May 22, 2020

RC Maker introduce new T4’20 GeoCarbon optionals

RC Maker have introduced new GeoCarbon series option parts for the Xray T4’20 mid motor touring car. First up is the GeoCarbon steering brace that connects the top of the two posts of the steering to prevent excessive horizontal flex and bending under regular cornering force. Constructed from 1mm carbon with recessed areas, it is quite flexible to minimally alter longitudinal flex down the chassis. The result provides increased post rigidity with less force placed on the chassis holes and posts, as well as more consistent steering with marginally reduced front flex to increase steering response. These work with both aluminium and plastic steering bellcranks, and are also sized to cover the blue shields on the steering bellcrank bearings to keep things stealth.

Also new are the GeoCarbon steering limiters for the T4’20. Steering lock is a critical tuning option in touring car, and depending on the size of track and amount of grip, it something that professional drivers tend to adjust regularly. Simply reducing the dual rate on the transmitter is not sufficient to reducing the car’s steering lock as reducing the dual rate simply adds play and chatter to the wheels, as now the whole rack is being supported by the servo, inducing play into the system. The set includes four different sized limiters which offer a large range of steering lock possibilities from maximum lock to around 30 degrees, to 20 degrees. Simply unscrew the centre ballstud and remove the stopper and replace with a different sized one to alter the steering lock. The bigger the limiter, the less lock and visa-versa. Once installed, the transmitter EPA has to be reduced until the limiter has just a minimal amount of play against the rack, but no binding). The lightweight limiters are machined from 5mm thick 3K twill carbon fibre and they are also extremely lightweight coming in at only 0.3 grams for the biggest sized limiter.

Last but not least is the GeoCarbon rear suspension mount brace for the T4’20. This brace connects the two rear split blocks that the suspension arms mount to. It is designed to increase rigidity between these two blocks to act like a solid block as is used at the front of the car. The brace simply screws into the top of the blocks in the unused part of the thread and can be secured by 3×6 or 3×5 button head screws. This is a simple tuning option to shift the flex point of the car towards the front of the car more and free up the rear of the car in the case of too much rear traction, or understeer. It is easily attachable and removable and sits above the belt with significant clearance at all diff heights. If using this hole for mounting the Active Rear Toe, drivers can use this brace under the ballstud, however it raises the ballstud height by 1mm so this needs to be taken into consideration when setting up the system.

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