February 25, 2021

Losi 69 Camaro 22S No Prep drag car

With the popularity of No Prep Drag Racing exploding, Losi has introduced this ready to run 1969 Camaro drag car. Carefully crafted to give a classic look while still fitting into the rules and regulations set by the No-Prep Drag Racing scene, it has all the advantages of an aluminium chassis such as electronics protection, side impact guards, and a clean wire management system with plenty of 22S option parts. It’s designed with racers in mind with many outstanding features including officially licensed Mickey Thompson tires, limited travel oil filled front and rear shocks, low centre of gravity rear shock tower, extended body mounts, optional heavy duty sway bar, adjustable weight front bumper, elevated transmission, adjustable turnbuckles and a fully adjustable wheelie bar. You get an all-metal gear transmission for concrete dependability along with a Spektrum SLT3 transmitter and dual protocol receiver, Spektrum Firma 100 amp Smart ESC and Spektrum Firma 6500kv brushless motor.

View more images of the Camara here

February 25, 2021

JConcepts Team Associated DR10 wheelie bar

JConcepts has designed a new wheelie bar for the Team Associated DR10 which delivers on looks, versatility and performance. A successful design starts with a solid mounting location to resist twist and flex. The aluminium rear wheelie bar mount designed to fit into place provides solid placement. The anodised black with silver chamfer highlighting give the amazing look but more importantly replaces a stock plastic item which shores up a huge issue with the stock wheelie bar assembly. Backing into the design, attaching steel ball-ends to the assembly works wonders when connected to genuine Team Associated ball-cups threaded into aluminium tubes, steel Fin turnbuckles and secured with 3mm jam nuts to hold adjustment and stability.

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February 25, 2021

RêveD Nissan 180SX Wisteria bodyshell

RêveD have introduce their first body shell, the Nissan 180SX Wisteria driven by Hideyuki Fujino, one of the best drivers in the D1 Grand Prix. In order to reproduce the powerful aerodynamic design of the actual car in detail, it has been modelled in three parts consisting of a front, rear and main cabin with separate aero parts manufactured by Addiction in Japan. The tail light section comes with very realistic design structure with 3D decals by WRAP-UP (for internal / external attachment), including both early year model and late year model type lenses.

View more angles of the 180SX Wisteria

February 24, 2021

Hasi Tuned high quality after run oil

Hasi Tuned have introduced their new high quality after run oil. Produced with Swiss rust inhibitor oils to prevent oxidation on the metal parts of your engine, it also ensures the right lubrication of all your engine’s internals. It can be mixed with your fuel and will not damage the plug wire. Supplied in a 50ml bottle.

Source: Hasi Tuned [facebook.com]

February 24, 2021

MR33 Awesomatix turnbuckle tool

With this new MR33 turnbuckle tool you can adjust the camber and caster on your Awesomatix touring car more precisely and easier than ever. The black anodised aluminium parts feature a pin in the centre which will sit in the ball cup when the turnbuckle tool gets installed from above. Your ball cups will not move anymore when you adjust camber or caster which means that you don’t have to do small corrections afterwards all the time, making your life that bit easier.

View the tool in action here

February 24, 2021

SMJ magnetic body post marking system

SMJ have produced their own magnetic body post marking system. Like others on the market, the system comes with 4 body post mounted magnets and 4 corresponding magnets that sport a hole to allow the position to be marked. This makes the marking and cutting of body post holes that much easier and works great on pre painted bodies where it is impossible to see the post. Available in black or red anodised versions.

View images of the system in use here

February 24, 2021

Flávio Elias takes 2020 Brazilian national title

Last weekend the 3rd and final round of the 2020 Brazilian nationals was held at the track of Americana as the race had been postponed in December due to the pandemic situation. Again Shepherd team driver Flávio Elias showed great performance and took the TQ spot but he had difficulties in the race and had to retire allowing Eduardo Dulac to take victory. The result however, along with those in the previous two rounds, was enough for Elias to take the 2020 Brazilian national 1/8 IC track title in front of fellow Shepherd racer Samuel Prato.

Source: Shepherd [team-shepherd.com]

February 24, 2021

1up Racing TLR22 perfect centre camber link mounts

New for the TLR22 5.0 Elite and 22X-4 buggies from 1up Racing are these perfect centre outer rear camber link mounts. These new camber link mounts place the ball stud directly over the rear drive axle which allows the vehicle to roll more naturally. These allow you to enter corners with greater speed and exit corners on power sooner, capable of shaving tenths off your lap times. CNC machined in the USA from high-quality aluminium they will hold up to any tests thrown their way.

View the camber link mounts here