August 27, 2013

Norwegian 1/10 200mm nationals – Report

Norwegian 1/10 200mm nationals – Report

The Norwegian 1/10th 200mm nationals was held at the Klepp RC clubs track in Kleppe near Stavanger in the South-West of Norway. The weather for the two day event was good with lots of sun and little wind, quite uncommon conditions for this part of the country. The race format saw five rounds of qualifying with the best result to count for the semifinals and the 45 minute main final. In qualifying Helge Johansen, driving a Serpent early set the pace. In the end he took TQ three seconds in front of fellow Serpent driver Werner Ersland and Xray driver Øyvind Stusdal.

Top 10 after qualification
1. Helge Johansen – Serpent/Novarossi
2. Werner Ersland – Serpent/RB Murnan
3. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray/RB Murnan
4. Frank Andersen – Xray/Orcan
5. Georg Ellingsen – Xray/Novarossi
6. Christian Hovden – Serpent/Maxima
7. Øyvind Andersen – Xray/Novarossi
8. Oskar Fjeld – Serpent/RB Murnan
9. Håkon Nygård – Xray/Capricorn
10.Øystein Nygård – Xray/Novarossi

In the semifinal B several drivers had to abort from safe positions. First Christan Hovden, leading the race, came to a halt with radio problems and then also Oskar Fjeld was forced to retire with a broken pulley holder. Frank Andersen won the final in front of Werner Ersland and Øystein Nygård. Knut Enger secured the last bump-up spot.

In the semifinal A Øyvind Stusdal got a stop and go for hitting Helge in the first corner. Helge held a steady pace and secured the win and the pole position for the final. Georg Ellingsen, Håkon Nygård and Øyvind Andersen took the other spaces for the main final. Øyvind Stusdal recovered to second only to suffer from a glow plug quitting with 4 minutes to go. His mechanic swiftly swapped the plug and got the car out in 6th place making the final on time. Also making it to the final was Xray driver Ole Werner Muren.

Main final starting grid
1. Helge Johansen – Serpent/Novarossi
2. Frank Andersen – Xray/Orcan
3. Werner Ersland – Serpent/RB Murnan
4. Georg Ellingsen – Xray/Novarossi
5. Håkon Nygård – Xray/Capricorn
6. Øyvind Andersen – Xray/Novarossi
7. Ole Werner Muren – Xray/RB Murnan
8. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray/RB Murnan
9. Øystein Nygård – Xray/Novarossi
10.Knut Enger – Xray/Reds

In the main final Helge struggled with his engine which was running to rich in the first stages of the race, forcing him to make several visits in the pits to have the carburettor settings corrected. This left him some laps behind early on. Up front Frank Andersen build up a good lead in the first half of the final. Øyvind Stusdal slowly climbed from 8th spot on the grid to 2nd after some close fights with Georg Ellingsen who in the end ran out of tyres. Another driver going fast enough to challenge for the win was Werner Ersland. However having to change the glow plug three times it was not to be. Frank stopped to have his outside tyres changed leaving the lead to Øyvind Stusdal who was on a harder set of tyre meaning he could end the final without any tyre pit stops. Frank though had made the better tyre strategy and easily regained the lead and secured the title. Helge Johansen recovered to 3rd, closing in on Øyvind fast but he could not get close enough in the remaining time.

Final result:
1. Frank Andersen – 144L 45.16.796
2. Øyvind Stusdal – 143L 45.16.192
3. Helge Johansen – 142L 45.01.696
4. Werner Ersland – 136L 45.17.739
5. Øystein Nygård – 134L 45.13.177
6. Øyvind Andersen – 133L 45.04.694
7. Håkon Nygård – 129L 45.02.650
8. Ole Werner Muren – 122L 45.00.020
9. Georg Ellingsen – 111L 35.16.117
10.Knut Enger – 32L 12.23.151

Thanks to Oyvind Stusdal for sending the report.


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