May 12, 2012

North Cyprus Rd1 win for Mustafa Alp

The first round of North Cyprus touring car championships under the sponsorship of Shark Energy took place recently. The race took place in NCRC Arena track in Nicosia and the event had 6 practices on Saturday and 5 qualifying rounds with finals on Sunday. The track was very fast and had middle/high grip. Serpent driver Mustafa Alp dominated the event winning all three legs of the A-final and he made a 10.8 second lap which was the fastest lap of race. Xray driver Ahmet Akber took 2nd place and Serdar Aytemiz was 3rd with his Serpent 411.

View the final standings here

May 12, 2012

STRC Exo Terra aluminium option parts

STRC have released a whole range of aluminium option parts for the Axial Exo Terra buggy. Add great looks and prevent your chassis from buckling during hard landing and crashes with these aluminium Front and Rear Heavy Duty chassis brace. The front brace features a high quality graphite steering upper plate and a solid one piece aluminium front chassis brace, while the rear features a heavy duty one-piece brace from the chassis to the rear gear box. The front steering system features a graphite steering rack that has more material around the screw holes and will not bend like the stock aluminium piece. Available in black, green, gun metal, orange, silver.

View more product details here

May 11, 2012

DE Racing wheel sticker disks

DE Racing is proud to release a new product to highly personalize your buggy. Simply named wheel sticker disks, this ‘Old School’ concept has been brought back to life to further set your car apart from the crowd. Available for both their Borrego line of 1/10 and 1/8 scale buggy wheels, these precut high quality vinyl stickers create a two-tone effect, highlighting the wheels unique bead lock ring. Whether it’s the high tech appearance of carbon fiber, the high visibility of fluorescent colors, or simply ‘mud plug’ matte black, these disks are sure to turn some heads.

View the fluorescent decals here

May 11, 2012

TeamSR TLR 22T front shock tower

For the highly popular TLR 22T TeamSR have released this 4mm thick carbon fiber front shock tower. This functional yet aesthetically pleasing hop up is manufactured from true quasi-isotropic chassis grade carbon fiber and comes with pre-glued wet look edges to cut down on the much dreaded preparation time, recessed holes for the body mounts as well as all the necessary hardware required. This tower is a direct replacement of the stock tower and intended for the use with the TLR 22T only.

Source: TeamSR [teamsr.co]

May 11, 2012

SMP MRX-5 lightweight 2-speed axle

Swiss company SMP Racing have released this ultra lightweight 2-speed gearbox axle for the Mugen MRX-5. Made from titanium it is very strong and to increase durability the surface has also been hard coated. To achieve the weight of 25 grams, the centre of the axle has also been drilled out.

Source: SMP [smp-slide.ch]

May 11, 2012

Short Course Showdown Rd3 report

On back to back weekends JConcepts keeps its winning streak alive by TQ’ing and winning all 3 expert classes at round 3 of the Short Course Showdown. The Trackside Hobbies crew did an amazing job with this year’s track layout and surface prep. With plenty of elevation changes, off-camber turns, rhythm sections, and high-bite conditions, the racing was tight and super exciting.

Continue reading the report here

May 11, 2012

Polish TC Champs Rd1 win for Blazej Orlowski

The first round of the Polish touring car championships took place in Warsaw last weekend at a track in Bemowo. This one day event saw 4 rounds of qualifying along with finals on the same day and traction from start to finish was in the low/middle level making driving with the strong wind on the track very difficult. The event was dominated by Team Dualsky/Xray driver Blazej Orlowski who won the Modified class in the front of top Pro Stock driver Michal Orlowski driving a Tamiya chassis and Mateusz Ogonowski in third place with a Yokomo chassis. Blazej made the best lap of the race with a 15.6 second lap using the brand new XC850TF ESC from Team Dualsky along with the Z5 motor.

Image: APR-Foto

May 11, 2012

T-Work’s glow plug holder

T-Work’s have introduced this glow plug holder featuring a compact circular design. Able to hold more plugs than any other glow plug holder of the same size, its uses plastic inserts with o-ring means you will no longer need to worry about leaky fuel guns or dirty tools and tires contaminating your spare glow plugs in your Pit Bag or Tool Box. This convenient caddy comes in 4 anodized colors, red, black, orange & Tamiya blue and will each hold 6 turbo or standard glow plugs.

Source: T-Work’s [rc-tworks.com]