January 9, 2007

RC Atomic VDS II GTP 1/24th scale body

RC Atomic new Mini-Z GTP body

Atomic RC have released pictures of the design they have made for their upcoming 1/24th scale VDS II GTP body. As you can see from the picture the new body has a much more aggressive look than the original and also sports a lot of aerodynamic tweaks, making this a body something to look forward to, when released.

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December 23, 2006

Atomic release their new 380 motors

Atomic release their new 380 motors

With the popularity of 1/18th scale growing, the need for more power of course becomes more important. Atomic are addressing this issue by releasing 2 new performance 380 motors, the ST-18 which is a 26T motor and will do 35,000 rpm and the ATOM-18 that is a 22T motor and will hit 40,000 rpm. Pretty decent figures for such a small motor in a small car.

Source: Atomic RC [rcatomic.com]

December 14, 2006

Atomic RC parts for V-One RRR

Atomic RC V-One RRR parts

Atomic RC products has come out with 2 new parts for the Kyosho V-one RRR 1/10th scale sedan. First up is the new lightweight 2 speed gearbox parts you see in the picture above. New items include a new aluminum 2nd gear carrier as well as 4 heavy duty spur gears, 2 for each of the first and second gears. Also newly released for the car is a black anodised 3mm chassis, this looks good but i don’t know of the advantage of it is, if any.

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