November 2, 2017

3DRC touring car wing button set

3DRC from Germany have introduced their new 3-D-printed touring car wing button set. Included are aerodynamically-shaped wing buttons, 3 degree wedges and large surface 5.5mm nuts. The whole set weighs in at only 1.5g and it us thus perfect for the use with lightweight body shell. Using the optional angled shims will give the wing a larger attack angle and more downforce, resulting in increased rear end grip especially on low grip tracks. The set is usable with most of today’s competition touring car body shells and needed for completion are two M3x8mm flathead screws.

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October 16, 2017

3DRC SF3 & YR-10 Fan Boosters and Diffusors

3DRC have expanded their range of 3-D-printed Formula Fan Boosters and diffusers by making these parts accessible for Serpent SF3 and YR-10 owners also. The Fan Boosters are available for 30mm fan units, which are intended for Formula racing classes, while the 40mm variant targets the new 200mm LMP class. The fan mounts attach to the rear motor pod and the 30mm variants are available with or without integrated diffusor while the 40mm booster is a non-diffusor affair.

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October 12, 2017

3DRC Project 4X belt tensioner

3DRC have introduced their new front belt tensioner for the Serpent Project 4X touring car. The design allows to run the car with decreased belt tension for a more efficient drivetrain. 3-D-printed for a low weight and good stability the part weighs in at only 2g. Not included is the necessary hardware in the form of two M3x10mm button head screws, one M3x6mm button head screw and two 3x6x2.5mm ball bearings. The belt tensioner is easy to install and allow for a wide range of belt tension adjustments. The part is available through 3DRC’s Shapeways store or select hobby shops.

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September 26, 2017

3DRC X1 rear chassis diffuser

German brand 3DRC has introduced a new rear chassis diffuser for the Xray X1 on road kit. The diffuser that is attached to the power pod side plates, which allows the use of a multitude of wing heights as they will not interfere with the diffuser. The part is 3-D printed from tough yet flexible material and will add scale looks and additional downforce. Available through 3DRC´s Shapeways store or selected hobby shops.

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September 22, 2017

3DRC D-type touring car rear wing

3DRC have further expanded their range of 190mm touring car rear wings by the new D-type wing. Of a more conventional design the wing sports extra flaps for improved airflow and maximised downforce. Dual mounting holes in standard “Protoform pattern” allow to use the 3-D-printed wing in a front or rearward position. Like all 3DRC parts the wing is available through the brand’s Shapeways store or at select model shops.

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September 21, 2017

3DRC Project 4X & RC10F6 rear diffusors

German brand 3DRC has introduced new rear chassis diffusors for the Serpent Project 4X and Team Associated RC10F6 on-road kits. Starting with the touring car related part, the diffusor for the Project 4X is a direct replacement for the standard rear bumper and it will improve the rear end grip especially at higher speeds. The 3-D-printed part is of a heavy duty design to withstand even harsh impacts and while addition functionality and looks it also adds protection to the rear end.

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September 18, 2017

3DRC touring car wheel cut tool

3DRC have introduced their new touring car wheel cut tool. The multi-piece tool will be attached to the wheel axle and is adjustable in terms of height and width and thus allows for easy and convenient wheel arch marking and cutting. The item comes 3-D-printed and needs two M3x5mm button head screws for assembly.

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September 14, 2017

3DRC Anti-Tuck body stiffeners

Available now from 3DRC are anti-tuck body stiffeners for on-road body shells. 3-D-printed from tough yet flexible and lightweight material the braces are of a simple design and they are installed in the rear part of the body to prevent unwanted, time-robbing and race-destroying body tucks – a phenomenon that sees the rear part of the body/rear fender getting deformed in an impact and caught by the rear wheels, which will ultimately make the car unmaneuverable. The set includes two anti-tuck braces, installing requires four M3x5mm button head screws and the parts are usable on 1/10th 190mm and 200mm bodies alike.

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