September 28, 2018

Team Corally SSX-8X 1/8th stock pan car kit

Available now from Team Corally is their new SSX-8X pan car kit for 1/8th electric stock classes. The vehicle underwent a lot of design changes in key areas and features a new front transmission shaft, better alignment and accuracy of the front axle during acceleration as well as several new parts for increased flex. The all-new chassis design allows for more battery layout configurations and the overall centre of gravity was substantially lowered. The kit is available now as roller without wheels, tyres, body or electronics.

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July 24, 2018

Corally SSX-8X 1/8th Stock pan car kit – Teaser image

Corally have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming SSX-8X 1/8th scale electric pan car kit. Designed for the damper-less 1/8th electric Stock classes the kit builds on the SSX-8 with several updates making the car faster and better handling in a variety of track conditions. The kit is set for a release at the beginning of August and full information should become available soon.

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September 12, 2017

Fenix new version 235mm pan car gear differential

Fenix have introduced a new version of their popular gear differential for 1/10th scale 235mm pan cars. Now coming with a 7mm Grade 5 titanium rear axle shaft the gear diff can be used in Pro10 cars such as the VIP Performance and Corally kits that use 7mm rear axles from standard. The diff and axle set comes including a sturdy 48 pitch 84T spur gear and it is available now.

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June 23, 2017

Team Corally Molan SS 3.0 modified motors

Coming from Team Corally are the new Molan SS 3.0 modified brushless motors. Their specially designed can offers optimised airflow for improved cooling and thus less power fading towards the end of a run while also ensuring a very low weight. The motors come with static and dynamic balanced rotors for extra performance, heavy duty solder tabs, dual sensor ports and they are available in 3.5T to 10.5T variants.

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June 15, 2017

Team Corally Cerix Pro 160 Black Edition ESC

Coming from Team Corally is the Cerix Pro 160 Racing Factory Black Edition brushless speed controller. The 2S to 3S LiPo compatible 1/10th scale speedo offers the same features and specifications and the standard, red case Cerix Pro 160 with the all-black alloy case making it better suited for all vehicles whose anodising colours clash with the original Team Corally red. The controller is widely adjustable in terms of throttle and brake control, boost and turbo functions and it offers a 7.4V/6.0V BEC system, ten programmable profiles and it comes including an optional add-on cooling fan.

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February 22, 2017

Team Corally SSX8 1/8th electric on-road kits

UK Team Corally distributors X-Factory UK have released first official information on the forthcoming SSX8R and SSX8S 1/8th electric on-road kits. The SSX8 series utilises a simple rigid suspension design that does away with complicated adjustments without sacrificing on-track performance. The 4WD cars were designed for the use with 4S LiPo battery packs, they feature a ball-type front suspension, adjustable pivot damping, adjustable caster and camber settings, hardened steel driveshafts and delrin 32dp main gears. The difference between the SS8R and the SSX8S are the bulkhead, chassis and suspension materials with the SS8R coming with carbon fibre chassis and suspension parts beside a bunch of aluminium goodies while the SSX8S utilises a carbon fibre and G10 fibre glass chassis, G1o arms as well as composite plastic bulkheads. Both kits come without electronics, tyres or bodies but 1/8th nitro wheels and bodyshells are a direct fit on both the R and S variant.

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February 2, 2017

2017 International Toy Fair – Team Corally

Former Dutch and now Belgian company Team Corally show off some of their new kits during this week’s International Toy Fair in Germany. On show in Nuremberg are the new SSX-8R and SSX-8S 1/8th 4WD electric on-road cars. The rigid suspension vehicles fit into the growing class of 1/8th Electric Stock and they feature a unique front link-type suspension with pivot ball steering knuckles, they are belt-driven and are usable even with cheaper electronics thanks to their low weight. It is understood that the SSX-8 will become available as 8R include a range of option parts and also as more economically-priced 8S. We bring you more information on these kits as soon as they surface.

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