June 8, 2011

Azri Amri wins round 2 of MNC 2011

Azri Amri wins round 2 of MNC 2011

The second round of the Malaysian National Championship (MNC) was held recently at the Kota Raja track in Klang, where FEMCA 2005 was held. The track was just lightly refurbished with a thin layer of tarmac being laid, with the island being rebuilt and new paint on the track, it is set to be a very exciting race. This round is again a tough fight for all racers, the track is a mixture of semi-technical and high speed, with a straight of about 150ft, it calls for good balance of top speed as well as torque out of the corners in the infield.

Qualifying one was a sign of great things to come, with Azri Amri armed with his Yokomo BD5WX and an all ORCA internals, he was able to clock the fastest lap of the race of 15.799sec. clocking in a 19 laps 5:13.448sec.. Only Jacky Siow 15.920sec. and Nilai Chong 15.929sec. was able to set lap times below 16 sec.. Michael Lo driving the Schumacher Mi4Cx, also with ORCA internals was the only other driver who came close to Azri through out the whole 5 minute duration, although with a slower single lap time of 16.159sec. came in a very close 2nd only 0.682sec behind Azri with 19 laps 5:14.130sec.. Nilai Chong also piloting the Yokomo BD5WX, with the fast single lap time was also not disappointing as he was able to come up with some good results to finish 3rd with 18 laps 5:03.493sec. It was in the end Azri, Michael Lo and Nilai Chong for qualifying 1.

Qualifying two was pretty much the same as qualifying one, with Azri again leading from the start. It was not too far again with Michael Lo ever so close to Azri. Michael was always within a second to Azri and it looked like it will again be Azri, but at the last moment, Azri made a slight mistake and caused him to finish 2nd behind Michael, with Michael clocking 18 laps 5:04.006sec and Azri only 0.321sec. behind achieving 18 laps 5:04.327. As the track was getting slower since it was getting the full blast from the sun as it was shining high and bright, which is a good thing, but the track’s temperature was at it hottest hence the traction was compromised during qualifying two. But it was Shahrin driving his Yokomo BD5WX also with full ORCA internals, with his excellent car control he was able to finish third with 18 laps 5:09.241. In the end its Michael, Azri, and Shahrin in qualifying two, but no one was able to improve upon his qualifying one time.

Qualifying three is a little different from qualifying one and two, it was Jacky Siow who was showing that he is also one of the contender piloting his T3’11 also with ORCA internals, was leading the time at the 1st minute mark and it seems like it will carry on into a good result. In the end, it was Jackie who finished 1st with 19 laps 5:14.205. 2nd goes to our sole Tamiya 417 pilot Mr. Norazam who finished with 18 laps 5:06.386. Michael Lo was able to maintain his momentum and finish 3rd with another 18 laps. The third qualifying now confirms the 1st and 2nd for the finals with Azri leading with the result from Q1, 19 laps 5:13.448, Michael Lo also with the result from Q1, 19 laps 5:14.130 and 3rd with his excellent result from Q3, its Jacky Siow with 19 laps 5:14.205. With the only three drivers able to clock 19 laps and with less than 1 sec separating the three drivers it will be a very exciting finals.

Qualifying Results:
1. Azri Amri – Yokomo BD5WX Team ORCA – 19L 5:13.448
2. Michael Lo – Schumacher Mi4Cx Team ORCA – 19L 5:14.130
3. Jacky Siow – Xray T3 2011 Team ORCA – 19L 5:14.205
4. Siow WoonFong – Sakura Zero Team ORCA – 18L 5:01.492
5. Nilai Chong – Yokomo BD5WC Team Dualsky – 18L 5:03.493
6. M Shah – Xray T3 2011 – 18L 5:05.222
7. Leonard Ong – Schumacher Mi4LP – 18L 5:06.322
8. Norazam – Tamiya 417 Team Dualsky – 18L 5:06.386
9. Nik Ahmad – Xray T3 2011 – 18L 5:08.393
10.Shahrin – Yokomo BD5WX – 18L 5:09.241

Leg 1 of the finals was all set to go. At the start, it was Jacky who was able to pass Michael Lo to get into 2nd while Michael Lo was able to maintain third. The battle was on and it looks like Azri is able to keep a distant from Jacky, but it was Jacky who kept the pressure on Azri, Jacky made several attempt but failed, in the end, Jacky made a last bid and success in deed and it was Azri’s turn to pile the pressure on Jacky, but in the end it was Jacky who finished 1st but with less than a second, 0.689sec, that separated him from Azri in second. For Michael Lo, it was a pretty boring race as he was not able to keep up with the two up front and the 4th position racer, Siow WoonFong, was getting tangled with his battle at the back, but Siow WoonFong was catching Michael, but as the time was up, Michael was able to keep 3rd . Results for Leg 1 of the final is Jacky Siow, Azri Amri, Michael Lo.

Leg 2 was again similar to Leg 1 of the finals, Michael loosing ground to Jacky at the start and was again set to hold on to third at the beginning of the race. Jacky was again behind Azri, try as Jacky might, he was not getting it from Azri. After Jacky came in contact with Azri several time, Jacky stopped and waited for Azri showing excellent sportsmanship. In the end it was Azri who was able to hold off Jacky’s attack to take leg 2. Now the race is on with Jacky and Azri each winning a leg each. Michael again was not having an exciting race with Norazam coming from the back after the mayhem who is catching Michael but again, Michael was saved by the bell as he was able to finish 3rd again for Leg 2. The result for leg 2 is Azri Amri, Jacky Siow, Michael Lo.

Now the final leg would be excellent as whoever wins this leg would be the overall winner for MNC 2011 round 2. With Michael overshooting the first corner, he again lost ground to Jacky for the third time. But this time it was not only Jacky and Azri going at it again, it was again going to be a very very exciting leg 3. This time Michael lo would not be complaining about a not too exciting race as he was immediately attacked by M Shah, who later made a successful pass on Michael and by the 10th lap, Michael was tagged by a back marker and lost control of his car and tagged a barrier on the straight while going full speed ahead. M Shah did not have too good of a run either as Norazam was closing in as fast as he could and finally passed him to finish 3rd. The battle for 1st will again be tight as Jacky was not able to pass Azri, exhibiting great sportsmanship again, Jacky did not force his way through and thereby finishing 2nd to Azri. Result for leg 3 is Azri Amri, Jacky Siow, Norazam.

The Final result are as follows:
1. Azri Amri – Yokomo BD5WX Team ORCA
2. Jacky Siow – Xray T3 2011 Team ORCA
3. Michael Lo – Schumacher Mi4Cx Team ORCA
4. Norazam – Tamiya 417 Team Dualsky
5. M Shah – Xray T3 2011
6. Nilai Chong – Yokomo BD5WX Team Dualsky
7. Siow WoonFong – Sakura Zero Team ORCA
8. Leonard Ong – Schumacher Mi4LP
9. Nik Ahmad – Xray T3 2011
10.Shahrin – Yokomo BD5WX

Thanks to Michael Suriawinata for the report.


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