July 14, 2020

RC Atomic DRZV2 1/28th scale drift car chassis kit

Coming from RC Atomic is their new DRZV2 1/128th scale mini drift car kit. The V2 features several new parts such as a redesigned front bulkhead that optimises the chassis’ roll centre for a more responsive steering and better car control in long distance drifts. Also new is a single bellcrank steering assembly that is both precise and easy to assemble thanks to less parts involved. The chassis is 90mm to 98mm wheelbase adjustable with longer wheelbase settings for 1/24th scale body shells being accessible through option parts. Included in the kit are also new brass KPI front steering knuckles for maximised tyre grip in counter steering situations, new adjustable shock spring preload collars and height adjustable body mounts that support 0.5mm increments. An optional mono front damper system is available optionally for maximised steering throw. Not included in the chassis kit are electronics, tyres, wheels and body shell.

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June 16, 2020

RC Atomic FFZV2 FWD Pro mini-size kit

RC Atomic have introduced their new FFZV2 FWD Pro mini-size chassis kit for 98mm Mini-Z body shells. After the release and success of the first generation FFZ, RC Atomic have refined the design and specification to make the chassis more suitable for high traction conditions such as found on RCP or EVA foam tracks. In addition the car offers very easy driving characteristics, making it more user friendly while performance is only a little bit under a 4WD machine. New to the FFZV2 are redesigned front arms and knuckles for increased stability in longitudinal direction with the rear suspension featuring new arm mounts and the rear UTS upper T-arm system that will increase rear suspension rigidity and side bite. The car is based on a new, wide chassis that is ideal for high-bite tracks while a redesigned ball differential ensures easy building and swift adjustment. The kit is rounded out by new plastic ball cups, new bulkheads and new shock towers and it fits all 98mm wheelbase Kyosho Mini-Z-style body shells.

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June 14, 2019

RC Atomic BZ3 1/28th scale 4WD touring car kit

RC Atomic have announced the soon release of their new BZ3 1/28th scale 4WD touring car kit. The vehicle features new front arms and knuckles for increased straight line stability while allowing for zero to twelve degree of caster. The single crank steering arm incorporates a servo saver and new rear suspension hangers ensure a perfectly aligned geometry. The new rear UTS Upper T-arm System increases rear suspension rigidity, thus improving stability of the rear wheel traction. Other new features include an ultra low centre of gravity chassis design, new ball diffs, ball cups, bulkheads, shock towers and a low centre of gravity motor mount. With the new design the diffs sit about 1.5mm lower with the motor and servo also being lowered compared to the previous model. The rear suspension can be built as camber link system for low to medium grip carpet, as upper T-arm system for RCP or EVA tracks and also as ARS active rear-toe system for expert users. The kit will hit stores very soon.

Source: RC Atomic [rcatomic.com]

January 9, 2018

RC Atomic DRZ 1/28th scale drift chassis

Coming soon from RC Atomic is their DRZ 1/28th scale RWD drift chassis kit. The suspension is adjustable in terms of camber, caster and toe angle and it is understood that it will come including a drift gyro and that it utilises Kyosho body shells. The carbon fibre chassis kit is set for a release in February and more information and images should become available in time for the release.

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January 3, 2018

Atomic IS2 1/28th scale touring car body shell

Atomic have introduced their new IS2 lightweight polycarbonate body shell for 98mm wheelbase 1/28th scale touring cars. The body is moulded after its larger 1/10th scale siblings and comes including rear wing, window masks and a decal sheet. The lid fits the AMZ BZ 2017 micro touring car as well as many other 1/28th scale chassis.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

May 19, 2017

Atomic BZ 2017 90mm wheelbase conversion kit

Coming from Atomic and made for the AMZ BZ 2017 micro touring car is a 90mm wheelbase conversion kit. It includes a new carbon fibre main chassis and top deck, a rear belt, suspension components, a pair of driveshafts as well as miscellaneous small parts. Also available is a 94mm wheelbase conversion kit.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

April 24, 2017

Atomic BZ 2017 long shock conversion kit

Coming for Atomic’s BZ 2017 micro-size 4WD touring car is a long shock absorber conversion kit. Containing redesigned front and rear carbon fibre shock towers, the set also utilises 1.2mm longer shock bodies and pistons that improve handling on bumpy tracks. Using the shocks furthermore increases overall grip at the expense of a bit of agility. The kit is rounded out by new aluminium spring pre-load nuts.

Source: Atomic [rcatomic.com]

April 19, 2017

Hiro Seiko introduce new lightweight screw kits

Hiro Seiko have introduced a range of new lightweight screw sets for various kits including the latest Team Associated and Xray vehicles. Available for the Team Associated B64D is an all-titanium kit, while AE’s RC10F6 formula car can be equipped with an all-titanium or mixed titanium and blue aluminium fastener kit. Also new are all-titanium Xray RX8 2017 and XB8 2017 screw sets, as well as all-titanium or mixed titanium/alloy NT1 2017 sets. The range is rounded out by an all-titanium screw kit for the BZ 2017 Evo mini-size touring car.

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