June 23, 2013

Markus Hellquist is 1/10th Nordic Champion 2013

Markus Hellquist is 1/10th Nordic Champion 2013

Having covered 1/8th and 1/10th Electric from last weekend’s Nordic Championship in Oslo, Norway we now have the report from the 1/10th 200mm class. The race was originally a 2 days event, with qualifying on Saturday and the finals running on Sunday. Saturday gave great weather but the weather forecast for Sunday was indicating over 30mm of rain. After an extended driver’s meeting it was decided that the race was to be changed to a 1 day event, with the last final running half past nine in the evening. This was not a problem since the sun is up almost until midnight in Oslo.

The new rules for 2013 set qualifying back to 5 min making fuel consumption a very crucial role and with the highspeed and high grip track made many drivers struggled to finish without refueling and running out of fuel. Adrian Berntsen was the only driver that refuled during qualifying and although he was flying around the track he lost too much time during pitting and ended second after Helge Johannessen.

After qualifying the top 3 ranking was following
1 Helge Johannessen – Serpent/Novarossi – 22L 5.04.432
2 Adrian Berntsen – Xray/Capricorn – 22L 5.06.420
3 Frank Andersen – Xray/Max – 22 5.10.869

After the semifinals it was Helge Johannessen still first ahead of Adrian Berntsen in 2nd and Markus Hellquist in 3rd, driving himself up from 11th position after having a troublesome qualifying. The starting grid for the final was dominated by Norway with 8 drivers, allowing only one Swedish driver Markus Hellquist and one Danish driver Claus Ryeskov to take part in the challenge to be 1:10NT Nordic champion

Final starting order
1. Helge Johannessen – Serpent/Novarossi
2. Adrian Berntsen – Xray/Capricorn
3. Markus Hellquist – Xray/Orcan
4. Frank Andersen – Xray/Max
5. Bjørn Dahl – Xray/
6. Øyvind Andersen – Xray /
7. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray/RB
8. Werner Ersland – Serpent/Max
9. Claus Ryeskov – Xray/
10.Georg Ellingsen – Xray/Reds

The final took off with a close fight between Helge and Adrian for the first spot, as well as a second fight going on between Markus and Frank for the 3rd spot. The field slowly seperated and Adrian and Helge got a few seconds gap down to Markus with a few seconds more down to Frank. After some minutes Helge had some issues with traction rolls and dropped down to 5th position allowing Markus up to 2nd place some 5-6 secconds after Adrian who still maintained the lead. Position swithched for the lead between Adrian, Markus and Frank during refueling laps since it only differed some seconds between top 3 drivers. Almost halfway in the race Adrian had to end due to mechanical problems and Markus took over the lead. Positions were now: Markus 1st, Frank 2nd, Øyvind 3rd and Georg 4th. Remaining part of the final Markus continued to drive a steady race without making any mistakes and claim Nordic Champion 2013 title and by doing this at the same time set a new Oslo Trackrecord of 190 laps and by this beat old record with 4 laps.

Final results
1. Markus Hellquist – Xray/Orcan
2. Georg Ellingsen – Xray/Reds
3. Øyvind Andersen – Xray /
4. Frank Andersen – Xray/Max
5. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray/RB
6. Claus Ryeskov – Xray/
7. Werner Ersland – Serpent/Max
8. Adrian Berntsen – Xray/Capricorn
9. Helge Johannessen – Serpent/Novarossi
10.Bjørn Dahl – Xray /

Thanks to Per Hellquist for the report.


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