January 12, 2012

EFRA clarify 1/10th IC Track rules

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EFRA 1/10th IC chairman Franky Noens got in contact to clarify some matters regarding the rules that were decided upon at the recent AGM. Most notably is the fact that the new weight limit for the 1/10th gas class will only change to 1550 grams from the beginning of 2013, meaning the current limit of 1725 grams will be in use for this season. Read the full letter below for more details.

Dear Friends,

It seems the right moment to enlighten a few subjects, that perhaps are not clearly understood after the AGM.

Probably I did not communicate them clearly enough, and I would like to apologise for that. The last few weeks I did not have the opportunity to answer to every individual mail.

The new rule regarding the minimum weight of 1550 gr. will take effect on 01/01/2013. This is a technical rule and according to the Article technical rule changes, Chapter 6 page 51 in the EFRA handbook, such changes will take effect 12 months after voting. In the future, to avoid such un clarities, we will add in the minutes of the meeting, to each accepted proposal the year when they start to take effect. Regarding this subject of weight, we have created a lot of commotion with manufacturers, who did not have any comment before the rule was accepted. Now they fear that due to the low weight, cars will be a lot more expensive, and more breakable due to the more “exotic” materials they will have to use to loose weight.

And then we have tire treatment, with all the wildest stories around that subject. The emphasis of this rule is that on EC’s the organisers are obliged to treat their track in such a way, that there is a lot of grip during the entire event. That way, treatment of tires will be unnecessary. I believe that the rest of the rule is pretty clear, before the start of your finale or heat, your tires will be checked with an electronic sniffer, if the sniffer reacts you can not drive with those tires.

Regarding the World Championship in Thailand, 1725 gr is the minimum weight and no, this will not change for this W.C.

At this moment postal votes are held inside IFMAR about the following:
– The World Championship will be run over a period of eleven (11) nine (9) days, including a Spare Day.
– No practice on the event track will be allowed in that specific W.C. class during the two (2) six (6) weeks preceding frequency controlled practice
– Bodies will have to be made from polycarbonate with a minimum thickness of 0.75mm.
– Foam and/or rubber tyres may be used. Any materials used in, or on, the tyres must not damage the racing surface. Treatment of the tyres with additives is prohibited allowed as long as the products used are not volatile and toxic. Tires will be checked at the entrance of the pitlane with equipment from RAE or similar to detect volatile and/or toxic products. Tires must pass the testing equipment in the controlled pit area. When you are checked with a positive result of the equipment the tires are confiscated by IFMAR and you are allowed to put new tires on your car. The start will not be delayed due to such an event. The organizer must make all efforts to bring the track surface at a good grip level.

– The fuel brand will be decided after the preworlds.

The results of the postal votes will be known mid of February, I will keep you updated on those rules that might change in IFMAR.

Also I want to let you know that there still are places left for both 1/10th EC’s. if you still want to participate, please contact your federation.

Yours sincerely,

Franky Noens

EFRA Chairman 1/10th IC Track

Source: EFRA [efra.ws]


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