September 16, 2021

Ruddog Racing RXS brushless speed controller

Ruddog Racing proudly presents the RXS brushless controller. The state-of-the-art ESC is the result of more than two years of development and testing. Packaged in a black-anodised all-aluminium case, a 32 bit processor and the latest FET technology provide an ideal basis for punchy and smooth power delivery, and a strong but sensitive brake function. Thanks to its integrated power button and an exchangeable receiver cable, clean and tidy installation is easier than ever before. In addition to the included fan, the aluminium case and low-resistance solder posts also improve heat dissipation. Settings can be adjusted with the optional program card to tailor the RXS to various track conditions and driving styles, both in highly competitive modified and stock racing.

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September 16, 2021

Yokomo BD10F stabiliser set & competition capacitor

Two new items from Yokomo, the first of which is a rear stabiliser set for the new BD10F FWD touring car. Since the rear stabiliser is not standard equipment on the BD10F, this set is effective when you want to improve steering response and improve performance on high-grip road surfaces. Three types of stabiliser bars (1.2, 1.3, 1.4mm) are included. Also new is a capacitor for racing that maximises the performance of your ESC. When the load becomes high due to sudden throttle operation it supplements the electric power and enhances the acceleration. Each cord is attached to the battery ± terminal of ESC, but since it is non-polar, it can be used regardless of which pole it is attached to.

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September 16, 2021

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 4wd EP high power TC

Xpress have introduced their Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 4wd EP high power touring car. Traditional touring cars are designed for use with a 2S LiPo in line with a lot of racing standards set by the racing organisations. But with the advancement in both LiPo and brushless power systems, the DR1S was designed to handle much larger amounts of power. The DR1S was designed with the goal to handle all of that power. From Circuit racing to drag racing and 2S LiPo to 6s LiPo, the drivetrain was designed to deal with all of these high powered systems. For Drag racing application, this car was designed to withstand the power which the current 1/8th power plants are able to generate. The height adjustable wheelie bar was designed to minimise launch times and stabilise the car after launch.

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September 15, 2021

IGT8 GTe 2021 EP onroad platform

IGT8 are delighted to present their all new GTe 2021 platform. Following excellent results with the Nitro powered version, the US company have released this completely new model. Featuring a super narrow and compact chassis with an ultra low CG, it has a perfectly straight transmission for high efficiency and low resistance & wear. Utilising a two in one concept, the car is delivered with a double rear battery configuration but can be optionally transformed to a front side configuration. Other features include a ball raced built in flex system in the rear and the use of emulsion shock technology for smooth and consistent handling.

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September 15, 2021

36Mood MBX8 aluminium rear hubs

New from 36Mood, brand of 2012 World Champion Robert Batlle, is this aluminium rear hubs for your Mugen MBX7, MBX7R or MBX8 kits. With these hubs you have an extra option on your rear roll centre, having a higher hole position and you can change your rear toe in with the three different long life inserts (kit comes with insert no.1). The design also has the standard up and down position if you need more traction or less traction in your track. These hubs come with all mounting hardware.

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September 15, 2021

MR33 A800MMX horizontal carbon rear body mount set

This horizontal carbon rear body mount set from MR33 for the Awesomatix A800MMX touring car gets mounted directly to the rear bulkheads and is a perfect fit for the Russian touring car. A horizontal body mounting system lowers the centre of gravity and transfers the downforce from the body shell into the suspension more efficiently making it a must have in the 1:10 scale touring car scene. The set includes the carbon brace and two body mounting posts.

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September 15, 2021

Hobbywing XeRun D10 drift series motors

Following the release of their drift specific XeRun XD10 Pro ESC, Hobbywing have now introduced these new drift series XeRun D10 motors. Like the ESC the motor is also available in black, red and purple. Internally, the new motor stator is optimised for drift and improves motor efficiency in drift applications. A built-in high-precision sensor board, combined with drift-specific fan rotors, provide excellent motor linearity and drivability while greatly improves motor efficiency. The 10.5T motor weighs approximately 158g while the 13.5T is at 165g (including 3 gold insert weights). The lightweight motor allows user to easily tweak their weight bias on their car. A neat feature is the the rotor is equipped with a fan that provides great heat dissipation. The special-shaped gold fan on the rotor cools the motor while making a pleasant sound, especially when Turbo is turned on. Optional rotors are available. The motor comes factory soldered with high quality 3.5mm banana plug for easy access swap to different motors with the 3.5mm male also included in the XD10 ESC.

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September 14, 2021

Avid carbon fibre pit board

The Avid carbon fibre pit board is a perfectly flat surface for checking your vehicle’s setup and large enough for even 8th scale. It comes with a chamfered top edge, large rounded corners, matte finish and the Avid logo machined into the surface. Coming in at roughly 20 x 16″ / 495 x 395mm it will fit well in an Ogio 9800.

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