June 10, 2010

Martin Bayer does double at 1/5th Euros Warm-up

Martin Bayer does double at 1/5th Euros Warm-up

The warm-up race for the 2010 1/5 Scale Formula one and Touring car European championship took place at Slavkov, Brno in the Czech Republic last weekend and it attracted all the big name drivers in these categories. The race in the formula one category was to be a one man show with 1/8th scale buggy ace Martin Bayer driving the RS5 winning the race by 5 laps ahead of team mates Jeffrey van Wijk and Clark Wohlert in 2nd and 3rd. In the touring car category it was also a win for RS5 driver Martin Bayer with a superb drive, followed by former European Champion Mathieu Briere with the FG, with 9 tenths of a second gap on third place finisher Cedric Prevot also with FG.

In the Touring car category the difference between the first 3 drivers after qualifying was only one second. On pole was Bernard-Alain Arnaldi (Genius/Abbate/GRP) followed by Martin Bayer (RS5/Speedtech/GRP) and by Markus Feldmann (Lauterbacher/MF-Raceline/GRP).

1. ARNALDI Bernard-Alain (FRA) Genius XR – 24 laps 10:07.380
2. BAYER Martin (CZE) RS5 T10 – 24 laps 10:08.037
3. FELDMANN Markus (GER) Lauterbacher – 24 laps 10:08.368
4. BERNAUER Jennifer (GER) X1 – 24 laps 10:11.847
5. LISSAU Martin (DNK) RS5 T10 – 24 laps 10:14.389
6. BRIERE Mathieu (FRA) FG EVO 10 – 24. laps 10:16.169
7. BAYER Ales (CZE) RS5 T10 – 24 laps 10:18.389
8. ROSKAM Hessel (NLD) Contrast NEO X – 24 laps 10:19.226
9. VESELI Dario (HRV) RS5 T10 – 24 laps 10:20.571
10. PREVOT Cedric (FRA) FG EVO 10 – 24 laps 10:21.297

In the Formula One category qualifying Martin Bayer (RS5/Modellsport/GRP) set the TQ-pace and was the only driver to complete 24 laps, followed by Martin Pater (RS5/Modellsport/Roadies) and by Clark Wohlert (RS5/HM/Roadies).

1. BAYER Martin (CZE) RS5 F10 – 24 laps 10:13.751
2. PATER Martin (CZE) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:00.308
3. WOHLERT Clark (GER) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:01.747
4. VAN WIJK Jeffrey (NLD) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:04.892
5. BAYER Ales (CZE) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:10.455
6. GRIGIC Marko (HRV) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:15.464
7. MAREK Tomas (CZE) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:24.818
8. TLUSTY Jiri (CZE) RS5 F10 – 23 laps 10:47.838
9. POELMANS Jimmy (BEL) FG Evo – 22 laps 10:03.056
10. POLLMULLER Michael (GER) RS5 F10 – 22 laps 10:09.830

The Touring car main final was full of great battles. At the first corner there was an accident between from the Pole started Bernar-Alain Arnaldi and from the second place started Martin Bayer. They finished the first lap at the end of the field. At that time the race was led from FG aces Cedric Prevot followed by Mathieu Briere. At the middle of the race Cedric made a mistake due to the hard pressure of Mathieu, so he found himself in the 5th position. A little later Martin Bayer closed the gap completely to Mathieu and started the battle for the race win 6 minutes before the end. They both made an absolutely fair fight and 4 minutes before the end Martin overtook Mathieu to win the race. At the same time there was also a great battle between the two French driver Cedric and Bernard-Alain. This battle was won by Cederic. After checkered flag the winner was Martin Bayer (RS5/Speedtech/GRP) followed by Mathieu Briere (FG/Hobbycenter/PMT) and Cederic Prevot (FG/IPS/GRP).

Martin Bayer does double at 1/5th Euros Warm-up

1. BAYER Martin (CZE) RS5 T10 – 71 laps 30:02.184
2. BRIERE Mathieu (FRA) FG EVO 10 – 71 laps 30:03.081
3. PREVOT Cedric (FRA) FG EVO 10 – 71 laps 30:04.022
4. ARNALDI Bernard-Alain (FRA) Genius XR – 71 laps 30:05.008
5. VESELI Dario (HRV) RS5 T10 – 70 laps 30:14.060
6. BERNAUER Jennifer (GER) X1 70 laps 30:23.305
7. WEISER Michael (AUT) HARM SX3 – 69 laps 30:03.497
8. FELDMANN Markus (GER) Lauterbacher – 62 laps 29:55.682
9. ROSKAM Hessel (NLD) Contrast NEO X – 59 laps 25:43.719
10. BRAUER Tom (GER) HARM SX3 – 43 laps 30:23.633

The Main Final of the Formula One category was a clear win from Martin Bayer (RS5/Modellsport/GRP) beating his own track record during the final also. In the second place was Jeffrey van Wijk (RS5/Abbate/Roadies). In third spot was the very unlucky Clark Wohler (RS5/HM/Roadies) who ran out of fuel before the end of the race.

1. BAYER Martin (CZE) RS5 F10 – 115 laps 50:08.029
2. VAN WIJK Jeffrey (NLD) RS5 F10 – 110 laps 50:09.167
3. WOHLERT Clark (GER) RS5 F10 – 108 laps 47:37.903
4. MAREK Tomas (CZE) RS5 F10 – 106 laps 50:16.140
5. TLUSTY Jiri (CZE) RS5 F10 – 106 laps 50:16.456
6. POLLMULLER Michael (GER) RS5 F10 – 61 laps 43:25.217
7. PATER Martin (CZE) RS5 F10 – 59 laps 25:52.323
8. GRIGIC Marko (HRV) RS5 F10 – 49 laps 22:39.562
9. POELMANS Jimmy (BEL) FG Evo – 26 laps 12:33.818
10. KOLARIK Josef (CZE) FG Evo – 5 laps 2:54.794




Source: RS5 Modelsport [rs5-modelsport.com]


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