May 24, 2022

Dash SS602 V3 low profile brushless servo

New from Dash RC is this SS602 V3 HV A10 super speed low profile brushless servo. The PCB control board has been upgraded to 32-bit MCU on the SS602 servo and features an improved 303 steel teeth to prolong the lifespan. The high quality full-alloy metal case has masses of torque and is also very quick and precise in its resolution. The control inputs are now SSR/SUR/SXR mode compatible on the Sanwa, Digital/SR mode compatible on the Futaba, and SR/FSR compatible on the Flysky Noble controllers. It is a must for 1/10 on-road cars.

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May 24, 2022

Element RC Enduro Ecto Trail RTR truck

Aimed at the serious RC rock crawler enthusiast, the new Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR from Element RC is packed full of performance features that continue to impress. The Gatekeeper Suspension package (GKS). The GKS package consists of rear trailing arms that move the shocks forward, allowing a larger window for shock tuning and providing improved weight bias. The trailing arms are paired with a rear anti-roll bar for a more stable and consistent suspension when crawling on the rocks. An adjustable aluminium track bar mount firmly bolted to the chassis rail gives the Enduro Ecto more reliable and responsive steering without the flex. Our shock mount inserts with multiple mounting positions allow for precise suspension tuning, whether they’re moving the shocks up, down, forward, or back. The Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR isn’t just all about performance, it’s got looks, too. With inspired styling from competition off-road vehicles, the Enduro Ecto looks awesome tackling the terrain. The green Ecto Trail Truck body comes equipped with injection moulded mirrors, hinges, door handles, fuel cell, and roll bar with number plates. Also included is a detailed decal sheet with lots of extras to make the Ecto Trail Truck your own.

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May 24, 2022

Motiv RC Launch NP graphene 7000mAh LiPo

New from Motiv RC is this Launch NP grey graphene hard case 7000mAh LiPo, made specifically for drag racing. The 8 internal cells that make this battery 4p are HV cells at 7.6V, this means the battery is both powerful and more stable than the normal 7.4V cells when charged to 8.4V for competition. Featuring a hard case design that keeps the cells safer during usage while the 8mm bullet plugs eliminate solder joints, clutter and weight from the connector.

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May 23, 2022

R1 Wurks DC1 drag car

This is R1 Wurks’ flagship product, the DC1 drag car is a top of the line race car. This kit has been tested and proven on the track and its winning reputation speaks for itself. There are two kit options to choose from, either kit #1 which includes the US Made V1 shock kit which has more spring options, or kit #2 which includes R1’s V2 shock kit. Also you have a choice between our aluminium standup transmission or the B6.3 plastic laydown transmission. There is no price difference between these last two options. These kits do not include shock oil, diff oil, wheels, tires, electronics or a body.

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May 23, 2022

LRP Antix S10 Blast TC3 Clubracer

It’s been a long time since the original S10 Blast TC3 was released, so LRP have finally introduced an updated version of their popular 4WD Clubracer. The new S10 Blast TC3 touring car is a great starter chassis. Whether as a touring car or race truck for the track, as a basis for the replica of the dream car or also as a 4WD drift or rally car. The chassis comes pre-built without electronics, body and wheels and can therefore can be quickly and easily adapted for the specific purpose. The now completely closed tub chassis with encapsulated all-wheel drive train is also great as a rain car and car park racer. Ball bearings throughout the driveline ensure smooth operation. The large-volume shock absorbers, CVD cardan shafts at the front and antiroll bars on both axles round off the overall package with tried-and-tested tuning parts out of the box. Depending on the race track, the suspension geometry can be completely adjusted.

View more images of the Antix S10 here

May 23, 2022

T-Works engine bearing replacement tool

T-Works have created these engine bearing replacement tools for both .21 and .12 engines. Presented in a handy protective carrying case, the complete tool does exactly what you expect it to, helping you remove and replace the main bearing from your engine. The bearing puller and collets are available as a set allowing you to use the tool for both engine types. The collets are also available separately with a 14mm, 12mm and 11.8mm version available as well as the pressure adaptors available separately for .21 and .12 engines.

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May 23, 2022

Arrowmax V2 Allen wrench power tool tip

From Arrowmax, the new V2 Allen wrench power tool tip is designed for the use with common battery-powered rotary power tools. The precision-ground hex tips feature an improved wear resistance and this version is available in 2.0 x 80mm size.

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