November 30, 2020

Core RC NAC-40 entry level charger

Introducing the new NAC-40 charger from Core RC. Getting into the radio controlled hobby can be complex, and the world of battery charging is no exception. The NAC-40 is an AC and DC charger suitable for NiMH and NiCad batteries. Designed with great simplicity in mind, it has the option of using DC 11-18v input via a 12v battery or separate power supply, or AC mains input 100-240v. On the output side there is a fully wired and ready to go Tamiya connector for 4-7 cell packs, or the option for receiver packs via a Futaba plug in the front. 3 simple fast charge currents can be deployed using the front switch, 1.5A, 3A or 5A. The charger detects the peak voltage of the battery and automatically cut off the charging. It also has a safety timer to cut off all charging after 90 minutes. Supplied with UK 240V AC lead and DC lead with crocodile clips.

View the NAC-40 specs here

November 30, 2020

H2 Racing Development TRF420 spool cups

H2 Racing Development have introduced these new direct spool cups for the Tamiya TRF420. If you have problems with your kit spool cups breaking this ne version is more rigid than the original aluminium and steel cup. Made with 7075 aluminium alloy with anti wear coating it is a direct replacement for the original and has minimum play in between the universal joint ball head and shaft cap. Weighing less than 2 grams per piece, they are sold as a pair.

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November 30, 2020

Arrowmax Tungsten shorty weight holders

From Arrowmax and made for their honeycomb line of aluminium chassis is this fully adjustable battery holder. The shorty battery holder is made from tungsten copper and weighs a total of 90g. This adjustable weight is simple and easy to move forward and backwards with multiple mounting holes available. It is designed to keep the CG as low as possible and it is recommended for carpet tracks and small outdoor asphalt tracks.

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November 30, 2020

Grand Prix 3D 1/10th scale 1960s Formula 1

Grand Prix 3D are offering a fusion of historic Grand Prix, RC racing and scale modelling, all in one. This electric 1/10th scale RC car has been developed true to the iconic Grand Prix cars of the 1960’s era with scale details throughout, including engine, exhausts, gearbox, suspension, steering, driver figure and more. In what is a very clever design that manages to seamlessly integrate the electronics, the motor and drive train are mounted inside a scale looking engine and gearbox with the steering servo, ESC and receiver in the footwell of the car. Using a majority of 3D printed parts, printed with carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced nylon, it does also feature a rear gear differential, period authentic CVDs, full ball bearings and scale body shell. Currently set for a release in February next year, they are taking pre orders on their website.

View some of the incredible detail here

November 30, 2020

Xpress XQ10 high flex chassis

New for the Execute XQ10, Xpress have released this high flex chassis. Designed for use in low grip conditions, it will increase drivability as this chassis will generate more mechanical grip at the expense of some corner speed. Machined from 2.25mm thick carbon fibre.

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November 30, 2020

R1 Wurks 10000mAh LiPo battery

R1 Wurks have released this 10,000mAh 130C 2S Graphene battery. Aimed at those needing the absolute highest power, this pack is focussed towards the drag racing segment where the high capacity equates to lower voltage drop under load. This in turn allows you to cool down and do multiple runs and expect close to consistent times.

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November 30, 2020

Serpent S240 2021 1/24th scale 2wd pan car

Serpent have updated their 1/24th scale S240 for 2021. First introduced over a decade ago, the car has now received its first major update with a number of major changes to what is essentially a miniaturised 12th scale. The front end consists of a floating carbon fibre plate pivoting on 2 soft silicone grommets mounted with aluminium posts to the main chassis, creating excellent front end grip. Machined aluminium steering blocks with nylon inserts provide smooth operation and adjustable toe in combined with durable anodised track-rods offer precision-steering. The chassis plate is made made from 1.5mm carbon with intergraded, yet free to flex, rear pod which is home to the rear ball differential. Carbon fibre upper radio plate accepts micro car electronics from all the major brands. Finally to cap it all off the car comes with a clear GTP type body-shell in lightweight 0,5mm material, for great looks and superb handling.

View more images of the car here