July 1, 2007

New Academy 2wd electric buggy

New Academy 2wd electric buggy
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Images have started to surface on the internet from the new 2wd buggy of Korean RC manufacturer, Academy. The picture above is from RC Tech and shows the complete car in CAD format and as we can see it features a moulded chassis with centrally mounted stick pack configuration while the front end sports a unique looking steering C-hub setup. Other pictures from our partners RC Forum (see below) show, the tub chassis in detail and close ups of the rear end of the car, which looks pretty conventional. No word has been given on the expected release date of this car, or even the name, but we will let you know when we find out.

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April 27, 2007

Diggity Designs Academy SBV2 parts

Diggity Designs Academy SBV2 parts

Diggity Designs, the US based company best known for its great 1/12th scale conversions have released this performance upgrade pack for the Academy SBV2 4wd buggy. The kit includes 3mm Quasi CF front and rear shock towers, 3mm Quasi CF Center Chassis Stiffener, 3mm Quasi CF Front Pin Brace, 3mm Quasi CF “race” Battery Brace, hardware and stickers.

Source: Diggity Designs [diggitydesigns.com]

February 3, 2007

Academy SBV2 PRO up close

Academy SBV2 PRO

Back in the beginning of January, when it was released, we wrote about the new SBV2 PRO buggy from MRC Academy. What the PRO part of the name meant was that this kit is a fully optioned SBV2, which is no bad thing as the original car is a very good shaft driven 4wd buggy, and so with all the optionals as standard could only make a good car better. Our partners RC Forum have gotten up close with the PRO to reveal some of the details that may have been missed before now.

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December 19, 2006

MRC Academy seeking US team drivers

MRC Academy

Our partner site RC Forum are reporting that MRC Academy USA are seeking team drivers for their home market to race their off road buggies. Read the requirements below and see if you fit the bill.

MRC/ACADEMY (USA) is looking for OFFROAD Team Drivers. Currently we have about 20 drivers on our team, that is very small amount to represent this big market. We are looking for above average racers, with a professional track attitude, and vast chassis/setup knowledge. If you are, or know someone that would like to run for us, that is an accomplished racer, and that has the qualities to represent a company like us, please e-mail me your racing resume to DAVEG@modelrectifier.com. I will answer every single e-mail, no matter if we decide to bring you on as a team driver or not. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your time.

So if you are pretty decent on the dirt this could turn out to be a pretty sweet deal.

Source: RC Forum [rcforum.co.kr]