October 8, 2019

Team Corally Python XP 6S RTR E-Buggy – Coming soon

Team Corally have release first teaser images of their Python XP 6S 1/8th scale electric off-road buggy. Targeting the ever growing bashing market, the buggy will come factory assembled and including a powerful 6S LiPo-compatible brushless system. Full details will become available shortly.

Source: Team Corally [corally.com]

October 2, 2019

Team Corally Vulcan Pro & Stock brushless motors

Available now from Team Corally are their new Vulcan Pro and Stock sensored brushless motors for 1/10th and 1/12th scale applications. Specially developed to meet the requirements of modified and stock racing, the motors feature a highly machined aluminium can for optimised heat dissipation as well as dual sensor ports for easier sensor wire routing. The Pro modified motors are available in 3.5T to 10.5T winding specification while the Stock motors come as 10.5T to 21.5T variants.

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August 15, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 4.8mm swaybar ball 2mm hole

Coming from DMS Partz are new 4.8mm swaybar balls with 2mm holes for the Corally SBX-410 4WD buggy. The black anodised balls feature a 2mm centre hole to accept larger size sway bars which comes in when running in high to very high bite track conditions. The swaybar balls come in sets of four and they are available now.

Source: X-Factory UK [xfactoryrc.co.uk]

May 4, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 Reactor shock pistons

Coming from DMS Partz and made by TMG Speed are the new Reactor shock pistons for the Corally SBX-410 buggy. The pistons are designed for better bump handling whilst still allowing the buggy to jump and land well. They come packed in pairs, and the pre-drilled ones are available as 2×1.2mm, 3×1.2mm or 4×1.2mm variants to allow drivers to tune and enlarge the holes to their own liking or preference, but also available are blank versions with four pilot holes to drill as required.

Source: X-Factory [xfactoryrc.co.uk]

April 30, 2019

DMS Partz SBX-410 brass centre chassis stiffener brace

Coming from DMS Partz is a 45 gram brass centre chassis stiffener brace for the Corally SBX-410 buggy. The weight replaces the stock plastic kit rear chassis stiffener brace and adds weight to the rear of the buggy, giving a better ride on bumpy or rutted tracks. The weight also helps to keep weight centralised on the chassis in between the LiPo battery and motor.

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January 22, 2019

Team Corally SBX-410 1/10th 4WD buggy – Coming soon

Team Corally have revealed first images of their forthcoming SBX-10 1/10th scale 4WD competition buggy kit. No official details in regards of features or specifications are available yet but looking at the CAD renderings the buggy will be decked out with big bore shock absorbers, carbon fibre shock towers, adjustable front and rear swaybars, and alloy suspension inserts with hinge pin inserts. The kit seems to utilise a shaft drivetrain for high efficiency. Full details will become available in time for the release that is scheduled for the end week of February. Update: In the meantime Corally have released additional body-off images, showing the buggy is indeed equipped with a class-standard shaft-design drivetrain, utilising a rear motor/rear battery layout in the images. We bring you more details as they surface.

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October 12, 2018

Team Corally SSX-10 200mm pan car kit

Available now from Team Corally is the SSX-10 1/10th 200mm pan car kit. Announced for a good amount of time and finally hitting stores the Worlds GT chassis is constructed from carbon fibre and red anodised aluminium in combination with high-strength composite plastic parts. The car builds on a 2.5mm carbon fibre chassis and features a fully adjustable front end as well as a link-type rear suspension. Included are also a precision-ground graphite rear axle, a CNC-machined delrin spur gear as well as a composite front bumper for chassis protection. The kit is compatible to standard Pro10/WGT tyres and 200mm body shells.

View a list of the features and more images here

September 28, 2018

Team Corally SSX-8X 1/8th stock pan car kit

Available now from Team Corally is their new SSX-8X pan car kit for 1/8th electric stock classes. The vehicle underwent a lot of design changes in key areas and features a new front transmission shaft, better alignment and accuracy of the front axle during acceleration as well as several new parts for increased flex. The all-new chassis design allows for more battery layout configurations and the overall centre of gravity was substantially lowered. The kit is available now as roller without wheels, tyres, body or electronics.

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