February 22, 2024

RC Maker announces its own 1:10 Electric Touring Car

RC Maker, the brand of one of Australia’s leading international touring car racers Ryan Maker, has just official broke the news that it will be producing its own complete 1:10 Electric Touring Car kit.  Known worldwide for its carbon fibre and 3D printed option parts for various car brands, the company will now become a bonafide chassis manufacturer with the release of the SP1 Touring Car and SP1-F FWD kits.  The car is due for official release in the middle of the year.  A multiple Australian National Champion, Maker will debut the car at one of the toughest and most important races after the World Championships, when he races at the legendary TITC in Bangkok next week (Feb 29-Mar 3rd).  As part of the build up to our coverage of the TITC, which is presented by Hobbywing, we have an feature coming with Ryan about the race and the journey to becoming racing’s newest touring car manufacturer.  On his own personal Facebook page Maker also posted about the announcement.

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February 22, 2024

Hobbywing XeRun 2848 Brushless Motor

Hobbywing has announced their new XeRun 2848 sensored and brushless motor.  With three different KV ratings of 2800KV, 4000KV and 4600KV, the motor is suitable for 1:14, 1:12th onroad and offroad vehicles.  Compared to motors of equal size and specifications, XeRun 2848 power output is up by to 15%.  The maximum efficiency of the motor is 6% higher and the internal temperature is approximately 20°C lower.  The motor has a very low speed start up, offering extremely smooth and linear throttle response.  The mechanical timing can be adjustable between 20-40° degrees.

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February 22, 2024

FlySky Noble NB4+ Transmitter

Having published preview images of the new Noble NB4+ Transmitter from FlySky last month, the much anticipated radio has today gone on official worldwide release with FlySky publishing its full specs.  Highlights include the 2CH (Ultra-fast) mode, with latency below 3ms, ultra-low latency, allows users to precisely control responses in every critical moment and place themselves at the peak.  An improved 3.5-inch 320*480 resolution IPS high-brightness outdoor display can be used under strong outdoor light, and its dazzling brightness cannot be conquered even by the limits of sunlight.  The NB4+ controller features a “Removable” internal battery design, equipped with a standard large-capacity, high-quality 18650 battery.  With a charging base, it can achieve over ten hours of ultra-long endurance, even in the face of RC marathons. The 3450mah battery means NB4+ has longer life of half an hour, has slower attenuation rate, has larger capacity.

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February 21, 2024

Infinity IF15-2 ‘Hard’ compound composite parts

Infinity has introduced a new hard compound for the composite parts on their latest 1:10 Nitro Touring Car chassis, the IF15-2.  Already adopted with huge success on the IF18-3 platform, the carbon mixed nylon material assure more rigidity and response increasing grip and stability. The ‘Hard’ lower front arm set improves rigidity as well as steering response and enables increased racing line stability.  It is particularly effective when used under high temperature conditions.  For identification all the parts have a H marking laser engraving onto them.  Other releases in the new compound include a rear lower arm set, front knuckle, rear hub and upper arm set.

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February 21, 2024

Yokomo BD12/11 3D printed bumper

Yokomo has released its own 3D printed bumper for their BD12/11 platforms of 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  It features a 3D-designed honeycomb structure for lightweight construction and minimal weight with the flexible material made to be moderately strong and easily resists body deformation due to aero-dynamic drag.  It has significant functional advantages over standard urethane bumpers.  Air flowing into the underside of the chassis during driving is drawn into the body from the underside of the bumper, thereby reducing chassis lift and enhancing the sense of ground contact.  This tends to improve steering traceability and stability in high-speed corners.

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February 21, 2024

Xray XB2 Delta 2C Light Body

New from Xray is the Delta 2C Light body shell for its XB2 1:10 2WD Buggy.  The Carpet version of the new XB2 body is designed for higher traction conditions with its profile improving the stability and corner speed without rolling too much.  The lightweight version of the Delta body is produced from thinner 0.5mm Lexan material for reduced weight which helps to improve stability in fast corners, chicanes and helps with rotation in tight corners.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 21, 2024

Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Stock Spec G2 ESC

Reigning Onroad & Offroad World Champion manufacturer Hobbywing has released its latest Stock Spec speedo, the XeRun XR10 Stock Spec G2.  A sensored and brushless ESC, it is suitable for Stock Class of 1:10 Touring Car and 1:10 Offroad Racing as well as RC Drifting.  Compared with the prevision version of the ESC, the new Stock Spec G2 has increased maximum current rating of 100 amps.  This is 20 amps more than the previous Stock Spec.  Testing has shown as much as 30°C lower temps under the same loads.  The BEC’s continuous output current has been upgraded from 3A to 5A.  The centre of gravity of the ESC has been lowered by 14.3%.  It has a built in reverse voltage protection and has multi-level throttle and brake curvature, freely adjustable.  It supports 79 Settings (10000-88000RPM) RPM limit value selection.

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February 20, 2024

WRP IV Pro 10 235mm Racing Car

Wolff Racing Products (WRP) has sent us details of its WRP IV Pro 10 235mm race chassis.  The niche Austrian manufacturer started out in 2020 in the workshop of founder Roman Wolff and the development and the production of the first prototype cars made for Pro 10 championship racing.  Some drivers raced the early cars in Austrian and Swiss races and the success of Wolff’s concept was quickly recognised.  The latest version of the WRP family is the WRP IV.  The high quality of the parts, the precision and the best suspension geometry are the main strengths of the WRP Cars.  WRP is well known in the European Pro 10 scene having already had strong race results proving the strengths of the car.  Several packages with or without dampers, springs, servo, driveshaft and other options are available.

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