July 1, 2021

Kim Einert to run Absima electronics

Absima have announced that front running German offroad racer Kim Einert has joined their team. Kim will be powering her Kyosho buggies with their full line of CTS V3 electronics and will be an asset to the team with her many years of experience. On her new deal, Kim said ‘I am grateful to be a part of Team Absima. I look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me.’

Source: Absima [absima.com]

May 31, 2021

Absima Revenge CTS ESC V3.1 software update

Absima have developed new software for their CTS 10 V3 Revenge and CTS 8 V3 Revenge range of speed controllers. The new V3.1 software now includes two brake profiles, a linear and a dynamic brake control. Whereas the linear brake control features the initial feel and brake strength of the V3 software, the new dynamic brake control features a much stronger brake rate up to 150% and provides a dynamic brake power which can be fully adjusted. The new V3.1 software is available on the Absima homepage.

Source: Absima [absima.com]

February 5, 2020

Absima Cube 2.0 AC multi-chemistry charger

Absima from Germany have introduced their forthcoming new Cube 2.0 AC multi-chemistry charger. Of a simple design the compact device allows to charge 2S and 3S LiXX as well as one to eight-cell NiXX batteries, making it ideal especially for nitro racers who can conveniently fill modern transmitter as well as receiver batteries without having to carry around full-blown competition chargers. The display-less charger is less prone to be damaged due to dust and dirt with charge current selection being carried out by a simple sliding switch. An integrated 2S to 3S LiPo balancer makes for secure charging of Lithium batteries while the auto-detect NiXX program allows to charge old school NiMH battery packs. The charger comes including connection wires and it will hit stores in March.

Vie lists of the features and specifications as well as more images here

January 30, 2020

Absima Torch Gen2.0 4S & 6S RTR truggies

Absima have introduced their new Torch Gen2.0 4S and 6S LiPo-ready ready-to-run 1/8th scale electric truggies. The two make use of the same 3mm aluminium chassis and competition-inspired suspension components, differing only by the motor specifications. The 4S variant utilises a 2300kV motor while the 6S truck uses a 2100kV motor, good for up to 70km/h and 110km/h of top speed respectively. Other features include CV-style front and rear driveshafts and metal transmissions for durability, adjustable long-stroke shock absorbers as well as grippy all-terrain tyres for go-everywhere capabilities. Also included are Hobbywing-made speed controllers, 9kg-cm of torque steering servos and 2.4GHz radio system. The trucks are decked out by pre-painted and pre-decorated racing truck bodies and they will hit stores very soon.

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January 29, 2020

Absima Stoke Gen2.0 1/8th RTR E-buggies

Absima from Germany have introduced their new Stoke Gen2.0 4S and 6S LiPo-compatible 1/8th ready-to-run E-buggies. Both build on a sturdy 3mm aluminium main chassis with raised composite side pods for improved protection against dust, dirt and moisture with adjustable fluid-filled shock absorbers, adjustable suspension components and a tough drivetrain making for go everywhere capabilities. Front and rear CV-style driveshafts ensure an efficient drivetrain. The 4S variant is equipped with a Hobbywing-made high-power speed controller and a 2300kV brushless motor, propelling the buggy to speeds of up to 70km/h while the 6S variant with 2100kV motor is good enough for top speeds of 110km/h. The controllers are highly adjustable using on-board programming or an optional programming box and both buggies come pre-assembled including high-quality metal gear steering servos and an Absima CR2SV2 radio system.

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January 15, 2020

Absima Revenge CTS 8 V3 1/8th speed controller

Absima have announced the release of their new Revenge CTS 8 V3 speed controller for competition 1/8th scale applications. The speedo utilises a machined aluminium case and add-on cooling fan for optimised heat dissipation while the software allows for a wide range of throttle and brake adjustments, ensuring the ESC can be adapted to virtually every driving style and track condition using an optional programming box. The 180A rated controller is of a sensored design, it features a 6v/7.4V BEC system, all black wires for a professional factory look and it is usable with up to 6S LiPo battery packs.

View a list of the specifications and more images here

January 14, 2020

Absima Revenge CTM V3 1/8th scale brushless motor

Absima from Germany have announced the release of their new Revenge CTM V3 1/8th scale electric brushless motor. The 4-pole motor is of a new design for an overall lower weight and increased performance with a CNC-machined heatsink design can making for improved cooling efficiency and less fading during a run. Other features include a high-torque stator, a high-strength balanced rotor, stainless steel ball bearings, silver-plated heavy-duty solder tabs as well as adjustable timing. The 4269-size motor weighs in at about 320g comes in five different winding variants including 1750kV, 1900kV, 2100kV, 2300kV and 2500kV and it is available from now on.

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January 9, 2020

Absima Revenge CTS 10 V3 160A speed controller

Absima have introduced their latest 1/10th scale competition speed controller, the Revenge CTS 10 V3 160A. The ESC is housed in a machined all-aluminium case, it is built using durable high-quality hardware and uses highly adjustable firmware, allowing to adapt the controller to a wide range of motors and racing conditions. A small on/off switch makes wiring easy while all-black wires ensure a professional look. The 3S LiPo-compatible controller offers zero boost blinky and timing/boost functions for stock and modified racing, it is usable with down to 3.5T motors and includes a high airflow fan.

View a list of the specifications here