya chassis kits.  It is also a more cost-effective than buying each part separately.

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February 1, 2023

Tamiya BBX 2WD Buggy

Maybe not offering the same level of excitement as the past when all the RC brands revealed their new cars, the Nuremburg Toy Fair opened today with Tamiya providing the most interesting new releases so far. First up is the all new BBX. Tamiya’s designers have taken inspiration from its back catalog of iconic 2WD off-road buggies to bring fans of radio control the new buggy. The 1:10 2WD off-road buggy model features a combination of classic design and modern performance. Its brand-new chassis, reminiscent of 1980’s sand rail dune buggies, is a hybrid monocoque-roll cage and employs rear trailing arm suspension inspired by full-size UTV’s. The new body is designed by famed Japanese artist Atsushi Arino and utilises a classic 1980’s inspired livery with retro wheels and tires to match.

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February 1, 2023

Nitro Warrior EP2 2023 – Report

Nitro Warrior EP2 2023 was held at ORT Oasis Racing Track in the Chanthaburi Province of Thailand over the weekend with 3 classes with 1:8 GP Racing, 1:10 GP Touring and 1:8 GT making up the race programme. The race started on Saturday with 4 rounds of qualifying with extreme cool and windy weather affecting both car set-up and driving provide a great experience for many racers.  Sunday’s action with one final round of qualifying after which the Top Qualifiers were confirmed as Nay Eon Lee from Republic of Korea from Team KARS in 1:8 GT,
Thailand’s Meen Vejrak from Team Maxima in 1:8 GP Racing and Anusorn Sirironaharong  from Thailand from Team SPF Racing in 1:10 GP Touring.

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February 1, 2023

Teghesi joins RC-Project

Italian RC tuning parts company RC-Project has announced Fabrizio Teghesi has joined its team.  The Italian offroad racer who made the switch from a very long sting with Kyosho to HB Racing for 2023 will not only use RC-Project products in his 1:8 buggy programme but will be actively involved in developing future products from the Turin based company for the HB Racing platforms .  Commenting on the announcement the former Italian National Champion said, ‘”It’s been more than 10 years since I had a sponsor for Optional parts! But now the wait is over, I’m delighted to be part of a great team like RC-Project! I am very proud to bring their products to the track!  I think they are one of the references on the market!”

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

February 1, 2023

Donathen RC replacement radio wheels

Donathen RC has introduced a new range of replacement radio wheels.  In true DRC fashion these are customised and made to order.  They available in 10 colours (White, Purple Red, Blue, Grey, Orange, Black, Green, Yellow and Pink), 10 designs, and in 3 diameters (stock diameter, a medium size, and a large size). These are also more durable than the stock plastic radio wheel.  They are a direct replacement for your stock radio wheel, and utilise the stock radio foam from your current wheel.  Currently only available for the Sanwa m17, Mt44, and m12. Futaba, Ko, and Spektrum wheels will be available at a later date.

Source: Donathen RC [drcproshop.com]

January 31, 2023

Genius GTC8.23 Nitro 1:8 GT Chassis

Best known for its 1:5 racing chassis, Italian company Genius Racing has released CAD images of its upcoming 1:8 GT Competition chassis the GTC8.23 Nitro.  The new kit is the evolution of its predecessor the Genius GTC8 and features a host of redesigned elements.  The new central transmission improves the balance of weights, giving better distribution with respect to the geometric centre of the car. This improvement makes the car more stable in corners.  A new rear hub with a pivot ball system makes it easier to adjust toe and consequently track width. This important evolution allows to continuously adjust the toe without changing the pitch of the car. They have also added a new Ackermann position which helps in low grip situations.  New large central brake with hexagonal drag improves the self-centring of the brake disc providing more effective and constant braking compared to the previous version.  The completely redesigned radio plate allows easier installation and better ergonomics.   Its new lowered configuration is designed to simplify all brake, accelerator and steering anchorages. The new large receiver box is positioned in the centre of the servos to optimise the passage of cables and connections.

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January 31, 2023

Factory Team B74.2 Stiff 2.5mm Chassis Brace Set

Another new item from for the RC10B74.2 1:10 4WD buggy from Factory Team is this Carbon Fibre Stiff Chassis Brace Support set.  It includes both a front and rear brace support machined from 2.5mm thick carbon fibre.  This set will decrease chassis flex for high grip situations where that is desired.  These have been updated from the previous version to allow clearance for the rear gearbox on the RC10B74.2.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]