January 12, 2012

Centro rotating ride height gauges

Centro rotating ride height gauges

These new pocket sized Centro rotating ride height gauges are a must have for any racers pit box. Manufactured from Swiss 7075-T6 aluminium these small, simple compact designed gauges range from 15-20mm and 20-30mm increasing in 1mm increments by twisting the can counter-clockwise over the cleverly designed internal ball. It’s small design will allow you to measure the ride height of your chassis perfectly every time, anywhere under your chassis. If you are looking for more scope for your gauge and optional 5mm aluminium foot is also available that can be used in conjunction with the gauge.

View the gauge in action here

November 9, 2011

Centro C4.1 Option parts

Centro C4.1 Option parts

CML have released a whole bunch of optional parts for the Centro C4.1 conversion. First up is a full range of weights for the front of the car including a 30 gram brass front bulkhead and brass bulkhead weights in 15 grams, 10 grams and 5 grams. These can be mounted together with the Delrin front brace which is need to mount the brass bulkhead. These weights also work on the B4.1. Other new parts include a carbon battery x-brace and carbon LiPo battery holders. Finally there are some narrow front wheels which provide a slightly different profile to the standard Team Associated front wheels to provide extra bite on certain surfaces. They are also better suited to the narrower Schumcaher Stagger Rib tyre than the stock wheel.

View the other parts here

November 7, 2011

Centro C4.1 B4 mid-motor conversion

C4.1 Centro B4 mid-motor conversion

The C4.1 Centro mid-motor conversion has taken the racing world by storm, taking the top three spots in the BRCA 2WD National Championships at its very first attempt. Based on the multiple World Championship winning Team Associated B4.1, the Centro converts the transmission to mid-motor and has been developed with the sole aim of continuing to beat the competition, particularly on higher grip tracks such as Astro-turf, grass and even indoor carpet and mixed surface.

View details and photos here