September 22, 2011

Elangears power bridge

Elangears power bridge

More new items from Elangears with the release of this easy to use Power Bridge. This compact unit extends your power supply by turning one output into four, two of which sport an on off switch. Orange/yellow in colour, like the other products in the series, it also comes with 2 USB ports for charging and powering your portable devices.

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September 20, 2011

Elangears Cronus CR-500S & CR-300S power supplies

Elangears Cronus CR-500S & CR-300S power supplies

More new items from Elangears with the release of 2 new power supplies called Cronus. These DC units come in 2 versions, the CR-500S a 472W compact power supply that pumps out 35A and the 300W CR-300S which delivers 22A. Both sport a USB charging port and are designed for low noise and feature over current, short circuit and overheating protection.

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September 19, 2011

Elangears EL-01AD & X2 AC/DC chargers

Elangears EL-01AD & X2 AC/DC chargers

Elangears has introduced 2 new chargers to their range, the EL-01AD AC/DC auto balance charger and the X2 dual auto balance charger. Externally they look awesome with their matt finish case with yellow/orange highlights as well as easy to read orange backlit 2 line LCD display and both units are controlled by a convenient joystick. Output power from the EL-01AD is 0.1 – 7A max 133W with DC and 0.1 – 7A max 60W on AC while it can also discharge up to 5A. It can accept LiPo & LiIon up to 6S and NiCd cells up to 14S. The X2 is the same specs but features dual units in one case.

View complete specifications of both chargers here

September 16, 2011

Elangears EL-01D multi-chemistry charger


New Korean company Elangears introduce the EL-01D multi-chemistry charger. The single output charger makes use of 11 to 18 VDC and charges up to 6S LiXX, up to 14 cell NiXX and 2 to 20V Pb/Lead batteries with a charging current as high as 7.0A. Incorporated in the matte black and orange case are a yellow-orange backlit LC display, auto-balance system and a menu operation using a singe touch button. The company is currently working on their website so in the meantime please check their Facebook page using the link below.

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