August 22, 2019

Sweep Racing 17mm lightweight wheels nuts

More new items from Sweep Racing with the introduction of these 17mm lightweight wheels nuts for 1/8th buggy or GT8. Made by high quality aluminium and anodised with the SR logo in the centre. Lightweight and featuring a knurled edged to prevent the nut from come loose, they fit perfectly with all kinds of buggy, truggy and GT8 chassis. Available in gloss black and gun metal grey.

View the grey wheel nuts here

August 22, 2019

2019 Calgary Summer Slam – Report

Last weekend the Calgary Alberta Radio Control Auto Racers (CARCAR) hosted their indoor onroad ‘Summer Slam’ trophy race in Calgary Alberta, Canada. The participants came from all across western Canada to battle for a chance to have a place on the podium. In 1/12 scale modified the cars were absolutely flying and we had Tommy Tam (YRX-12) pull the quickest lap times to TQ and win. 2nd place went to Rob Mcquarrie (P12 Evo) taking 2nd and Ryan Babcock (12R6) sitting 3rd.

Continue reading the report here

August 22, 2019

Samix Enduro brass shock retainers

Samix have released this 4 piece brass shock bottom retainers, which add 17 grams of weight to the lowest point of the shock to improve climb performance of the Element RC Enduro trail truck. Unlike the standard plastic retainers, these are not slotted, which means you can use the softest springs without the worry that the spring cap will fall out. More rigid and durable, they have a great black and gold look with the Samix logo etched on the side.

View the mounted retainers here

August 22, 2019

Avid RC shock standoffs & 5mm black hexes

Two new items from Avid RC for the Associated line up of 1/10th buggies. First up is their popular shock standoffs now come in a 10mm version for the B74. They include replaceable delrin bushings and threaded all the way through to keep them from bending as easily. Secondly they now have their black hexes in 5mm to fit the B74 and B6.1 lineup of vehicles. They include the ever popular 2-56” screw, that is a larger thread with a 2mm head to prevent stripping.

View the new hexes here

August 21, 2019

SMJ cooling fans & 30g battery plate

Two new items from SMJ, the first of which is this super high speed cooling fan. The black silicone wire helps make the wiring easy and the fans themselves come in 30mm and 40mm variants. Next up is the SMJ battery weight plate, which helps to prevent the loss of side-to-side weight balance caused by the use of lightweight LCG batteries. The thin battery weight plate, which is 0.6mm-thick and weighs 30g, can be attached directly to the bottom of batteries using the thin double-sided tape included with the product.

View the battery plate here

August 21, 2019

Team Associated introduce NanoSport

New from Team Associated is an all new concept which they call the NanoSport. Consider the game Rocket League, were the purpose is to score goals using a car, but then in real life and you have NanoSport. The package consists of 2 cars, 2 radios, batteries, chargers and the ball or puck to play with. The cars are scaled at 1/32th and feature a body shell that is shaped at the front and rear to allow the user to somewhat control and drive said ball or puck into a goal. Very reasonably priced, the focus is on fun and by including two in the package it ensures that it will be. This would make a nice gift for the holiday season and could be a great stepping stone to get more kids into RC.

View the video introduction here

August 21, 2019

MST RMX 2.0 MB rear suspension upgrade sets

Coming from MST and made for their RMX 2.0 range of drift cars is the MV aluminium rear suspension upgrade sets. Available are width adjustable rear lower arms as well as a rear upright set with the arms allowing for a 6mm adjustment range; up to 3mm narrower and 3mm wider than the standard plastic arm while the upright set enable the owner to adjust rear wheel steering if needed. All parts are machined from high-quality aluminium, the sets include mounting hardware and they are available in black or red anodising.

View the rear upright set here

August 21, 2019

Sweep 1/8th scale Wide Heavy-duty wheels

Fresh from Sweep Racing is these 1/8th scale WHD (Wide Heavy-duty) 1/2 off-set wheels for monster truck or 1/8th speed-run cars. These new wheels are developed for SRC Terrain Crusher or Road Crusher belted tires and with the 1/2 wide offset the wheels provide more stable steering even at high speed and less trouble for the suspension arms. The wheels comes in matte black colour as well as chrome blue, with chrome red available soon.

View another wheel image here