June 11, 2021

Xray Active Differential for XB2/XT2

From Xray, this unique Active Differential is a high-performance, adjustable rear gear differential for the XB2 that vastly improves the buggy’s speed and handling characteristics. The special design of the internal components using different angled segments allows the diff gears to engage on-power to increase the forward traction, making it faster and easier to drive. While the Active Differential is a performance option for serious racers who want to gain an edge on superior speed and handling, it is also of great benefit to drivers of all levels that want a more predictable and easy-to-drive car in all racing conditions. Also suitable for the XT2.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

June 11, 2021

Core RC offroad ride height gauges

New from Core RC are these simple to use ride height gauges for offroad cars. 4 gauges are available with 6 measurable heights in 1mm increments on each gauge, 13-18mm, 16-21mm, 19-24mm and 22-27mm. Simply check the chassis height at the required level by rotating the gauge. Made from alloy and anodised black for a nice finish.

View the other gauge sizes here

June 11, 2021

GForce Boost Monster ultra large capacitor

GForce have introduced the Boost Monster, ultra large boost capacitor suitable for use with up to 2s LiPos. Featuring a capacity of 270,000 μF and housed in a full aluminium case, the Boost Monster is useful in all categories of racing, increasing punch over the entire throttle range. Easy to mount, the case comes in two colour options, blue and black.

Source: GForce [gforce-hobby.jp]

June 10, 2021

Infinity silicone diff oil additions

Creation Model have added to their range of Infinity silicone diff oils. Formulated from pure silicone oil and carefully manufactured under strict viscosity control to provide the stability when making setup changes, they are now also available in 3000, 7000 and 9000 versions. The lineup now includes 3000 to 10000 in increments of 1000, allowing for finer tuning of the differential depending on track conditions.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

June 10, 2021

Rêve D ultra lightweight M4 nut

Rêve D have introduced their large-diameter ultra-lightweight M4 serrated nut, optimised for the rear of the car. Their original RD-013 nuts have been well received as being ideal for the front, these are their new rear specific competition M4 nuts. Increasing the diameter of the flanged part helps to control some of the lateral forces applied to the wheel mounting point, helping to improve side bite. The hexagonal dimensions are still 5.5mm which is the same as RD-013 in order to use the same box wrench for both front and rear.

View the rear of the nut here

June 9, 2021

BRCA Clubmans Rd1 Cotswolds – Report

The first BRCA 1/10 Electric Circuit meeting of 2021 was held at the Cotswold Model Car Club situated in Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire recently. This was Round 1 of the BRCA Clubmans series now in its 10th year. Saturday practice saw a good turn out of drivers practicing after many months of bench wrenching. With very healthy numbers in attendance from all of the 3 classes racing this weekend, TC 17.5 Blinky, Frontie and Formula One being this years classes. Sunday race day came and we had even more racers with those that couldn’t make the Saturday practice session. There was a real buzz in the air with quite a few racers meeting up for the first time in many months. Sunshine was forecast for the day but as with the previous day we wouldn’t see it until later in the day, but just in time for the finals.

Continue reading the report here

June 9, 2021

Destiny RX-10F 2.0 45g FR block & RR shock tower

Two new items from Team Destiny for the RX-10F 2.0, the first is this 45g front suspension block. The weight is designed to be as close as possible to the front gear differential so that the car can generate more traction and stability on low traction asphalt. Secondly there is a new 3.0mm high quality graphite rear shock tower for both the RX-10SR 2.0 as well as the RX-10F 2.0 that is optimised for the horizontal body post type.

View more images of the new products here

June 9, 2021

iRacing GTX5 5 port DLC .21 GT engine

This is the new iRacing GTX5 .21 GT engine, based on the well known O.S. R2104 engine. The motor sports a new crankshaft with redesigned counter weight giving the engine better balance and has been given a special DLC treatment for longer life. It boasts 5-port line for improved torque in the low to middle power range giving lots of power, even in high traction tracks. The new cooling head comes in a silver finish and has been machined to reduce weight while the cooling head button now sports a silicone O-ring to prevent dust from entering the engine.

Source: iRacing [bmt-team.com]