July 16, 2021

7075.it MP10 aluminium rear uprights

From 7075.it, these new aluminium rear uprights for Kyosho MP10. Made from high quality T6 7075 aluminium, this new part is anodised with a hard black surface treatment for more durability and with an attractive style. These new MP10 rear hubs are compatible with the original eccentric inserts and bearings.

Source: 7075.it [7075.it]

March 12, 2021

7075.it MTC2 upper arm mounting brackets

From 7075.it comes these new front and rear upper arm mounting brackets for the Mugen MTC2. Made from hard anodised aluminium, there are 3 models available, 3 / -2, 2 / -1, 1 / 0, which will allow you to set any caster angle you want. Sold as a pair.

Source: 7075.it [7075.it]

March 5, 2020

7075.it T4’20 slim battery aluminium LiPo stop

Following the release of their aluminium LiPo stop for standard width batteries, 7075.it now also announce the addition of a dedicated variant for the new slim LiPo packs. Machined from 3mm aluminium and coming black anodised for looks and wear, the double action LiPo stock acts both as a battery locator and inner stop, ensuring the battery packs sits nice and tidy, without having to use an additional inner battery stop to keeping the battery in place. The double action mount is usable with the kit and also most optional chassis as well as most battery hold-down solutions.

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March 4, 2020

7075.it T4’20 LCG battery weight & LiPo stop

Coming from 7075.it are a new LCG LiPo weight as well as the aluminium LiPo stop battery hook. Starting with the LCG battery weight, the part is machined from high-quality brass material and due to its design it interlocks with with the T4 2020’s aluminium chassis, ensuring a secure fitment without disturbing natural chassis flex. At a height of only 1.1mm it is ideal for the use with lightweight or LCG battery packs, ensuring proper chassis weight balance. The weight weighs in at 53g and it is usable with the original Xray T4 2020 alloy chassis as well as 7075.it’s aluminium flex chassis.

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February 14, 2020

7075.it A800MMX LCG battery weight

Coming from 7075.it and made for the Awesomatix A800MMX is a 47g LCG battery weight. Only 1.1mm thick in total the weight fits snuggly into the machined slots of the original MMX chassis and also 7075.it’s own optional flex main plate, ensuring a very low overall centre of gravity while adding weight when needed. The battery weight comes in handy when running the latest generation of lightweight LCG or ULCG battery packs and due to its interlocking design, it doesn’t come loose during a run while allowing the chassis to flex freely at the same time.

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February 13, 2020

7075.it introduce new A800 optionals

7075.it have announced the release of new optional parts for the Awesomatix A800 series of touring cars. First up is a brass shorty battery holder set for the A800MMXA kit. Designed for the use with LCG or standard height packs the kit only fits the Awesomatix C01B-X-MMA mid-motor alloy chassis as well as the 7075.it flex version 7075-AWX-MMW and 7075-AWX-MM main plates and it is usable with the original Awesomatix battery hold downs or 7075.it’s new tape system battery holder. The design of the battery locators allows the chassis to flex freely while moving the weight as close to the chassis plate as possible for an overall lower centre of gravity. In addition the mounting holes are raised by 0.5mm to not disturb chassis flex. The battery holder set is recommended especially for high-bite surfaces like ETS or CRC black carpet.

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January 17, 2020

7075.it A800MMX LCG aluminium chassis

7075.it have introduced new LCG aluminium chassis for the Awesomatix A800MMX mid motor touring car. Available as standard, read: more flexible variant and also in full-face High Traction specification, both chassis will improve the car’s handling in medium to high-bite traction conditions with the heavier machined chassis being ideal for medium grip tracks due to increased torsional flex while the solid surface High Traction variant is best used in high to ultra high traction conditions. Both come with a hard-anodised surface coating and they are available separately or including a 2-piece set of snuggly fitting screw-on front brass weights.

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January 16, 2020

7075.it T4’20 new design brass receiver holder

Coming from 7075.it and made for the Xray T4 2020 mid motor touring car is their redesigned brass receiver and transponder mount. Machined from heavy brass material and weighing in at 33g the mount attaches to the original Xray aluminium and carbon as well as 7075.it’s optional alloy chassis using a single screw, ensuring the mount will have virtually no influence on chassis tweak also thanks to a built-in 0.5mm shim that spaces the mount away from the chassis. An incorporated nose acts as an inner battery stop and the updated version of the mount now offers a 29.5x25mm platform for the receiver, allowing to mount larger units.

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