January 10, 2018

Arrowmax Asia Race Cup Malaysia Rd3 – Report

The third round of the Arrowmax Asia Race Cup Malaysia attracted more than 50 entries for the three classes of Touring Boosted 13.5T, Touring Pro-Stock and Formula. The Pro-Stock 13.5T champion was about to be crowned at this round who would be awarded a ticket to the grand final that is held in Japan and hosted by the iconic Yatabe Arena. The fastest of the three classes was the Boosted 13.5T category and it was Wong KokWai who was able to show that he was willing to control the field with a 12.709s lap to be seeded the number 1 driver to head off the start of qualifying. While in the Pro-Stock 13.5T class it was returning racer Max Teo who has shown that he did not loose much in term of his speed, seeding himself as number 1 driver with a fastest lap of 13.781s, while in Formula, it was Sham Arop who was able to secure the number 1 seed.

From the get go Wong Kokwai was able to control the Touring Boosted field and secured the TQ spot in three out of four qualifying sessions with Azri Amri following and Michael Lo completing the top 3. In the Dash Pro-Stock 13.5T class, it was Max Teo who showed that he is back in form, taking the TQ spot from championship leader Dino Sidhu and Shukri, who is also the 2nd in line for the championship behind Dino. Elsewhere Sham Arop would take the TQ Spot for the Formula class.

The first final of the Touring Boosted 13.5T class would see Wong Kokwai leading the field from the tone, but a rare mistake got him and he fell back leaving Azri Amri and Michael Lo to fight it out at the front with the two of them exchanging lead lap after lap but in the end it was Michael Lo who prevailed to take the win. In the second final, Wong Kokwai and Azri Amri would be ready to take on the field again with Michael Lo getting a 1st in A1 would be the favourite. Again Wong Kokwai made a very rare mistake that took him down to 7th before even crossing the finish line for the first lap and Azri Amri also having a rare bobble that let Michael Lo thru to take an easy win in A2 although Wong KokWai did try to come back at Michael Lo, but Michael would just take a controlled drive to bring A2 home with a win, confirming him as the winner for round 3 of the Arrowmax Cup Championship. Final 3 would be a battle on who would take runner up spot with a A2 and A3 finish for Azri Amri, A2 and A6 finish, it would be hard to tell who would come up to take it. In the end it was the raw determination that got Wong Kokwai take the final leg win, securing him the runner up spot and Azri Amri taking the final podium position.

Boosted 13.5T final results:
1. Michael Lo – Awesomatix/ORCA
2. Wong KokWai – Awesomatix/ORCA
3. Azri Amri – Xpress/ORCA
4. Norazam – Xray/ORCA
5. Michael Lim – Xray/Maclan
6. Ong San – Xray/Maclan
7. Adik Haikal – Xpress/ORCA
8. Dixon Chen – Infinity/Maclan
9. Ryan Tan – Xray/ORCA
10.Shahrin – Yokomo/Muchmore

In the Pro-Stock class it was definitely an even more exciting race as everyone was ready to crown the inaugural Arrowmax Cup Dash Pro-Stock Overall Champion after the three finals are done. From the tone, it was Max Teo who led the field until a mistake from him in lap 10 which caused him to loose more than 14s on that lap alone, promoting Dino into the lead and the letter would never look back too cruise to the win with Shukri following behind, while your TQ only managed to secure a 4th place finish, despite loosing almost 25s on track. Final two would be intense as with another win, Dino would be the overall champion. Both Max and Dino had a great fight from the tone and it was neck and neck with the two of them until lap 9 when Max Teo bobbled but still keeping Dino at bay, while Dino saw the opportunity, he marched on and tried to take the lead but it all ended up wrongly as Dino crashed and crippled his car in the end having to pull out just three laps from the end. With a win each for Max Teo and Dino, while Shukri, who is 2nd in the championship, had a 2nd and 8th the latter had a slight chance of beating Dino in the championship, if he can get a win and Dino getting 6th or lower. At the tone it was again Max and Dino but in the end Max Teo wasn’t able to take on the fight and this allowed Dino to just cruise to a relatively comfortable win, handing him the Pro-Stock 13.5T Championship.

Pro-Stock 13.5T final results:
1. Dino – Awesomatix
2. Max Teo – Awesomatix
3. Azlie KR – Xray
4. Aaron – n/a
5. Louis Tan – Awesomatix
6. Toby Lee – Awesomatix
7. Shukri – Tamiya
8. Foong WK – Yokomo
9. Darren Tan – Xray
10.LT Mo – Xray

In the Formula class the rules are relatively open and it was a very exciting yet weird as no one had a definite package and that made competition a little more vague and not one person proved superior from race to race. In the end it was Sham Arop who lead in all of the finals from the TQ position that allowed him to take a relatively comfortable win and in the end it was Formula new comer Khun Shukur who took a surprise runner up spot after the three finals and Arif KR rounded out the podium.

Formula 1 final results:
1. Sham Arop
2. Khun Shukur
3. Arif KR
4. Iliya Rabbani
5. Zairi
6. Jack Sepang
7. Wak Ros
8. Wafee
9. Epin
10.Ismail Ibrahim

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]


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