September 19, 2020

Pro-Line Hexon, Big Daddy tires & Alu. crawler wheels

Pro-Line have also presented some new tires and wheels starting with the release of these Hexon Buggy Rear Carpet Tires. The Hexon features a hexagon pattern of uniquely shaped pins that provide longer-lasting tread and more consistent performance than previous generation carpet tires. Just like the Prism 2.0, the Hexon features a low profile tire carcass shape that lowers your car’s centre of gravity for improved corner speed with the pins positioned with the flat edge pointed front to back for maximum forward grip and are narrow when viewed from the side to reduce traction rolling. This new tire also features a directional side tread so you can tune the performance of your tires to the current track conditions. You can choose to mount the standard pins on the outside for a more aggressive grip, or you can mount the vertical side pins to the outside for a more forgiving grip.

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September 19, 2020

Pro-Line F-150 Raptor for Rustler & Axis SC bodies

More new bodies from Pro-Line with the introduction of the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor for the Traxxas Rustler and the Axis SC body. The F-150 truck body is a detailed and functional replica which includes all the rugged Raptor style and attitude that you want and expect while being a direct fit onto the stock cage and body mounting system. This body completely transforms your Rustler 4×4 and allows you to add a custom paint job to your truck. The body comes pre-cut from the Pro-Line factory, so you just need to add paint along with the stock internal cage/body mounting system.

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September 19, 2020

Pro-Line Axis body shells for MBX8, 8ight-X & RC8B3.2

As teased earlier in the week, Pro-Line have today released full details on the new Axis bodies for Mugen MBX8, TLR 8ight-X and Associated RC8B3.2. Designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Axis features a super low-slung design with sharp lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track. The Axis is a cab-forward design that provides enhanced steering response while the small side fins balance out the rear of the car with ideal side-bite. The rear of the Axis body has the right amount of clearance for the nitro engine and fits the chassis and bulkhead shape of your race buggy perfectly. To run the Axis body on the EP version of the Mugen or Associated, the battery must be no taller than 39mm due to the low-slung nature of the Axis side pods.

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September 18, 2020

Infinity small-parts box & case sets

New from Creation Model, comes their Infinity small parts cases and case sets. Coming in three different sets, there is the large hard outer case that comes with the 8 of the smaller boxes, each with 8 compartments, and a set of label stickers for easy identification of stored parts. The second version is similar but only comes with 4 of the small-parts boxes, leaving room in the large box for outer larger parts or tools. Finally you can get a set of 8 small-parts boxes, without the larger outer case but with the labels, perfect for storing small parts such as screws, washers and bearings.

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September 18, 2020

MiBorg Sakura D5S rear RCV driveshafts

Coming from MiBorg and made for the 3Racing Sakura D5S drift chassis are these new rear RCV driveshafts. Utilising the design of full-scale cars the driveshafts use steel balls instead of cross pins to drive the wheel axle, which results in less vibration even at high steering angles. This leads to a more predictable handling, higher corner speeds and less tyre wear. In addition the wheel axles allow the use of standard thickness bearings while lighter, pin-less wheel hex adapters reduce overall weight.

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September 18, 2020

2020 GenevaModelCars Series Rd4 – Report

The fourth round of the GenevaModelCars Series 2020 was held recently at the GEMC track in Meyrin, Geneva. With 47 drivers attending in three classes, Touring 13.5T boosted, FWD 17.5 zero timing and Formula 21.5T zero timing all run under perfect weather conditions. The layout chosen for the this round was challenging, as it was both technical and fast at the same time. In the Touring 13.5T boosted class, that is run on Hudy A1-36 spec tyres and without traction compound, Xavier Deparde (Xray) secured the pole position followed by Bastien De Marco (Awesomatix) and Alexis Banderier (Awesomatix). After three entertaining A-mains, Xavier took the overall win, in front of Bastien and Sébastien Leuenberger (Xray).

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September 18, 2020

T-Works TC-01 spur gear adaptor & suspension balls

T-Works continue to release new parts for the Tamiya TC-01 with the new parts focussed on shedding weight where possible. First up is the spur gear adaptor, which has been made from hard coated 7075 T6 aluminium, the new material along with the minimal design, help to bring the weight down from 7.1g to 2.1g. Next up is the new suspension balls, again from the same material, the weight saving is 4 grams (8 pieces) over the standard parts. Finally the 24 piece ball end set, again made from hard coated high quality aluminium, helps in reducing the weight from 27.5g to just 7.3g, which when you combine it with the other two new items gives you a total weight saving of nearly 30grams.

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September 18, 2020

2020 Kinwald Klassic – Cancelled

Hobby Action RC Raceway in Chandler Arizona got in touch to let us know the disappointing news that the 2020 BKlassic has had to be cancelled. You can read the announcement here:

Hello everyone, 2020 has been a crazy time in the world and the RC industry has had to make adjustments on the fly. As you all know the Covid-19 virus has caused us to make some difficult decisions this year and we are at that point again. As of September 17, 2020, the State of Arizona is classified in the “Moderate” zone for the potential community spread, under this level the Arizona Department of Health Services restricts gatherings on indoor assembly. With the current recommended limitation on public gatherings, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Kinwald Klassic scheduled for October 17-18, 2020. It is an honor to for Hobby Action RC Raceway to host this event and we will again honor Brian in 2021. Thank you to all those that support us and our hobby. LT