December 6, 2022

Infinity IF14-2 ‘Team Edition’

Creation Model has officially released details of their new Infinity IF14-2 ‘Team Edition’ 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  Used by the team at the ISTC World Championships in Italy, where Jilles Groskamp qualified the car fifth on the grid,  the car was developed with input from gathered in testing by its team drivers. While still sharing many spare and optional parts with the IF14-2, the Team Edition has a number of key changes to enhance performance.   The rear section has been moved forward by approximately 1.2mm from the original IF14-2. This change in wheelbase and weight balance allows for faster cornering speeds and improved drivability.   Newly designed PRS aluminium C-hub (minus 2° caster angle) improves traction and corner speed.

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December 2, 2022

Infinity IF15 Diff Oil

Creation Model has added two new silicone oils to its range which both specifically recommended for use in their World Championship winning IF15 1:10 Nitro Touring Car.   Coming in a 60cc bottle, the 80000 is recommended for the IF15 rear differential allowing a setting between the existing #60000 and #100000 oils in the lineup. The 200000 comes in a 30cc tube and is recommended for IF15 front differentials at high temperatures! Provides stable turning and excellent on power traction. The oil thickness is also suitable for use with the adjustable front one-way option part.

View 80000 bottle here

October 21, 2022

Infinity IF15 low ratio pinions

Infinity has released new pinions for their IF15 1:10 nitro onroad platform to provide low gearing intended for use on short technical tracks.  The 15 tooth first gear and 20 tooth second gear pinions are made from lightweight 7075 aluminium with hard coating.

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October 18, 2022

Infinity launch ‘Fam1ly’ App

Infinity has released their own app called ‘Fam1ly’ which offers 8 useful tools that will help you during your racing sessions.  These include Sensor tool, a tool with which you can measure the Camber and Caster angle of your car in the quickest way possible. Fuel calculator, it will tell you the runtime of your engine, a must-have tool for a racer. It will also let you save your runs and make an average calculation between them. Tyre consumption, this tool is used to calculate the lifetime of the tires for the IF18 and the IF15 cars. As with the Fuel calculator tool, you can save your runs and make an average calculation between 2 or more runs. Oil converter, ever been in a situation where you want a specific gradation of oil but you don’t have it available? This tool can tell you exactly how much oil to use to produce the desired oil density. Stopwatch: this is more than a normal stopwatch. When you save a run you can watch it in details, check the fastest lap, average lap, consistency, and much more… You can also race with the “Ghost” of that run. Gear ratio tool, this will help you to calculate the gear ratio of your car. Notes, a note taking tool to write down everything you need. Setup database, from this tool you can download an editable blank setup sheet of your car, edit it and then upload it on the app to always have all your setups in a single place.  The App is already available for download on digital stores and a barcode to register your account is available and free of charge for all Infinity customers.

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October 4, 2022

Infinity 5.0mm Hex Driver & Cleaning Brush Set

Creation Model has released a 5.0mm Hexagonal wrench for adjusting the steering knuckle and rear hub adjusting nut on their IF18 and IF15 nitro onroad cars. The hexagonal wrench has a flange, which makes work much more efficient than a regular hexagonal wrench. The ultra-lightweight machined aluminium grip is finished perfectly with the Team Infinity logo and black & red anodising. The overall thickness and knurling position have been optimised to provide an excellent grip. The bit is made of carbide steel for high durability. Additionally Creation Model has also released 3 pieces cleaning brush set. The brushes have moderate hardness and are ideal for removing dirt and dust from chassis, body, and tires. The brushes are 25mm (small), 38mm (medium) and 50mm (large) wide.

View Clean Brush Set here

August 24, 2022

Infinity IF15 Short Shock spares

Creation Model have added a number of spare parts for the recently released short shocks intended for the IF15 nitro touring car chassis. The new items include three piston options offered as sets of two. The 1 hole 1.3mm piston is the same size as used for IF18-2. The 2 hole is a 1.1mm piston while the 3 hole is a 0.9mm piston.  Also available are spares of the teflon coated shock body and the 24mm short shock shafts, both supplied as a set of 2.

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August 19, 2022

Infinity IF15 long life rear belt and upper arm spacers

Creation Model has added two new optional parts for use on their IF15 and IF15W 1:10 onroad nitro chassis.  The Long Life Rear Belt is made of a special rubber with excellent durability that will achieve longer life than the soft rubber type of the kit’s standard parts. The belt is especially effective on the IF15W with high grip wide tires.  The front upper arm 0.3mm spacers, supplied as a pack of four, can be inserted between the front upper arm holder and the upper deck to fine tune the roll center and camber change rate, enabling smooth and high speed cornering.

View front upper arm spacers here

August 17, 2022

Infinity IF15 Short Shock Set

With the World Championships coming up in November, Creation Model have released a new short shock set for their Infinity IF15/15W nitro touring car.  The shorter shock utilises the same ultra small flush fit screws for fixing the piston as the IF14-2.  The same stroke as the standard shock is achieved by the use of a single O-ring together with new shock towers.  Using the new tower on the front of the IF15, the shock is 6.5mm lower (5mm shorter) than standard and used on the rear of the car the shock is 3.5mm lower (4mm shorter).  Used on the IF15W, the front and rear shock is 3.5mm lower. The shocks come with 2×1.1mm pistons with 1×1.3mm/2×1.1mm/3×0.9mm piston set also available.

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