December 12, 2014

Festival Brazil Sul Race – Report

Festival Brazil Sul Race – Report

The CAAR track hosted the Festival Brazil Sul, a year end race in Southern Brazil with entries from three different southern states and even drivers from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in attendance. The 52 entries divided in the four classes of GT, Classics, 1/10th 200mmm and Touring Car Super Stock and the weekend started with good and hot weather conditions and track temperatures as high as 65°C which caused some problems for the drivers as the tyres started to overheat.

The class that caught the most attention was the Touring Car Super Stock category run with 10.5T boosted motors. Gabriel Brito soon made his intentions clear to take win as he scored fast times right from the start of the practice sessions. The race was run in a Reedy Race kind of format with five out of six round to count towards the overall result and at the end Gabriel took the overall win despite a ruined run due to a broken motor. Alexandre Hirata came in 2nd, Dennis Picktail completed the top 3.

Super Stock final result
1. Gabriel Brito
2. Alexandre Hirata
3. Dennis Picktall
4. Lincoln Almeida
5. Cesar Salvadori
6. Lucas Alexandre
7. Willian Capitelli
8. Edson Lima
9. Leandro Rodriges
10.Vitor Ohta
11.Heron Franklin
12.Andre Franchi

The 10.5T blinky Classics category was run using electric touring car chassis and classic car bodyshells and it was Julio Bernadinetti who came out successful from Rafael Langner and Chico Lima.

Festival Brazil Sul Race – Report

Classics final results:
1. Julio Bernadinetti
2. Rafael Langner
3. Chico Lima
4. Joao Almeida
5. Michel Franqui
6. Leonardo Assumption
7. Crys Borges
8. Otavio Langowski
9. Eduardo Ring
10. Mark Mocelin
11. André Damasceno

The 1/10th 200mm class saw a close battle between Cesar Salvadori and William Capitelli with both swapping positions several times in the final but at the end Cesar came out successful from William while Leonardo Fares rounded out the podium in 3rd.

1/10 200mm final results:
1. Cesar Salvadori
2. William Capitelli
3. Leandro Fares
4. Otavio Augusto
5. Lincoln Almeida
6. Andre Franchi
7. Marcio Cichella
8. Renato Amaral
9. Edson Lima
10.Everaldo Filho
11.Jean Leggerini
12.Luiz Carlos Lima

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