October 31, 2007

Atomic RC Xray NT1 optionals

Atomic RC have released yet more optional parts for their favourite 1/10th 200mm, the Xray NT1. Adding to their already extensive line-up, the new parts include a reinforced rear stabilizer mount, aluminium 7075 hex wheel adapters and middle mounts for the radio tray. Also newly available is a lightweight 2nd gear adapter, an aluminium center shaft mounting bracket, a flex-control engine mount set, lightweight delrin adjustable nut for use on the 8.4mm pivot balls and finally a graphite brake linkage set. Click here to see the products… Source: Atomic RC [rcatomic.com]…

July 19, 2007

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1 – 2

…looking aluminum servo saver, which adds extra strength as well as extra bling to your car. Also new and made from aluminium is a right side chassis brace, for more stiffness between the radio plate and rear assembly, and also some lightweight pulley spacers. Atomic RC have also created their own front and rear CVDs made from spring steel and finally they have produced a new front carbon fibre shock tower, with additional shock mounting positions, and a new rear upper camber link with lots of new optionals positions. Click more for the other product pictures… Source: Atomic RC [rc-atomic.com]…

June 23, 2007

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1

…have starting making option parts for the latest car to enter the 200mm market, the Xray NT1. While little information about these parts is available, the first to be released is a machined alumium lower back plate, which is a direct replacement to the standard composite part, but is stronger in the event of a rear collision. The 2nd new part are these new upper engine mounts, but i cant find any difference between them and the original Xray part with perhaps the exception of the materials used. Click here to see the back plate mounted… Source: Atomic RC [rcatomic.com]…

June 13, 2007

Apolaro & Kimbrow win the Capitol Classic

Last weekend at the 301 Raceway in Maryland saw the Capitol Classic race run for 1/8th and 1/10th 200mm on road classes. In the 10th scale class it was Ralph Burch, racing the Xray NT1, that took the pole position but the race was won by Serpent 720 racer DJ Apolaro by 3 laps from Mugen racer Vincent Jackson in 2nd while Kyosho racer Ron Atomic finished 3rd, 1 lap further back. In the 1/8th scale class it was Kyosho runner Scott Kimbrow all the way, taking the TQ spot and then going on the win the 45 minute final…

February 18, 2007

Morganti & Tosolini win 2007 Winternats, Florida

…Morganti – 185L 45:10.29 (Serpent 720) 2. Chris Tosolini – 179L 45:01.65 (Kyosho RRR) 3. Ralph Burch – 179L 45:04.48 (Xray NT1) 4. Danny Horta – 176L 45:01.99 (Serpent 720) 5. Martin Hudy – 176L 45:02.91 (Xray NT1) 6. Martin Christensen – 175L 45:16.46 (Xray NT1) 7. Jared Scott – 175L 45:17.40 (Mugen MTX4) 8. Paul LeMieux – 174L 45:04.86 (Xray NT1) 9. Ron Atomic – 163L 45:04.70 (Kyosho RRR) 10. Jamie Corrado – 157L 45:03.69 (Mugen MTX4) 11. Andrew Duperrouzel – 150L 45:07.79 (Mugen MTX4) 12. Josh Cyrul – 118L 30:11.21 (Kyosho RRR) You can view the full results…

February 16, 2007

2007 Winternats, Florida – Thursday Day 5

…23L 5.08 (Serpent 720) 2. Ralph Burch – 23L 5.11 (Xray NT1) 3. Josh Cyrul – 22L 5.04 (Kyosho RRR) 4. Danny Horta – 22L 5.04 (Serpent 720) 5. Paul LeMieux – 22L 5.05 (Xray NT1) 6. Martin Christensen – 22L 5.05 (Xray NT1) 7. Chris Tosolini – 22L 5.06 (Kyosho RRR) 8. Andrew Duperrouzel – 22L 5.07 (Mugen MTX4) 9. Jared Scott – 22L 5.08 (Mugen MTX4) 10. Ron Atomic – 22L 5.09 (Kyosho RRR) 11. Jamie Corrado – 22L 5.10 (Mugen MTX4) You can get the full final sorted results here. Images: The Border [the-border.com] Mike Myers [sgrid.com]…

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