December 13, 2006

2006 LRP Carpet Wars, round 1 and 2

LRP Carpet Wars

Helger Racing have a nice, in depth, report from the first 2 rounds of the LRP Carpet Wars held at the Maritime Racing Club, at its annual venue, the Black Lion Leisure Centre in Gillingham, Kent. 158 racers over 3 classes took part in round 1 whilst in round 2 the number was at 159 racers, an amazing turn out for any event. The track was large and spacious but the racing was tight.

Read the full report from round 1 here & round 2 here.

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December 13, 2006

Motor Maniac handy commutator cleaner

Motor Maniac handy commutator cleaner

This thing is really cool and simple, it takes an existing product, like the comm cleaning stick and makes it better. If the comm cleaning stick is a bit of a pain to use or you don’t have a commutator lathe, then this thing is a great solution. It comes supplied with a handle to turn the commutator, and all you do is place the supplied grinding stone into the space where the brush on your motor goes and the supplied spring keeps the correct pressure on it, then you turn the handle and it grinds the end of the commutator.

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December 13, 2006

Ryan Cavalieri dominates the Southwest Indoor Grand Prix

Ryan Cavalieri

In absolutely commanding style, top Team Orion racer Ryan Cavalieri showed everyone that he was the class of the field at last weekends Southwest Indoor GP in Arizona by TQ’ing all 3 classes he competed in and then going on to win all 3 as well. On top of that the top drivers from the event were put together for a showdown race called the Pro Challenge and Ryan won this too to take 4 wins in the one weekend.

Team Orion factory driver and off-road superstar Ryan Cavalieri was on hand to compete against some of the Nation’s best. Ryan competed in all three modified classes (2wd,Truck, 4wd), and by the end of practice, it was clear RC was the man to beat.

Read the full report here.

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December 13, 2006

Xray release this alu Middle One-way Pulley set

Xray Middle One-way Pulley set

Xray have announced the release of this alu Middle One-way Pulley set for use on their T2 chassis’. This great looking item is suitable for use with rubber tires on carpet tracks or asphalt tracks.

The middle one-way can be used in combination with a front one-way diff which will make the car easier to drive, smoother, and have increased steering.

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December 12, 2006

Elliott Harper takes 3rd at Rd3 of BIWS

Elliott Harper

Young racing ace Elliot Harper continued his great form at the British Indoor Winter Series held at the Don Valley indoor track. Starting from 2nd on the grid after a mistake in qualifying, the round 2 winner, had a bad start in the final and ended up in 9th after the first corner, but recovered with a fine drive back to 3rd.

My “A” final start didn’t go to plan and a “glitch” on the first bend set me back. With all the other cars racing in from behind I took a swipe that spun my car around and out of contention and into 9th place. It took 3 laps for the car to settle back down but by this time I had been lapped by a number of cars. However, once the car settled down it was really pulling back and I started to power forward and move back up the pack.

You can read Elliott’s full report here.

Source: Mirage Racing []

December 12, 2006

The Hot Bodies Lightning Stadium Sport truggy

Hot Bodies Lightning Sport truggy

Hot Bodies have announced the new Lightning Stadium Sport, the latest addition to their truggy lineup. This particular ready to run truggy, that is based on the popular Lightning Stadium Pro-R, looks pretty nice and is also pretty highly spec’d with c-hub suspension, .26 pullstart motor and aluminium shock absorbers.

The new Lightning Stadium Sport is the ultimate starter stadium truck! Not just a watered-down version of our top-selling Lightning Stadium Pro-R, we’ve taken everything that we’ve learned during years of top-level truggy racing and boiled it down to the essentials, so you get everything you need to get on the track!

Check out the full information here.

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December 12, 2006

Xray re-invent the Silicone oil bottle…

Xray Silicone oil

Xray have released their new line of Premium silicone oils and if the release is to be believed the new bottle that they come in should give you the advantage you need over your competitor, at least off the track. Never before have i seen a simple bottle and label sport so many features and advantages:

The square shape of the bottle makes it super easy to squeeze and prevents it from rolling off your workbench, and the slim nozzle makes filling easy and prevents excessive oil from being squeezed out. The cap tightens snuggly and its positive seal prevents leakage. The back of the bottle has a small viewport that allows you to see the oil level inside the bottle.

Is it just me or does this sound like pretty much every other bottle on the market? Of course the cap tightens snuggly to prevent leakage otherwise there would be no point in having one. We will give Xray credit for the clearly marked and rather attractive labels, but at the end of the day its a bottle of silicone oil, if you want them they come in 22 different thicknesses.

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December 12, 2006

Team Magic M1B to make race debut this week

Team Magic M1B

The much talked about and much hyped M1B buggy from Team Magic will finally make its race debut this weekend at the Neo Invitational race. The car above is from CML who received a pre-production version for the race and has already shook down the car with an undisclosed top UK racer David Crompton. His thoughts from the shakedown:

He pronounced himself really impressed with the car’s performance and is looking forward to racing the car at the this weekend’s NeoBuggy International at the Harper Adams track in Shropshire.

According to the entry list from the event, Finnish racer Jari Eklund will also race a Team Magic at the event, so there should be at least 2 pre-production cars at the event. We will see how they get on and lets hope it lives up to all the hype.

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