February 2, 2007

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4 4wd EP Buggy

Hot Bodies Cyclone D4

Our mate Andy at RC Forum has snapped this pic of the prototype Hot Bodies buggy that finished 1st at the buggy pre worlds in Japan last year. The car hasn’t been seen until this point and it looks pretty sweet indeed. It appears to be shaft drive, and have a similar configuration to the JConcepts BJ4. We hope to get more information soon.

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February 1, 2007

Team Losi Nitrotane fuel

Team Losi Nitrotane fuel

Team Losi have releaed this new range of fuels made in association with VP Racing fuels who are more used to created fuels for full scale drag racing vehicles. The fuel will be available in 20% and 30% nitro levels and are ready to buy in both gallon and quarter gallon tins.

The premium ingredients in Nitrotane Race Formula offer a lower acidity level than most other nitro fuels on the market, ensuring that your engine will be fully protected against internal corrosion. And no other fuel can offer your nitro vehicle the same level of power and protection that goes into 300+ mph competition drag racers. The combination of VP Racing’s quality and the nitro racing expertise of Team Losi means that Nitrotane Race Formula is ready to take you to the finish line, tank after tank.

Source: Team Losi [teamlosi.com]

February 1, 2007

Manuel Huber, latest driver to race Xray NT1

Manuel Huber

Xray, never one to hold back, have signed yet another big European name, Manuel Huber, to race their new Xray NT1 200mm gas touring car. The multiple Austrian champion and WC/EC finalist will join the Slovakian team with immediate effect and will line up alongside Groskamp, Christensen, Peracho, LeMieux, Burch and Baker to make a formidable team.

The main reasons for my decision to move to Team XRAY are the independent self-production of every part of the car (the XRAY factory is really amazing!), the possibility for quick changes to different parts, and of course the really great teamwork. After driving the NT1, I found it is much faster than the car I was used to racing.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 1, 2007

Team Xray at the toy fair

Team Xray at the toy fair

Again more pictures from our roving reporter, this time from the large and rather extravagent Xray booth were there was lots of eye candy to look at. Of course Xray were the big news company at the show with the release of their NT1, XT8 and XB8-EC and so its only fitting that they have a huge gallery will all sorts of goodies on display for you to feast your eyes over including more close ups of the NT1 without motor and its new flex chassis.

Check out the gallery here.

Source: RC Junkies [rc-junkies.com]

February 1, 2007

Schumacher Mi3 at the big show

Schumacher Mi3

Our hard working show partners RC Junkies have gotten some great up close and personal shots of the all new Schumacher Mi3 that we showed you 2 days ago. What more can be said what we dont already know, we get to see the new Mi3 box and it appears the car still looks great in real life and not just in photo studios.

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February 1, 2007

Motonica P8.0 Base

Motonica P8.0 Base

Yesterday we showed you a preview of the new cars from Motonica which included the R version of the original P8.0 as well as a Classic class pan car. Well now we get a closer look at the P8.0 base, which i couldnt figure out yesterday, and apparently this car is a cheaper starter car based on the original P8.0 4wd car. Although this car is also 4wd from the pictures it appears to have no suspension and no radio plate and must qualify as one of the strangest concepts for a car that i’ve seen in a while.

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February 1, 2007

The BX-1 from Blade Racing

Blade Racing BX-1

Last week we told you about the Italian company Blade and that they were about to introduce a new 1/8th scale buggy, well here it is. If it looks familiar well thats because it is a re branded Jammin X1-CR but with some different material specifications, which should actually make it pretty handy on the dirty stuff. I dont know anything more than that but when i find something out i’ll let you know.

UPDATE: We now have some close up detail shots of the car

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February 1, 2007

Tamiya introduces the new TAO5-R

Tamiya TAO5-R

Tamiya have released some details about their upcoming electric chassis, the TAO5-R. Based on the TAO5, the new R version is a specially-tuned race version kit loaded with option parts for the circuit, and it is packed full of options a list of which you can see below.

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